History of Stand Up Paddling

When was stand up paddle boarding invented?

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is relatively new, but very popular sport that involves standing on

sup history
Begining of SUP

a specially shaped board and moving using a long paddle. According to historical sources paddling on the first boards Peruvian fishermen calling them caballitos de totora. They used long bamboos sticks to get back to shore after catching fish all day. They’re in Hawaii natives back in 1778 used sticks of koa wood to cheer towards out in the open, after the surf, catching surfing waves. Many similar ones are mentioned the use of a board and a stick through Africa and South America and a closer example comes from Of England where P.H. In 1886, Emerson first recorded the use of a stick resembling a rowing paddle in a standing position.

The modern beginnings of stand up paddle boarding as a sport are back in Hawaii where instructors Leroy and Bob AhChoy paddled on the board in the 1940s give instruction to the trainees of the surfing course.

All of this led to the first competition in 2003 where the Buffalo Big World competition Makaha Beach has 49 racers in the event of windsurfing. Since that competition, windsurfing spread to California and very soon afterwards to the whole world. The final confirmation of the significance of this new sport was in 2008 when U.S. Coastal the guard defined the paddle board as a vessel and ranked it with kayaks and canoes which suggests that sport has become massive and often practiced.

The appeal of this sport is perhaps best described by the fact that it is 2013 The Outdoor Foundation said in its annual report that “stand up paddle boarding is among the most popular sports with 56% of total recreational sports tested “, thus winning windsurfing and similar sports. It’s also interesting that “he’s average the respondent was 28 years old and users who opted for paddling were 6: 5 in the relation of men to women ”.

Today, this is a sport that attracts a large number of people and many federations have been established. It is worth noting the ISA, which as the main organization of the world stand up paddling championships, and was recognized by the International Olympic Committee. There are so many sports progressed that there was talk of introducing paddle boarding to the Olympics, but it would could only happen in 10 years. Also, there are various organizations associated with and we recognize the European Federation (EuroSUPA), Austria federation (ASF) and similar organizations in all major countries.



Windsurfing Guide

History of Windsurfing

A young kinesiologic activity, Windsurfing is the application of the “Free-sail system” or free
translation, the “Sailing System”, originated in California in 1966.
We can find it in every “corner” of the world. More than a thousand years ago Indians settled in
the southern Amazon river basin was operated by a moving mast.

How to Windsurf

photo 1- windsurfing

The principles of windsurf management implies moving the center of wind pressure to
sails. Windsurfing is an activity where a windsurfing board is used triggered by the action of wind force on the sail (photo 1). The beginnings of sailing are tied to Newman Darby. He was the first to apply the idea of ​​a “propulsion system” and in 1965 published his own invention – 3 meters long and 90 cm wide plank. The moving sail consisted of a mast and sails of square shape on mast and handrail, placed at right angles to mast.
The sailor stood on the side of the wind and pushed the sail toward the wind.

Windsurfing gear and equipment

Basic parts of the board for windsurfing are: windsurf board, mast, sail, wrist, bow, keel, rope, plastic
slats and ropes for connection and connection. The role of the keel is to increase stability on the water, the guide maintains the desired driving direction, the purpose of the joint is for sail mobility in all planes, and represents the bond between the plank and the sail. The mast is designed to maintain shape of the sail and its tightening vertically. The bow together with the mast fully enables tightening the core and forming its functional shape. The sail is the main driver for the board sailing, while the battens maintain the shape of the sail. We need a few to equip the board
ropes, starting rope is intended for lifting the core from the water, the ropes for tightening the core are tightened the fore and aft sails of the sail tighten the bow against the mast, and the safety rope is used to fasten sail for the board. Since 1984, windsurfing has been a part of Olympic sports after its own first public appearance at the Los Angeles Olympics.

