Multi Person Paddle Board Costco
Multi Person Paddle Board Costco

Costco sells quality SUP inflatable paddle boards for a reasonable price. If you want a big enough paddleboard with your kids or family, look up what Costco offers.

Their multi-person SUP inflatable paddleboards are a great choice if you are looking for quality that comes at a reasonable price. These paddleboards are what you are looking for.

Please read our review about Costco’s offer of the SUP inflatable paddle boards and why we did a review about it. We are sure that you will be surprised when you read it.

All in all, Costco sells eight paddleboards, from affordable boards to a four-person inflatable. They provide these boards at meager prices, keeping authentic to the water house club idea that Costco’s fundamental idea.

Costco is one of the most popular retail locations in the world. Forbes ranked it as the 2nd largest retailer in the United States in 2018.

One thing that makes Costco so successful is its massive selection of products. But what about paddle boards? Costco is your best bet if you’re looking for a great selection of paddle boards.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the best multi-person paddle boards you can find at Costco.

We’ll also discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks of these boards so that you can make an informed decision before making your purchase.

Review contents

Multi-Person SUP Paddle Board

Today we will review Costco’s boards on sale and view what they provide for those who cannot visit a local Costco. Costco is the preeminent firm selling lots of stuff at affordable prices in a warehouse.

They were the first and are still one of the prominent actors in the industry. Costs buy the goods they sell at affordable wholesale prices and deliver some reductions to their customers.

Costco has included some paddleboards in their spring lineup of hobby equipment. Costco has two entry-level boards, the lifetime and Wavestorm horizon.

Both of these boards are made using two techniques of construction that are generally used for anything but entry-level panels, so they should match well.

Paddleboards in the Costco offer are quality paddleboards made like all other famous manufacturers of SUP inflatable paddle boards.

These paddleboards are made of military PVC material that is layered in rails. In addition, they have an EVA foam layer on the surface to provide stable padding.

It is essential, especially when discussing the multi-person paddle boards with four or more people on board together.

You need a safe and stable surface to stand on, especially with more people paddling and moving around on the multi-SUP inflatable paddleboard.

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What is a Multi-Person Paddle Board Costco?

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend a summer day, consider investing in a paddle board! Costco has some great options if you’re looking for a multi-person board.

You can find boards perfect for all skill levels so everyone can participate. Here are some of our favorites:

The first option is the Inflatable SUP Board from Costco. This board is perfect for beginners because it’s very stable and easy to maneuver. It also has a carrying case so that you can take it anywhere.

The Ocean Kayak Summit Paddle Board is perfect if you’re looking for something more challenging. This board is designed for experienced paddlers and can handle harsh conditions. It also has a bungee cord system, so you can secure it when it’s not in use.

Lastly, the Oasis Wave Rider is great if you want both portable and stylish. This board has an adjustable seat and footrest to customize its fit perfectly.

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The Different Types of Paddle Boards

Depending on the person using different paddle boards can be used for various purposes.

The most popular type is the single-person board, which is designed for one person to use. There are also tandem paddle boards, which allow two people to share the board and move it together.

For those who want to explore more of the water, there are quad paddle boards and even large ocean-going paddle boards that can hold up to six people.

In addition to the different types of boards, there are also a variety of features that each board has to offer.

Some include watertight decks that keep you safe in case of a rainstorm or wave crash and integrated storage so you can stow your belongings while you explore.

Whether looking for a fun day on the lake with friends or an adventurous experience in the open ocean, a paddle board is a great way to enjoy your time outdoors.

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Costco entry-level boards

  • Lifetime hardshell
  • Wavestorm

In Costco’s center price range, we wind three inflatables, two all-around boards, and one intended for yoga.

Solstice Maori Giant Multi-Person Inflatable Paddleboard

$819.10  in stock
as of November 23, 2023 7:00 am

Lifetime 10′ Hardshell Horizon 2-pack Paddle Board

This Costco paddleboard is 120 inches long and has 44lb. The maximum carrying capacity of this hardshell SUP paddleboard is 230lb. With this paddleboard, you will get two paddleboards and two paddles.

The lifetime 10′ Hardshell Horizonp paddle board has an adjustable paddle that you can customize to fit your height. In addition, you will get a carry strap that will help you carry it around easily when inflated with this paddle board.


Center carry handle – carrying a handle positioned in the center of the paddleboard makes it easy to take it around when inflated. It is comfortable and placed in the center side part of the paddleboard for easier grip.

Carry handle – handle is positioned in the front part of the paddleboard. Just grab it when the paddleboard is inflated and easily remove it from the water or carry it in pairs. Handles are made of plastic material that is comfortable to hold.

