Zray X-Rider Epic Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
Zray X-Rider Epic Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Today, we are going to review the Z-ray Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board; one of their best lines.

A line that is extremely famous for how versatile it’s SUP, and for all the sizes in which they are produced.

Measurements Z-ray Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 

The Z-ray Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board is what we can call a professionally sized board; it is 10.6ft long 32” wide and 6” thick.

It’s made with almost everyone in mind; beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

The sizes of this board were wisely and carefully chosen to deliver enormous stability, max comfort for everyone.

The thickness aspect here’s unbeatable; it is almost impossible to make a 6” SUP bend or submerge below water when it completely inflated.


All of the ZRAY SUPs are made of military-grade PVC material that makes any inflatable board stronger and stiffer.

Also, the quality drop stitch utilized to build the Zray Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board is impressively strong and flexible at a similar time, and that is right there’s great for both worlds.

You do not have to go easy on a ZRAY SUP, these boards can be run over by a vehicle and not any scratch would be laid on them.

Once it is completely inflated, the paddleboard turns fully hard and tough, yet, it can still be thrown over the top of a roof and it’d bounce its way out it soundly and safely.


In terms of performance, there’s nothing and stand in the way of this Zray Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board’ so much to the point that we believe it might be capable to challenge the opponents.

Indeed, the paddleboard is dynamically built and design with such a navigation system, it is also very agile.


  • The Zray Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board comes in entire inclusive packages
  • You can utilize kayak seat or a backrest on this SUP paddle board
  • It is quite wide and stable enough and it is designed to handle up to 300lbs of weight


  • There’s really nothing valuable of criticism on this paddle board as a whole

Final words

A paddleboard like this one is technically meant to serve its jobs for years, and if you are planning on getting a paddleboard for a lifetime, all you got to do is maintain your SUP friendly so it lasts longer.

As a widely respected brand in the highly popular and growing world of sports, Zray is proud to provide fresh and innovative design and excellent quality to all types of water sports enthusiasts.

We want you to enjoy the wonders of nature, maintain great health and fitness and to share great memories with your families and friends.

We want you to go wherever you want to go…

Just unpack, pump up, and paddle with PASSION!



Enjoy this summer with your family!

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