Wavestorm Expedition SUP Stand Up Paddle Board
Wavestorm Expedition SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

Like nearly all affordable paddleboards designed for intermediates and beginners, the Wavestorm SUP is made of top-density EPS foam.

This is the same stuff they make warm tub covers out of.

Whether you’re new to the sport of paddleboarding or you’re a pro paddler or surfer, you’ve not to doubt come across the Wavestorm Expedition SUP. Wavestorm has, for ten years, been a sakes titan in the world of surf and fact is the most well-known paddleboard in America.

With their long history and experience, it’s a no-brainer that Wavestorm would make SUP that’d attempt the similar success in the world of supping that it has achieved in the world of paddleboarding.

If you are reading this, then you’re probably looking for affordable SUPs, stumbled across the Wavestorm, and are wondering if this Wavestorm Expedition SUP has a fine enough reputation to sink some money into.

There’re, unfortunately, not several reviews of the SUP online, which looks weird because this paddleboard is most people’s entry point into the world of waterboarding.

Have no fear because the water life will figure out this seemingly mysterious paddleboard to examine if it’s indeed worth it.

Features Wavestorm Expedition SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

Making the paddleboard out of this top density foam has benefits and drawbacks.

Probably the most considerable benefit of foam construction is the board’s durability.

You do not need to hesitate to destroy your board’s function like you would if it were made of fiberglass.

This board can be kicked, dropped, bumped into river rock, and tossed on the concrete floor of your garage.

It may present some cosmetic damage, but it will forever float as long as it is in a single piece.

Sof Top

Another benefit of the foam, or “soft top,” construction.

There is no need to hesitate about children falling and knocking their teeth out on this board.

The soft top is also simple on your knees, feet, elbows, or tailbone if you pick to do some sit-down paddle boarding.

Probably the absolute advantage of the foam is the board is lightweight.

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Wavestorm 9’6 Stand Up Paddle Board SUP.

The Wavesstorm paddleboard is simple to carry at twenty-five pounds, mainly with the carrying handle built right into the board.

Wavestorm 9' 6" Expedition SUP Stand Up Paddle Board
Wavestorm 9′ 6″ Expedition SUP Stand Up Paddle Board


The Wavestorm paddleboard is less rigid and flexible than fiberglass SUPs.

The board has three marines, wood stringers that include stiffness to the foam, but it still cannot match a hardtop.

It is not entirely simple to paddle as a rigid board. It also means that it is less stable and has a lower moving capacity.

The paddleboard has a single fix box, a plastic fin, al east to strap around your store, and an ankle strap.

The strap can be used to tie down a life jacket or dry bag packed with your valuable gear.

Wavestorm 9' 6" Stand Up Paddle Board Bundle 2-Pack

 out of stock
as of October 1, 2023 2:19 pm


  • EPS Foam Core with 3 Stringers with WBS (Water Barrier Skin) top deck
  • Textured deck traction on the top deck
  • Storage accessory straps
  • Collapsing and removable footrests and adjustable seat
  • HDPE Slick Bottom Skin
  • AGIT Global patented Graphic Film Technology [#6,106,345 & #6,988,920]
  • Collapsing and removable footrests
  • Adjustable length and interchangeable end and One handle piece and one paddle piece included.
Wavestorm 9' 6" Expedition SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Bundle 2-Pack
Wavestorm 9′ 6″ Expedition SUP Stand Up Paddle Board


  • It is more durable than fiberglass SUPs.
  • The foam makes the SUP extremely safe, mainly for beginners.
  • It has a light density, which makes it float too easily
  • More durable than the fiberglass SUPs
  • Cost-friendly and easily accessible at Amazon or Costco.


  • It is also challenging to paddle on matched to the fiberglass SUP.
  • It is less rigid than fiberglass SUPs, making it difficult to control the waves.
  • It can only support 250lbs.

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Wavestorm 9' 6" Stand Up Paddleboard SUP Bundle, WS20-SUP102-NVB

 out of stock
as of October 1, 2023 2:19 pm

Who Makes Wavestorm?

Wavestorm has been around since 2006 and has been making one of the finest paddleboards in North America. Their stunning statistics were achieved because beginners and non-pro paddlers do not need a pro and costly equipment to paddle with.

These are the surfers who’d instead go with an affordable paddleboard they can buy from Amazon. Once that, they can, or their family can abuse without feeling guilty of wearing out of a pricey and fancy one.

Agit Global is the brand that makes Wavestorm SUPs for Amazon and other local surf stores. They’re one of the world’s leading developers of modern foam tech utilized for sporting goods, especially water activities.

