BIC Sports ACE-TEC Wing stand up paddle board
BIC Sports ACE-TEC Wing stand up paddle board

Please stand up, paddleboarding is a sport that started in Hawaii, and many people from all around the world soon accepted it.

Today, it is a favorite hobby that people love to enjoy.

This type of paddleboarding demands proper equipment to have excellent stability and performance.

BIC Sport ACE-TEC Wing Stand-Up Paddle Board

Safety is also a big part of every boarding sport.
BIC Sport, a company that started making water sports equipment in 1979, developed the ACE-TEC Wing model, which soon became so popular that Outside Magazine proclaimed it the best Stand Up Paddle of the year!

Want to hear why is this such a suitable paddleboard?

The paddleboard is lightweight, so it’s also compatible with lighter-weight children, women, and newbies.

That means it will keep everybody interested because they can use it more comfortably.
It’s excellent durability, and you don’t have to worry about breaking because it is lightweight.

The construction of this product will indeed promise you a long friendship.

BIC Sports ACE-TEC 12'6" Wing stand up paddle board review
The paddleboard’s shape provides smooth gliding with the best use of the water under you, and efficient, stable paddle surfing is promised.

The paddleboard cuts through the water with a soft glide, so you don’t have to worry about losing speed.

It also has a flat tail for pivot turns.
Since you must put in minimal effort, this paddleboard is excellent for amateurs, longer excursions, and people who have not yet become too comfortable.

It makes you feel safer.
A 9 “Touring fin is also included for the perfect experience.
Other features are a premium deck pad and ergonomic carry handle, so you have no trouble traveling and want to bring your favorite hobby!

This is a great plus for this SUP.
This stand-up paddleboard is excellent no matter what water and conditions you prefer: a regular cruise and an extreme exploration are welcome!

It is an elegant solution for those who don’t want to pay an extreme amount for a paddleboard of the same or even worse quality!

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What do customers have to say about this paddleboard?

As they claim, one of the best advantages is that it is straightforward to move around and feel confident about.

It is stable, and anyone can carry it around easily.

It has a leash plug at the nose and tail, and four more attachment points for security gives her a big plus for all buyers.

BIC Sports ACE-TEC 12'6" Wing stand up paddle board review
The board tracks straight and handles wave action suitably.

They are sturdy enough to handle some extra weight.
A happy customer claimed four people were on it (around 400 lbs), and the board did not sink!

This means that you take a friend and even your children! Just ensure their safety!

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This paddleboard will help you do that 100%!

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BIC Sport Paddle Board ACE-TEC 11′ 6″ Review

BIC sport paddle board
BIC Sport Paddle Board ACE-TEC 11′ 6″

Are you a big fan of paddleboarding? If yes, you need to buy a sturdy and durable paddleboard for your safe journey and a better experience on the water. One such perfect paddleboard is the BIC sport paddleboard.

The SUPs from BIC are made of ACE-TECH (Advanced Composite Engineered Technology).

They are manufactured with polystyrene foam (inside), then covered the inside foam using rigid plastic (outside). The foam is entirely non-absorbent, meaning there’s no change in the board’s weight if the outer layer lets water in.

The inner cover will not let water in that quickly. The plastic layering is so complex that it can bump into a rocky surface and still come out undamaged. The board goes through a procedure called thermoforming. This bonds the interior & exterior of the board into a fitted one.

The most prevalent model from BIC is the 10’0″ sport paddleboard, which features a considerably ample width than the other paddleboards,

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Overview of BIC Sport Paddle Board ACE-TEC 11′ 6″

bic ace tec plastic shell
BIC Sport Paddle Board ACE-TEC 11′ 6″

ACE-TECHs are plastic paddleboards that are designed for both flat glasses of water as well as wave paddleboarding. The SUPs are obtainable in various sizes, both inflatable and solid.

This SUP from BIC is designed for both expert and novice paddlers. A skilled user who can already navigate a complex paddleboard will not enjoy the ACE-TECH that much since it lacks the excitement of the challenge. But beginner users will benefit most from its comfort of use.