Specific dangerous while you Windsurf and how to avoid them

Prevention measures to be taken before Windsurfing are:

  • Good psycho-physical preparation. Windsurfing requires good coordination throughout the body,
    as well as a sense of balance. Swimming knowledge is a must, as with all activities on water leads because there are a lot of crashes in the beginning of training. Equipment to be worn as preventive measure consists of:
  • Swimming vest protects the body from increased temperature loss and hypothermia
  • Gloves and special rubber footwear increase friction, while rubber footwear protects against sharp
    rocks when falling into shallow water.
  • Familiarize yourself with the weather forecast before going to activity.
  • Selects sails according to their own abilities. Using a larger sail can be negativeaffect sailing control and cause frequent falls, thus increasing the possibility injuries informing friends about going sailing and returning.
  • Wear a whistle for ease of signaling.
  • Equipment checks.

Prevention measures during the Windsurfing are:

  • Monitor weather changes and discontinue activity if weather conditions
    make sailing safe.
  • Observe the rules of navigation, avoid proximity to bathers and other vessels
  • Stop sailing if we feel tired

Prevention measures at the end of the Windsurfing are:

  • After sailing is completed, the sail should be dried and stored in a safe place so that it does not
    damage, and would be of use next time as well.
  • Replacing lost minerals and energy leads to recovery.

Murtisol Upgrade 11′ SUP review

Quick review of Murtisol paddle board

Murtisol Upgrade 11′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is all-around paddle board. Cruising on this board feels so easy as it supports your weight. Its weight is 27 lbs/12 kg and maximum capacity is 286.6 lbs/130 kg.


Murtisol Upgrade has the perfect size for a SUP. This board is 11 feet long, 32 inches wide and 6 inches thick.
The length of the board is excellent for touring and it offers space for all riders to be really comfortable with their size. Its width will give you stability and control. Thickness is also important. 6 inches of thickness means you don’t need to worry about your feet submerging in water.


The board is made from the anti-slip material which protects you. Also, soft PVC base is for enhancing grip.
It comes in for different colors: blue, green, yellow and red. It is a plain design and it could be better with some other color choices, but even with that board looks quality.
The board features three bottom panels fins which are made for speed, steering, and maneuverability.


Murtisol did a great job with boards packages. It includes all the items you need and this is one of the better packages in terms of the included items. Board comes with:
Safety Ankle Strap is an important accessory. It is comfortable to fit any ankle size.
Double Action Pump which provides air on both the up and down pumping action. That is why it will reduce your pumping time by half.
Repair Kit is there if something happens to your board.
Adjustable Paddle
Removable Fin
Storage Bag to store and transport this board to wherever you go.


Murtisol Upgrade is suitable for all kinds of activities. It is perfect for beginners and it fits people in all levels. The possibilities are endless with a board like this – you can surf, pull some maneuvers or go racing…

FEATH-R-LITE Paddle Board Review

Feath-R-Lite SUP Review

Feath-R-Lite paddle board is a great choice for those who will use sup board several times a year, during holidays ect. This board comes in 10’ x 30″ x 4″ size, and its main drawback is a small carrying capacity of only 200 lbs. This is the bearing capacity that the pad can withstand not sinking below the water level.

Feath-R-Lite also has other qualities, and as the most important, I would like to emphasize the quality of the making. The board is made of two PVC layers foil that can not be found in this price range except Feath-R-Lite.

Another advantage of this board is a small weight of 16.7 lbs and with the handle in the middle of the board it can easily carry out.

This SUP board has a wonderful simple design, and offers a few more basic features that each board needs to have. It’s flexible luggage fixing rope, D-Ring for coil leash or mooring the float board. Part of the top side deck is coated with a non-slip layer. In the package you get backpack that will fit all the things you need for complete enjoying in stand up paddling and adjustable paddles.

Technical specification of Feath-R-Lite board

Size:  10′ x 30″ x 4″
Weight limit – Support riders weight up to 200 lbs
Layers – Double PVC layer + non-slip deck on top of board
Recommended for – beginners, holiday time
Transfer ability – Board weight 16.7 lbs
Warranty: 1 year + 30 days money return guarantee

Whats included in package ?