Universal mount – this addition to the SUP paddleboard allows you to mount your camera or mobile phone on the front of the paddleboard and make some nature footage or record your memories. It is an excellent addition to nature adventurers.

Retractable fin – you can’t take this fin off, but you can store it inside the paddleboard because of the retractable mechanism. It is straightforward and compact to pull out when you need it.

Deck bungee – bungee cords and D-rings provide storage space for everything you might need while paddling around. Put all your stuff there, and they will stay in place.

Lifetime 90891 Horizon 100 Stand-Up Paddleboard, 2 Pack, Paddles Included, Lime Green, 10'

$1,548.99  in stock
as of November 23, 2023 7:00 am

Lifetime 91014 Horizon 100 Stand-Up Paddleboard, 2 Pack, Paddles Included, 10 feet

 out of stock
as of November 23, 2023 7:00 am

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Wavestorm 10’6″ SUP-KAYAK Paddleboard

This paddleboard is 2-in-1 sports equipment. You can quickly transform a paddleboard into a kayak with a built-in collapsable seat and footrests. When you lift them, you get a comfortable, ergonomic backrest.

When footrests and seats are packed so you can’t trip over them. 2 in 1 kayak sup paddleboard gives you two water sports gear elements in one.

Both are expensive, so this Costco offer makes it very affordable. If you are into water sports, you should look up to it.


You can easily carry it to the water or back home with a carry handle. With an additional shoulder strap, you can take it without feeling like you have anything on your back.


The paddle in this set is adjustable and comes with a paddle on both sides, characteristic of kayak paddles. A paddle is made of lightweight material that is floatable. You can easily pick it up from the water when it falls.

Roof rack – this paddleboard comes with a roof rack for the car. They thought about everything, from transportation to design. This convertible paddleboard has it all.

Peak Titan Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board — Multi-Person SUP with 500 lbs Capacity and iSUP Accessory Bag with 2 Paddles, Pump & More — 12' Long x 45" Wide x 8" Thick

 out of stock
as of November 23, 2023 7:00 am

Costco Intermediate Boards

  • Body glove Oasis
  • Body glove performer
  • Hyperlight admiral

In the high price range at Costco, we find two fiberglass boards.

Naturally, given that Costco is a low-price store, their most costly boards are not that expensive.

Body Glove SUP paddleboards are the most popular paddleboards on the market. They come with high quality and reasonable prices, especially at Costco.

Body Glove manufacturer provides SUP paddle boards for all, regardless of the paddler’s age or skill.

Body Glove paddleboards are known for the stability and sturdiness they offer. Dimensions of the Body Glove paddleboards provide extra width to allow beginners to learn how to paddle easier.

Wider boards are more stable on the water, so you will learn to keep balance in a shorter time than on narrow.

In the high price range at Costco, we find two fiberglass boards. Naturally, given that Costco is a low-price store, their most costly boards are not that expensive.

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Best Multi-Person Party SUPs

  • Hyperlite Alki
  • Scott Burke

Multi-person paddleboards will give you a unique water experience. A paddleboard is affordable and easy-to-maneuver sports gear for spending time on the water with your family, friends, and pets.

Multi-person paddle boards come with four paddles and additional handles on their sides. These multi SUP paddle boards have six handles to cover the whole paddleboard.

The front part is an ample storage space customized to the paddleboard’s size. Try this sport if you want something that will engage the whole family.

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Costco surprised us with the various types of Stand Up Paddle Boards offered. From paddleboards, usually SUP inflatable ones that are great for doing yoga, to fiberglass and multi-person paddleboards.

In Costco’s offer, everybody can find a paddleboard that will fit all their needs, depending on their wishes. Reasonable prices are a great addition.

Look at Costco’s offer, and we are sure you will find a piece of sports equipment that will fit all your needs.

Costco is affordable when discussing Costco’s price, and the boards are not rotten.

All these boards are continually priced in the low range of similar boards.

The Wavestorm and the Horizon, the two affordable boards, are sold in a package of 2 boards at about one price.

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Body Glove Crusader 6-Person Paddleboard

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Tips for Safe Multi-Person Paddle Boarding

When you’re out on the water with friends and family, not just any board will do—you want something stable, safe, and reliable. That’s why Costco’s multi-person paddle boards are such a great choice! Here are a few safety tips for your multi-person paddle-boarding adventures.

Wear a Life Jacket

This is a no-brainer—safety should always be top of mind when you’re on the water. Make sure everyone has their appropriate-sized life jacket so that everyone knows how to stay afloat if they fall in.

Avoid Crowding the Board

Another important tip is to ensure everybody is evenly spaced apart on the board. If people are too close, it can make it harder to stay balanced and cause the board to become unstable in the water.

