FEATH-R-LITE Paddle Board Review

Feath-R-Lite SUP Review

Feath-R-Lite paddle board is a great choice for those who will use sup board several times a year, during holidays ect. This board comes in 10’ x 30″ x 4″ size, and its main drawback is a small carrying capacity of only 200 lbs. This is the bearing capacity that the pad can withstand not sinking below the water level.

Feath-R-Lite also has other qualities, and as the most important, I would like to emphasize the quality of the making. The board is made of two PVC layers foil that can not be found in this price range except Feath-R-Lite.

Another advantage of this board is a small weight of 16.7 lbs and with the handle in the middle of the board it can easily carry out.

This SUP board has a wonderful simple design, and offers a few more basic features that each board needs to have. It’s flexible luggage fixing rope, D-Ring for coil leash or mooring the float board. Part of the top side deck is coated with a non-slip layer. In the package you get backpack that will fit all the things you need for complete enjoying in stand up paddling and adjustable paddles.

Technical specification of Feath-R-Lite board

Size:  10′ x 30″ x 4″
Weight limit – Support riders weight up to 200 lbs
Layers – Double PVC layer + non-slip deck on top of board
Recommended for – beginners, holiday time
Transfer ability – Board weight 16.7 lbs
Warranty: 1 year + 30 days money return guarantee

Whats included in package ?

  • board
  • pump
  • adjustable paddle
  • travel backpack
  • water-proof phone bag
  • wearable handle cover


An excellent board for someone who wants to occasionally stand up a paddle on the sea or the lake. A double layer of PVC foil will keep the board compact for years. We recommend Feath-R-Lite board to every beginner who like to acquainted with stand up paddle boarding without spending a large amount of money.

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