  • board
  • pump
  • adjustable paddle
  • travel backpack
  • water-proof phone bag
  • wearable handle cover


An excellent board for someone who wants to occasionally stand up a paddle on the sea or the lake. A double layer of PVC foil will keep the board compact for years. We recommend Feath-R-Lite board to every beginner who like to acquainted with stand up paddle boarding without spending a large amount of money.

Zupapa 2019 Inflatable Paddle Board Review

Zupapa Inflatable SUP review

Zupapa is an excellent budget SUP board since there are some additions that the boards and the same price rank do not have. In this review of Zapapa paddle board we will list the reasons why you should get this board, take a look and see if you gonna find yourself in it.

Excellent durability and wear resistance

non-slip deck

As we said in the first paragraph, it is a great board that is a whole covered with non-slip EVA pad, which means that you besides being able to walk wet carelessly on the board without fear of being squeezed, the outer surface is actually double layered. That fact tells us that it belongs to the TOP of family sup boards because your child or pet(no worry of being punctured by dogs sharp nail) dont have to care about the board and even when they are not on the water.


Kayak convertible kit

Next thing that this low-cost board makes special is that you get a kayak convertible kit, ie you get a kayak seat and a paddle with two fins at the end. If you want to rest from the standing, it is enough to fasten the kayak seat to the D-Rings and sit comfortably, and then you can continue with paddling.

sup strap

Transfer ability

If it is very important for you to carry a board weighing 20.7 lbs with less effort, Zupapa has a new innovation, unlike other manufacturers, Zupapa made a shoulder strap with a paddle holder. In the translation all the weight will be on the shoulder, ie re-routed to the feet, while with other manufacturers the weight of the board is loaded to one hand over the handle.


Yoga and other activities on board

sup paddle holder

If you practice Yoga or some other activity on the board, and lets say that you are away from the shore, you can easily fasten the paddle with the paddle holder that is attached to the D-Ring. This way you will be able to do what you like most on your SUP board.

Technical specs

Size – Board comes in two different dimensions,  10′ x 30″ x 6″ and 11′ x 32″ x 6″.
Weight limit – Support riders weight up to 330 lbs
Layers – Single PVC layer with additional non-slip layer on top side
Recommended for – Family, beginners, holidays, yoga, pets
Transfer ability – Board weight 20.7 lbs
Warranty: 3 years

What stuff are you gonna get in Zupapa package ?

  • Paddle Board with Wrap Belt
  • Floatable 2 Way Paddle for Paddling/Kayaking
  • Kayak Conversion Seat for Relaxing
  • Paddle Holder
  • Removable Foot Rest for Kayaking
  • Removable Fins for Different type of Water
  • Pump
  • Coil Leash
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Repair Kit
  • Backpack for All Accessories


When we look at the price, the quality of the production and the amount of accessories that go with the Zappa paddle board, we can definitely conclude that it is one of the finest boards in the lower price range. The ratio of the obtained and the price is unmatched compared to the competition.

WOWSEA iSUP Inflatable Review

WOWSEA iSUP Paddle Board Review

WOWSEA iSUP is a classic example of a mid-range SUP board whose quality of production comes from a double PVC layer reinforced with a double layer of PVC foil on the side of the board. At the top of the board there is a diamond non-slip pad and a flexible rope for luggage and stuff fixing. On the bottom there are three fins from which the largest can be removed from the board.

The WOWSEA iSUP comes in a package with a pump that has an integrated pressure indicator, and a portable backpack with all the accompanying stuff from the package. It can handle weight up to 280 lbs.
The 11 and 10.6 long version versions have 4 D-rings that can be mounted on the chair that the SUP turns into a kayak. Variations of the board of 11 have excellent water stability, and we recommend them to practice Yoga SUP.