Stay Aware of Your Surroundings

Paying attention to what’s happening around you on or near the water is always essential. You never know when an unexpected wave or boat could come by, so it’s best to keep your eyes peeled, act accordingly, and stay aware of all those around you while you paddleboard.

Remember these tips when you’re out there, and have fun!

Accessories to Enhance Your SUP Experience

And don’t forget about the accessories you need to enhance your outing. With the Multi-Person Paddle Board Costco, you will have everything you need for a great time on the water, but some accessories can make it even better.

Must-Have Accessories

Here are some must-have accessories that you should consider buying with your Multi-Person Paddle Board Costco:

  • Paddle: Paddles come in different sizes, so make sure to get one that is comfortable and fits appropriately.
  • Leash: A leash is essential when you’re out on the water; this will help keep your board close to you at all times and help prevent it from floating away if you fall off.
  • Life Jacket: Make sure everyone in your group has a life jacket on when on the water; no exceptions!
  • Sunblock: Even if it’s cloudy or overcast, sunblock is still essential to help protect your skin from harmful UV rays and sunburns.

Having the right accessories will add comfort, safety, and convenience to your SUP experience and ensure a good time for everyone involved!

All these items are available at a great value with the Multi-Person Paddle Board Costco, so get out on the water today!

Can two people share a paddleboard?

Paddleboarding is a great activity with friends, and it’s even better when you have multiple people to share the experience with.

Costco has some great paddle boards that can accommodate up to four people. The panels are lightweight and easy to carry so everyone can enjoy the relaxing experience.

Is it hard to fall off a paddleboard?

Paddle boarding is a great way to work out and have fun simultaneously. It’s easy to learn and doesn’t take long to get the hang of.

If you’re new to paddle boarding, you should know a few things before trying.

First, make sure your board is stable. You don’t want it to move around while paddling, or you’ll fall off!

Second, wear sunscreen and hats if you’re going out in the sun; paddle boarding can be very sunny. And finally, be aware of other people on the board – don’t run into them!

Can inflatable paddle boards hold two people?

Inflatable paddle boards can hold up to two people. They are designed as recreational devices, not for professional use.

Some paddle boards have built-in seats that allow two people to ride together, while others have a strap system that allows two people to attach themselves to the board at different points.

Choosing a board that is comfortable and fits the size of both riders is essential.

How many people can go on a paddleboard?

Paddleboarding is a great way to exercise and have some fun simultaneously. The board is stable and perfect for beginners, but there are also enough tricks and turns to keep experienced paddlers entertained.

The average person can comfortably ride on a paddleboard if it’s designed for two people. The best way to determine if this is the case for your specific paddleboard is to measure the width of the boards you are considering.

It can safely accommodate two people if your board measures less than 22 inches wide. Anything more comprehensive than that, and you will likely need to buy a second board or use a tandem setup.

Aqua Marina Stand Up Multi-Person Paddle Board - SUPER TRIP TANDEM 14′ 0″ - Inflatable SUP Package, including Carry Bag, Fin, Pump

$899.00  in stock
as of November 23, 2023 7:00 am

Aqua Marina Stand Up Multi-Person Paddle Board - AIRSHIP RACE 22'0" - Inflatable SUP Package, including Carry Bag, Paddle, Fin, Pump & Safety Harness

$1,349.00  in stock
as of November 23, 2023 7:00 am

Can two people go on a 10-foot paddleboard?

There are a few things to remember when deciding if two people can go on a 10-foot paddle board: the size of the board, weight capacity, and stability. Panels 10 feet long and under typically have a weight capacity of around 220 pounds.

That means two people can go on it together, but not 3 or 4. If you’re looking for a giant board or weight capacity, check out our 12-foot or 16-foot boards.

These boards can accommodate up to 400 pounds each and are great for groups of friends or family members who want to enjoy some quality time out on the water.

Another thing to keep in mind is how stable the board is. Some boards are much more durable than others; if you’re looking for something you can take turns on without fear of it flipping over, choose a board with good stability.

Some key factors to consider when choosing a stable board include how expansive the deck is and how well-designed the securing system is.

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What size is a paddle board for two people?

If you’re looking for a paddle board that comfortably accommodates two people, the Penguin 12’6″ x 31.5″ is a great option.

This board has a width of 12’6″ and a length of 31.5″. It also has a weight capacity of 350 pounds, so it’s perfect for more prominent individuals. Plus, it has a soft grip finish, making it easy to control.