However, for a beginner, it makes paddleboarding easier and helps build confidence that’ll assist them as they develop from easy to challenging surfing stunts.

The extra width of the board allows you to stay on the water for longer without any hassle since they provide sufficient balance. Also, the board has a good length which maintains speed on itself. This will inspire beginners to further and efficiently increase their learning speed.

If you’re an experienced paddler, it will be better not to choose this low-thrill paddleboard. But if you have sufficient money to spare, it’s well worth including in your collection as it’s for passionate paddlers. It’ll help you on days when you would love to have a relaxed experience of paddling.

The ACE-TECH paddleboard is among the producer’s water sports equipment flying off the store shelves. BIC has now reached a reputed line of paddleboard making, further transforming the range of paddleboards for surfers of every group. This review article will explore BIC’s sports paddleboards in an honest review of their performance and quality.

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Features BIC Sport Paddle Board ACE-TEC 

good for speed races in ocean waves

  • The ideal board for large paddleboarders handles and tracks well in flat water and waves.
  • Balanced longboard-style outline and rocker design deliver excellent handling on flat water and also easy maneuverability feature in light surf and waves
  • Perfect for voyaging on flat water as well as charging waves & light surf, this BIC Sport ACE-TECH 11’6″ paddleboard combines okay performance and durability
  • The 11′ 6″ length is similarly a great option for multiple paddlers—high stability means everybody can have a fun time without any hassle
  • EPS foam interior wrapped with epoxy fiberglass/resin cloth is covered in a styrene polymer exterior
  • Construction delivers lightweight durability compared to other boards
  • The padded deck pad offers a reliable wax-free grip when paddleboarding in the kneeling or standing position, and it enhances ease on long paddles
  • Multiaxial fiberglass material provides low weight and excellent stiffness
  • 10″ single fin offers a straight tracking experience in the water
  • The combined carry handle on the deck makes carrying this 30 lb. board easy and quick
  • FCS fin has an injection-molded building, and a particular structure on the interior face of the fin reduces drag as well as enhances performance


  • Excellent structure makes it super stable and durable to paddle a long way.
  • Easy to maneuver and use for beginners
  • You can use it for surfing to practicing Yoga on flat water, small waves, or choppy waters.


  • A bit pricey
  • The leash, Paddle, and all the other additions are not included in the box


stand up paddle board for whole family

The ACE-TECH of BIC sports paddleboard will surprise you, and you will genuinely enjoy your paddleboarding experience, especially if you are a beginner. It is an excellent board for beginners because of its easy steering and stability.

The toughness of the board also guarantees you a safer journey. It is an ideal paddleboard for river voyaging with a company or testing your skills in some smaller waves.

However, if you are searching for a high-performance paddleboard for heavy waves, you may find this paddleboard a bit bulky after a short period. Instead, you would be better off seeking a wave performance paddleboard like the Fanatic Allwave.

The price of the board is a little bit high, seeing you do not even get a leash, Paddle, or even the side fins along with the paddleboard package. At least the company should provide the fins and paddles with these price tags.

They are not expert-friendly paddleboards, but they are beginner-friendly. However, the board suits paddlers wishing to stay in the flat water or not need the side fins. The board will also suit people who want to upgrade to a top paddleboard.

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This board is a good option for any beginner looking for a compact, portable, lightweight, and durable paddleboard.

The Stand-up Paddleboard series from BIC features excellent performance. For this, thanks to the 6 inches thick drop-stitch building and the 15 PSI pressure inflation limit.

These boards inflate easily and quickly with the double-action high-pressure pump (included in the package) and pressure gauge.

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Q. Does BIC make paddleboards?

A. YES, BIC makes premium paddleboards for paddlers of all categories. However, their paddleboards are a little bit pricey. But the quality they serve is worth the price.

Q. Where are Bic SUPs made?

A. BIC SUPs are made of ACE-TECH (Advanced Composite Engineered Technology)…

Q. What are BIC paddleboards made of?

A. BIC SUP is manufactured with polystyrene foam (inside), then they cover the inside foam using rigid plastic (outside). The foam is entirely non-absorbent, meaning there’s no change in the board’s weight if the outer layer lets water in.

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