We also have to mention that you rarely find a mid-range manufacturer’s public contact for customer support. In the event of any technical difficulties with the board, you can contact the customer service at wowseagroup@gmail.com and you will receive a response within 24 hours.

What do you get in the WOWSEA iSUP package?

  • SUP board
  • high pressure air pump with pressure gauge
  • aluminum telescope paddle
  • transport bag
  • leash
  • repair kit
  • fins

There are 4 versions of this board, and the basic differences are in dimensions and design. Design of boards tell about their purpose. The boards that are spiky shape at the top are faster on the water. The boards that are wider are more stable on the water.

wowsea isup boards
wowsea isup boards

Common technical specifications:

Size: 11’x 32″x 6″, 10.6′ x 32″x 6″, 10′ x 32″x 6″
Weight limit: 280 lbs
Layers: Double PVC layer with double reinforced lateral sides
Recommended for: Beginners, short trips, holidays, yoga, fishing
Transfer ability: Board weight 20 lbs and got handle for easy manipulation and transport
Warranty: 1 year + 30 days free return



  • Customer service
  • Double PVC layer quality
  • backpack
  • diamond texture pad


  • Hand pump not good quality after some time of use
  • Middle fin sometimes fall off

BONSPO Inflatable SUP Review

BONSPO Paddle Board Review

Tehnical specifications
Size: 10’6″x 31″x 6″
Weight limit: 275 lbs
Layers: Single PVC layer
Recommended for: Beginners, holidays, fishing
Transfer ability: Board weight 18.1 lbs

Several words about the main features of BONSPO SUP board

Unlike other mid-range boards, BONSPO SUP we can point out that it has an anti-slip deck on both sides of the board, and is additionally protected with an anti-slip deck on the front of the top and bottom board.

Also one of the advantages of this board are two built-in handles for easier transfer and manipulation of the board. BONSPO SUP can boast of the fact that it can be converted into a kayak,  I mean it has 4 D-Ring to mount the backrest. Since it can be converted into a kayak, it is great to use as a fishing SUP.

The dimensions of this SUP board are standard for all-round class, ie 10’6 “Long x 31” wide and 6 “thick.

Considering that the recommended inflation pressure is between 10-15 psi, we can conclude that it is a single PVC layer board, which is not common for mid-range boards.

Whats included in BONSPO SUP pack ?

  • board
  • adjustable paddle
  • pump with integrated pressure gauge
  • leash
  • removable fin
  • repair kit
  • premium backpack


  • Easy transport and manipulation
  • Dodatno ojačani dijelovi daske
  • Može se prenamjeniti u kajak


  • Single PVC layer

WAVEY BOARD Inflatable SUP Review


Wavey Board belongs to the mid-range level of SUP boards, and more because of its price than the quality of the design and features that this board offers. The quality of making this board definitely belongs into the upper middle class because, besides being dressed in two PVC layers, it also offers an anti-slip EVA pad for maximum stability on the surface of the board. In addition to the quality outer sheath, this board offers flexible luggage storage for carrying items, mid-deck handle, and D-Ring for leash.

Dimensions of this board are standard and the length of the board is 10 ‘. It can handle two person without problem. We can say that the board is great for weekend excursions and holidays, and it suits sea, lake and rivers.

Basic information about Wavey Board

Size: 10’x 30″x 6″
Weight limit: 275 lbs
Layers: Double PVC layer
Recommended for: Beginners, recreational, short trips and holidays
Transfer ability: Board package weight is 27 lbs

Wavey Board SUP package

  • Board
  • Adjustable Paddle
  • High-pressure Pump
  • Backpack
  • Removable Travel Fin
  • Ankle Leash
  • Wrenche
wavey board
Flat wavey board

This board is great for yoga because of two layer is very solid and got 2 year warranty for material defect.
Maximum air pressure is 25 psi.