Lifetime 90891 Horizon 100 Stand-Up Paddleboard, 2 Pack, Paddles Included, Lime Green, 10'

$1,548.99  in stock
as of November 23, 2023 7:00 am

Lifetime 91014 Horizon 100 Stand-Up Paddleboard, 2 Pack, Paddles Included, 10 feet

 out of stock
as of November 23, 2023 7:00 am

What size paddle board do I need for the family?

The most popular size has been 10’6 x 32\” x 4.7\” thick for most families. If you’re looking for an all-round board and everyone is under 100kg, it’s crucial to look for a board that is 4.7” thick with a high-density paddle board drop stitch; this will allow everyone to have fun even in windier weather.

What size paddle board do I need for my weight?

Paddle boards come in various shapes and sizes to fit different weights.
To find the right size, measure your height, width, and shoulder depth (distance from neck to floor), then compare it to the paddle board sizing chart below.
If you’re underweight or overweight, consider purchasing a broader or narrower board, respectively.

Can plus-size people paddleboard?

This question has no definitive answer, as it depends on a person’s body type and size.

However, many paddleboard manufacturers have smaller and larger boards available for people of all sizes.

Additionally, many people who are plus size find paddleboarding a physically challenging workout and a great way to connect with nature. So long as someone takes the time to train and prepare beforehand correctly, they can use a paddleboard safely, regardless of size.

One final note is that some paddles and accessories (such as lifejackets) may be more difficult or impossible to fit on a giant board, so it’s essential to consult the manufacturer’s instructions before purchase.

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What is the weight limit for paddle boarding?

Paddle boarding is a great way to enjoy the ocean while spending time with friends or family. However, before you head out on the water, you must know the weight limit for paddle boarding.

Paddleboards can hold an average of 200 to 300 pounds. But boards that have 500 pounds or more are widely available.

Paddle boards are weight-rated by individual manufacturers in pounds or by volume. SUPs can weigh 15 to 40 lbs, which factors into how much weight they can hold.

Jimmy sticks paddle board Costco, Two man paddle board,15 ft paddle board, youth paddle, board Costco, repair kit, electric pump, fiberglass paddle, tandem sup, grooved traction pad, voyager tandem

Peak Titan Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board — Multi-Person SUP with 500 lbs Capacity and iSUP Accessory Bag with 2 Paddles, Pump & More — 12' Long x 45" Wide x 8" Thick

 out of stock
as of November 23, 2023 7:00 am

Solstice Maori Giant Multi-Person Inflatable Paddleboard

$819.10  in stock
as of November 23, 2023 7:00 am

DRIFT Inflatable Lake Float | Floating Island - Dock - Raft for Pool & Beach, 8'x8'

 out of stock
as of November 23, 2023 7:00 am

ISLE Megalodon Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board & iSUP Bundle Accessory Pack — Up to 1,050 lbs Capacity — Durable, Lightweight with Stable Stance — 15' L x 56" W x 8" Thick

 out of stock
as of November 23, 2023 7:00 am

Driftsun Orka 12 Foot Extra Wide Multi Person Inflatable Paddle Board Stand Up SUP Package, Room for Gear, with Two High Pressure, High Volume Pumps, 12 Feet Long, 4.5 Feet Wide, Green

 out of stock
as of November 23, 2023 7:00 am

Lifetime 90891 Horizon 100 Stand-Up Paddleboard, 2 Pack, Paddles Included, Lime Green, 10'

$1,548.99  in stock
as of November 23, 2023 7:00 am

Lifetime 91014 Horizon 100 Stand-Up Paddleboard, 2 Pack, Paddles Included, 10 feet

 out of stock
as of November 23, 2023 7:00 am

Retrospec Weekender-Crew 16' Extra Wide Inflatable Stand Up Multi Person Paddleboard ArmorStrength PVC iSUP Bundle w/Paddle Board Carrying case, Aluminum Paddle, Removable fins, Pump & Phone case

$799.99  in stock
as of November 23, 2023 7:00 am

ISLE Pioneer Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard & iSUP Bundle Accessories & Backpack — Wide Stance, Durable, Lightweight — 285 lbs Capacity (Teal Blue, 10'6" x 34" x 6")

 out of stock
as of November 23, 2023 7:00 am

DAMA 12'2''*34''*6'' Couple Paddle Board Big Sup Board Traveling Board Wide Paddle Boards Stand Up Paddle Board Fishing Board w/ Paddle Board Accessories, Pack Bag, Floating 4pcs Kayak Paddle and Pump

$499.99  in stock
as of November 23, 2023 7:00 am

ISLE Megalodon Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board & iSUP Bundle Accessory Pack — Up to 1,050 lbs Capacity — Durable, Lightweight with Stable Stance — 12' L x 45" W x 8" Thick

 out of stock
as of November 23, 2023 7:00 am


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