Zray inflatable SUP boards are designed for all kinds of paddlers: children and adults, beginners and more experienced riders…

Everybody can find a Zray SUP that will meet their needs.

Features Zray Inflatable Paddle Board Stand Up SUP

Zray offers products of an extremely top standard for all types of practitioners, and its big range of boards will delight both starters who want to learn and those experienced in the search for performance.

The brand is not just limited to paddle but also provides a big range of inflatable kayaks. It is, therefore, logical that Zray should be capable of providing so much diversity with its own factory.

In just a few seasons, the brand has established itself as one of the best leaders in the SUP world.

Zray Inflatable Paddleboard

The Zray inflatable stands up paddleboard with kayak seat talk is a universal all-around design. Known to be stable and rigid.

It is remarkable for all expertise levels and situations. The Soft EVA deck pad makes it friendly for pets and remarkable for the family to enjoy.

You will find this board is simple to store and transport. It is also simple to inflate and deflate, saving your time.

When it is completely deflated, it rolls up to a perfect compact size and fits rightly into a storage backpack, storage closet, car trunk, or even a little locker.

The Zray paddle board measures at ten feet and ten inches, thirty inches wide and six inches thick.

The best spec is its military-grade drop-stitch construction, which is resistant to dings, punctures, and other little damages.

There are also adjustable bungee straps to save extra equipment.

You can max out of 320-pound weight capacity. This permits you to bring a little pet or child.

This paddleboard contains an adjustable aluminum paddle, a strong backpack, a high force pump, and a gauge.

Super value package

Comes with an aluminum paddle, a strong, high force, durable pack with gauge, and a safety leash

Super lightweight

Even kids can carry the completely inflated board with ease due to its high lightweight.


  • Compact and light
  • Great to use with pets
  • The track pretty straight when paddling
  • Great customer service


  • At the time, it can be hard to inflate.
  • Slightly unstable but not sufficient big concern for most users
  • Maybe a challenge for kids under a certain age to use in the ocean.

We want you to enjoy the surprises of nature, maintain the best health and fitness, and to share amazing memories with your friend and families.

  • Length: 320cm
  • Width: 81cm
  • Thickness: 15cm
  • Maximum load: 142kg
  • Weight: 10,2kg

Made using a simple layer drop stitch with a stringer or double layer drop stitch, the whole Zray range features a double PVC layer on the rail for increased durability.

Besides, Zray manufactures boards with 15 cm thickness for maximum stiffness.

BAM Technology

bam technology
bam technology

Lightweight, flexible and maneuverable

1. Waterproof high-pressure valve.
2. Anti-slip Footpad in EVA foam is soft and offers superior comfort.
3. Internal rail.
4. External rail joins all layers together for added stiffness.
5. Drop-stitch provides increased resistance to traction.
6. BAM coating

BAM technology (Balanced Anti-bending Motility) is a major Zray innovation in the inflatable boards’ construction process.

This technology gives the boards an amazing Weight/stiffness ratio.
This way, Zray has a new range of boards that are as stiff and durable as the Premium boards but up to 25% lighter.
As far as weight is concerned, Fury paddleboards are similar to UAL boards, but they are much stiffer.
Zray Fury Pro Review


– Extra comfy EVA footpad
– Comfy carry handle
– Built-in deck net
– D-rings to attach a kayak seat
– High-end drop stitch for increased durability
– Three fins for great responsiveness
– Max pressure 15 psi

Zray Fury Pro Review accessoires

What’s included in the box

– Roller backpack for more comfort
– 3-piece paddle of your choosing
– Zray’s double-action high-pressure hand pump with pressure gauge
– Coiled leash of your choosing
– Fins

What you have to keep in mind

The length of a SUP board impacts its gliding/speed performance and on the turns.

The longer the board, the faster it goes but, the more difficult it is to turn.

A wide board will be more stable but a bit slower and more difficult to turn.

With 32″ in width, the Fury 10.6 is very stable yet maneuverable.

Zray Fury Pro Top

The SUP allows you to carry a big package with you.

There are FOURS D-rings made of stainless steel to support multi-day and long-distance paddling experience.

This stand-up-paddle board comes together with some nice accessories important for operating and handling on the water and outside.

Stand UP Paddle ZRAY FURY

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