  • EVA pad
  • for two person
  • 2 year warranty
  • double layer PVC
  • price


  • Air pump is not quality as we expect

Smibie 10′ Inflatable SUP Review

Smibie Paddle Board Review

Smibie SUP board is ideal for beginners. It meets all the requirements for those who first want to try stand up paddle boarding. Smibie is a new brand in the SUP marketplace, and its relatively low price compared to the competition certainly offers a board that is one of the best SUP boards when we look at the price ratio and what u get.
This is one of the best buy boards. Its hard to find stand up paddle boards on sale that are cheaper than this board. If you are not sure that you want to SUP and you do not want to invest too much in the start, Smibie SUP board is the best “springboard” to enter the world of SUP.

Additional SUP equipment

User friendly design also care for the easiest use of this board. This board has a handle for easier transport. Also on the front of the board there is a flexible rope that serves to store things and also fix it on the board. On the bottom of the board there are 3 fins, the largest of which can easily be took off when you prepare it for transportation.

Technical features offered by the Smibie SUP board

Size: 10’x 33″x 6″ – Standard dimension of most SUP boards
Weight limit: 300 lbs
Layers: Single PVC layer
Recommended for: Beginners, recreational, short trips and holidays, travel
Transfer ability: Board weight 22 lbs

Smibie SUP package

Smibie offers in package Board, Paddle, Fin, Foot Ring, Backpack, Repair Kit, One-way Manual Air Pump, User Instructions.

smibie pack
smibie pack



-Low price

-One of the best boards for beginners, best buy


-Single layer PVC – which is solid if you occasionally use board


Aqua Plus 10′ Inflatable SUP Review

Aqua Plus Paddle Board review

Aqua Plus 10′ is a new market leader in budget level that has gained great popularity. You are wondering why?
The price and quality ratio makes this board one of the best buy sup boards in its category. If you are a beginner or recreator who likes to enjoy nature and spend time on water this is the ideal board for you. With its weight capacity, it will satisfy the demands most users and even two adults, so there will always be places for children, your dog or additional stuff.

The outer cover of the Aqua Plus board is a double layered PVC that will give a feeling of firm ground under your feet and will be lightly controlled by the paddle.

With the board, in package you get all the extra stuff to maximally enjoy paddle boarding and there is no need to invest in addition accessories.

Below we have listed the most important features of the Aqua Plus inflatable board, a list of things that comes with board and some of the advantages and disadvantages you may encounter if you decide to buy this sup board.

Technical specification

Size: 10’x 32″x 6″
Weight limit: 310 lbs
Layers: Double PVC layer
Recommended for: Beginners, recreational, short trips and holidays
Transfer ability: Board weight only 18 lbs

Aqua Plus package include:

Board, adjustable aluminium paddle, backpack for transfer, shoulder strap, coil leash, waterproof bag, removable fin, pump.

Aqua Plus package
Aqua Plus package


  • Low price
  • Good quality
  • Pack includes everything you need
  • Great weight capacity for beginner board


  • Air pump quality should be better

Other Aqua Plus SUP boards and comparison

The Aqua Plus manufacturer also offers two more sup boards. It’s Aqua Plus 11’x 33 “x 6” and Aqua Plus 10’x 33 “x 6”. There are several differences between the boards mentioned below.

Aqua Plus 10’x 32″ x 6″ vs Aqua Plus 10’x 33″ x 6″

Size: 32 “is slightly narrow, but the boards are equally stable on the water
Weight: 32 “is lighter for 2 lbs
Weight capacity: 33” has a higher weight limit of 20 lbs
Design: Different look of the board

Aqua Plus 11’x 33 “x 6” differences compared to 10′

Because of its length it has a higher weight capacity and is more stable on the water, it has almost the same weight as 10’x 33 “x 6”.

aqua plus sup backpack
aqua plus sup backpack


As you can conclude, all three boards have similar characteristics and same quality. I would be guided solely by the price when choosing the board.
The last note we did not mention in this Aqua Plus review is that you have a guarantee for every Aqua Plus board 12 months after purchase.