AQUA SPIRIT All Skill Levels Paddle Board
AQUA SPIRIT All Skill Levels Paddle Board

The adventure never waits for you, so you have to flexible.

AQUA SPIRIT All Skill Levels is anytime, anyplace Inflatable Paddle Board.

Construction and design AQUA SPIRIT All Skill Levels Paddle Board

AQUA SPIRIT All Skill Levels Paddle Board is made of military grade PVC, making it practically great and is fine for users of all skill levels.

This is steadiest and firmest paddleboard measuring 10” x 30” x 6” if inflated.

The build starts from inside out using a solid sewing way equipped to outlast everything.

Drop stitch utilizes well-built PVC threads to fuse top and bottom pieces of PVC jointly.

Drop Stitch offers rigidity, durability, and reliability of conventional boards.

Thick plastic threads link top and bottom layers for taut and waterproof construction with a zenith layer of PVC to avert every popping form spoiling your outing.

AQUA SPIRIT All Skill Levels Paddle Board comes with an imperishable paddleboard.

A grooved footbed keeps kid and adult’s feet standing on the SUP in saltwater and freshwater environments.

Set the three pieces of the removable aluminum paddle to your perfect height preference.

AQUA SPIRIT All Skill Levels Paddle Board – Performance packed Option or all Activities
AQUA SPIRIT All Skill Levels Paddle Board

Durability and Performance

Military-grade material makes it highly durable, strikingly portable and practically indestructible.

For the front, stainless steel D-rings have solid bungee cord ties hold equipment secure and the aluminum paddle supports every excursion.

Aqua Spirit’s engineered with perfect gadgetry for water adventure; long times on water need solid durability.

Aqua Spirit is decked out with a soft foam pad to calmly disperse weight and you balanced a long time smoothly.

This board has a very lightweight, ergonomic and flexible paddle for an appropriate posture with paddling.

Portability and weight

It is ideal for serious and lad back paddler riders. It measures 11” x 36” if rolled and deflated.

40lbs Aqua Spirit’s recommended weight limit is 280lbs. it can be simply rolled up into small, convenient package for smooth transport and storage for simply fit anyplace.

Explore with Aqua Spirit All skill levels paddleboard, then deflate and toss in the vehicle trunk.

These paddleboards never let the hassle of transport curb your trip.


  • Solid build quality
  • Great for all skills levels
  • Aluminum paddle board


  • Accessories could be better

Final words

All in all, I’m really impressed with the performance of the paddleboard.

I found no issues during my testing and I’ll recommend to anyone who’s looking for durability and top-notch performance.

Last updated on February 6, 2021 5:01 pm