Top 10 Best Inflatable SUP Boards

Best Inflatable Stand up Paddle Boards

Top 10 Best Inflatable SUP Boards in 2020: The toughest division of the SUP boards would be reduced to the very material of which they were built.

There are currently two major differences in the market – the hardboard and the inflatable board.

For application in a recreation of an inflatable board has become the most common choice because it is easy to transport and storage a offers the average user the same capabilities as a hardboard.

Best All-Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards

Boards on inflatables are built in a higher quality variant mainly than a combination of materials such as PVC laminates, PVC elastomers, and various forms (e.g. EVA) with fiber giving longitudinal strength.

sup board material
sup board material

The inflatable boards usually come in a backpack with a hand pump and are very easy to transport and store.

The board is pumped by hand pump at 15-20 psi (1-1.4 bar) and is ready for use within ten minutes.

Non-inflatable paddle boards are built most commonly fiberglass, epoxy, wood and carbon.

Slightly more weights (in the same liter) than inflatable boards but also offer higher load-carrying capacity.

Professional paddlers use mostly carbon boards as they give them the ideal weight-to-strength ratio that allows the best times and results at the races.

Find out which inflatable paddle board you should get for your family.

The paddleboard is generally not shorter than 8 ft(250 cm) while the ultimate length can reach 18 ft(550 cm) and more.

The width of the board ranges from 2 ft (65 cm) to competitive variants up to 5 ft (150 cm).

As with other paddle props, length determines her speed (longer = faster) while width determines stability (wider = more stable).

The thickness of the board varies 0,3-0,5 ft (10-16cm), and it affects the “littering” and, therefore, the carrying capacity.

The payload is defined by the maximum the weight that a board can bear before losing its specifications, and buoyancy varies between 60 pounds and up to 600 pounds of the board for eight users.

The shape itself boards can be divided into a great many categories and subcategories and is for simplicity and understand the five most important: Surf, Whitewater, Allround, Crossing and Race.

sup board types
inflatable sup board types

Surfboards are suitable because of their smaller length and specific shape for windsurfing as well as surfing on the waves. Whitewater models feature a larger number of fins (5-7) and wider a rounder shape that allows you to navigate faster rivers and more extreme conditions.

Allround models are best suited for most users, characterized by good stability and manageability.

This board is usually recommended for recreational users and the whole family. Cruising models are made for longer tours and multi-day excursions and are easy to achieve higher speeds while maintaining good stability.

Race models are designed for professionals for use in racing. The small width and specific shape allow for the highest speed but the least stability. The price of the boards varies from 250 – 1000 $.

We have made a list and highlighted the best blow up SUP boards in 2020 according to our existing reviews.

Top 10 Best Inflatable SUP Boards in 2020

10. iRocker Cruiser Inflatable paddle board

IRocker Cruiser sup takes up to 400 lbs which are fantastic for a board of this size. The fiberglass paddle that you’re getting with it floats in cases of „accidents” (if you drop it in the sea). You can convert the board to a kayak as well.

blankiRocker Cruiser Inflatable paddle board


9. Murtisol Upgrade 11′ SUP

Murtisol Upgrade has the perfect size for a SUP. This board is 11 feet long, 32 inches wide and 6 inches thick.
The length of the board is excellent for touring and it offers space for all riders to be really comfortable with their size. Its width will give you stability and control.

Murtisol Upgrade 11' SUPblank

8. Zupapa Inflatable SUP

When we look at the price, the quality of the production and the number of accessories that go with the Zappa paddleboard, we can definitely conclude that it is one of the finest boards in the lower price range.

The ratio of the obtained and the price is unmatched compared to the competition.

Top 10 Best Inflatable SUP Boards in 2020blank

7. Pexmor 11′ Inflatable sup

If you’re looking for a middle ground between the cheap and the expensive options, options for beginners and those who are advanced, Pexmor 11′ may be the thing you are looking for.

It has the simple, yet colorful looks and it is made from extra durable, high-quality PVC material.

The drop-stitch construction will make sure that there are no lumps, bumps, and scratches.

Pexmor 11' Inflatable Paddle Board Reviewblank

6. Bluefin Inflatable sup

If you’re looking for a simple, yet elegant board with a wonderful set of fancy accessories, Bluefin SUP  will surely catch your eye.

It’s a professional set that can be used both by beginners and those who are maybe a bit more advanced.

Bluefin Inflatable sup


It is stable enough to be used in lakes, rivers, oceans and seas.

You can use it for yoga and fitness as well as racing and touring.

The size is perfect for beginners and those who are experienced enough to do everything they imagine with it.

Top 10 Best Inflatable SUP Boards in 2019


4. BRIGHT BLUE paddle board

It’s a really light board that comes with a whole set, which makes it much easier for those who are not that knowledgeable about the equipment.

You are getting a paddle board, a pump, a detachable center fin which will significantly improve the balance.

BRIGHT BLUE Enhanced Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

FunWater is one of the most popular sets out there on the market, being very aesthetically appealing and having a professional design.

It’s an ultra-light board that weighs 18 lbs only, and it’s made for people of all skill levels.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, a professional, a young person or an older mate: you can use this board.

Funwater Paddle board


SereneLife 10’5 Premium is extra wide, which means that you are getting better balance and you can use the board for yoga, fitness, you can even bring a friend or a pet, The dimensions are 10’5 feet long and 30 inches wide.

SereneLife Paddle Board

Top 10 Best Inflatable SUP Boards in 2020: A good paddle board needs to be durable, sturdy, easy to transport and well-made.

Roc 10’5 SUPseems to be a pro in all of the categories.

It’s an inflatable type and the design is lightweight, yet durable.

Made out of military-grade material, this product will stay inflated for a long time, which is great for those who like to leave the SUP inflated overnight.

Top 10 Best Inflatable SUP Boards in 2019
Top 10 Best Inflatable SUP Boards in 2020



As you can see there are quite a few excellent iSUPs on the market and I can’t cover them all.

When you are just starting out you want a paddleboard that is stable and the Tower Paddle Boards  and Roc Inflatable SUP are two of the best in this area.

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