Agit Global is a relentless seeker of excellence through innovation, marketplace development, and hands-on involvement with the sporting goods committee. Wavestorm SUPs are made the same way their boards have been, concentrating on decreasing carbon footprint. One of the several reasons Wavestorm customers appreciate the culture of Agit Global.

Wavestorm 9' 6" Expedition SUP-Kayak, 2-Pack

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as of October 1, 2023 2:19 pm

Features and Benefits

The 1st thing to note is that this Wavestorm Expedition SUP comprises a maximum density Expanded Polystyrene Core. Most any newbie SUP that you can find out on the market will be built with some high-density foam because it has several positive aspects for those learning.

When you start, there’s no doubt that you’ll end up banging around your paddleboard, whether you are wiping out of allowing it to glide out into some rocks. The high-density foam will support lessening the amount of damage your paddleboard takes compared to a fiberglass paddleboard.

This also assists if you’re traveling a lot with your paddleboard and do not have a bag or anything around it to protect it. It’ll have normal wear, but you should not find it splitting or cracking.

In terms of inner durability, it comes complete with three marine wood stringers. These stringers help boost stiffness on the SUP and keep strong when faced with harsher conditions and heavier paddlers.

While it would not be as stiff as a fiberglass SUP, you can still ride it with ease that it would not snap. Wavestorm Expedition SUP rates it to support up to 250 pounds. Because it’s a fine soft foam top, it makes it an ideal board for the little ones to learn on.

Paddleboarding around in the waves can be dangerous on a heavily glassed SUP. You would not even have to worry about SUP flying back and cracking open ahead. On that similar note, your little ones should also be able to carry the SUP. Foam paddle boards are lighter than fiberglass SUPs. It just makes transportation better overall.

The storage strap is a feature that we love, and we feel like this separates this paddleboard from other cheap models on the market. If you have a water-resistant bag with your belongings, a life vest, or anything else you do not want to leave behind on the beach, you can tie it down with a storage strap and keep it very safe with you.

The paddle that comes with this SUP is pretty strong. It’s made out of a lightweight aluminum bar linked to a plastic blade at the bottom. These days, most premium models come with lighter carbon paddles, although this one stands up to them pretty well.

It’s strong and would not flex too much with calm waves. The SUP paddle is also adjustable and comfortable for riders up to 6.5 feet. It is simple to adjust and takes seconds to find the right length.

It comes with a one fin box and plastic fin, which is extremely easy to install. While you cannot install your fins, it’s good that you do not have to worry about the sort of fin to get as a newbie.

WaveStorm 9’6″ Paddle Board Review

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Wavestorm 9' 6" Stand Up Paddle Board Bundle 2-Pack

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as of October 1, 2023 2:19 pm


Wavestorm pioneered the surface of the foam.

A more starter-friendly foam surface is matched to the complex and heavy fiberglass board or epoxy board.

They do not hurt should the waves deliver them crashing against you.

They are also more robust, experience less wears and tear, and withstand water currents and waves quite well.

The top is soft without being slippery, which provides your feet with a perfect grip.

It is designed to raise the surfer’s comfortability and balance, which I am sure you would agree would suit a starter well.

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What I like

  • It’s more durable than fiberglass paddleboards
  • it has an ultra-light density that makes it float very easily
  • The foam makes the board safe and mainly for beginners
  • Cost friendly and simply accessible at Costco and Amazon

The Wavestorm Expedition SUP Stand Up Paddle Board is perfect for beginners, intermediates, and experts alike.

It has a stable shape that allows you to cruise in any direction with ease. You can also take it out over waves if you want an exciting ride!

These features come together to create the ultimate stand up paddle boarding experience.

If this sounds like something, you’re interested in, head to our website today to buy yours before they sell out again!

End words…

Do you need advanced features on your standup paddleboard so you can do some next-level exploration?

The Wavestorm Expedition SUP is the ideal companion for more advanced expeditions. At 9′ and 6″, it’s shorter than the standard V1 or V2 Stand-up paddleboard, making it more responsive to fast turns.

Despite being a small paddleboard, the Wavestorm Expedition SUP doesn’t lack stability and buoyancy. It’s ideal SUP for getting into more challenging conditions.

Pathfinder Inflatable SUP Stand-up Paddleboard Bundle Blue

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as of October 1, 2023 2:19 pm

Wavestorm 9' 6" Stand Up Paddleboard SUP Bundle, WS20-SUP102-NVB

 out of stock
as of October 1, 2023 2:19 pm

Wavestorm 9' 6" Expedition SUP-Kayak, 2-Pack

 out of stock
as of October 1, 2023 2:19 pm

Wavestorm 9' 6" Stand Up Paddle Board Bundle 2-Pack

 out of stock
as of October 1, 2023 2:19 pm

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