iRocker Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews
iRocker Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews

iRocker is among the top-rated Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard brands running successfully in the industry now.

They deliver some top-notch, high-quality inflatable paddleboards to their customers worldwide.

With the iRocker gigantic paddleboard, you can fly through states and climb mountains by simply carrying the board in the iRocker backpack.

irocker inflatable stand up paddle board
Best iRocker Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

The company even confronted inflatable items’ negative standing with its high-quality stand-up paddleboards.

iRocker is unquestionably successful, and they provide only high-quality products that drive along with the principle of the loyal fan base who loves to have a quality inflatable stand-up paddleboard.

The company has devoted its effort to producing various inflatable paddleboards especially designed to appeal to & cater to the requirements of every paddleboarder out there.

The brand indeed has launched small, medium, and gigantic SUPs. It also has produced yoga, touring, and fishing inflatable stand-up paddleboards and thus earned a good place in the paddleboard industry.

So, let’s now take a glance at the legacy of the iRcoker brand to know more about its products and reviews

Top 4 iRocker Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board Review

iRocker Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board Reviews
iRocker Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board Reviews

All iRocker paddle boards come with a paddle, a board, a manual hand pump, a leash, a carrying backpack, a fiberglass paddle, and a repair kit.

However, things such as a carry strap, water-tight pocket, and go-pro mount aren’t included; thus, you must purchase them separately.

Similarly, in case you are a person who likes to have a cupholder, then you will have to buy that too.

And if you are tired of manual pumps, you will also have to buy an electric pump separately. We recommend you buy the iRcoker 12V electric pump for your stand-up paddleboards and floats.

No matter which iRocker paddleboard you get, ensure you inflate the board properly before getting yourself into the water for a better paddle performance.

So, let’s now glimpse at the top 4 iRcoker inflatable paddle boards below…

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Measuring 10’x32″x6″ (L*W*H) and weighing 11 kg or 24 pounds, this ALL AROUND 10′ SUP from iROCKER is a steady inflatable paddleboard that’s perfect for a wide variety of paddling activities. It has a max weight capacity of 168 kg or 370 pounds.

This board features two large bungee cord areas for storage at the tail and nose. It also has4 multi-use mounts this board that allows the attachment of a wide range of accessories.

The board from iROCKER also exclusively offers detachable neoprene security grips at the front & rear, which is a great deal if you like to paddle with your kids. 20 D-rings so that you can secure your belongings with the board.

We want to recommend this lengthy board mainly for petite paddlers and tweens.

iROCKER All-Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, Extremely Stable 10' Long x 32" Wide x 6" Thick Premium SUP with Roller Bag, Carbon Paddle, Pump, Leash, Fins & Repair Kit, Blue

 out of stock

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The ALL-AROUND 11′ from iROCKER is another longer board of its ALL-AROUND siblings. The board weighs 12.24 kg or 27 pounds and measures 11 feet x 32 inches x 6 inches (L*W*H). This ALL AROUND 11′ board has a maximum 200kg or 435 pounds capacity.

It is a highly recommended paddleboard for all skill levels because its extra length offers the user better stability and tracking. The extra space of this board similarly comes in handy for carrying your dog, your kid, or another mate with you or other necessary gear while you go out on the water for paddling.

This board features similar specifications as the ALL AROUND 10′ paddleboard model, but it is 1′ longer than the abovementioned board. If you are searching for a multipurpose paddleboard that’s well-built and affordable, then the ALL AROUND 11′ iSUP by iROCKER is the perfect one you should have.

iROCKER All-Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, Extremely Stable 11' Long x 32" Wide x 6" Thick Premium SUP with Roller Bag, Carbon Paddle, Pump, Leash, Fins & Repair Kit, Gray

$549.99  in stock
as of May 29, 2024 5:43 pm

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iROCKER CRUISER Paddle board with kayak conversion kit
iROCKER CRUISER Paddleboard with the kayak conversion kit

The iROCKER CRUISER 10 feet 6 inches SUP has a wide profile to offer greater stability. This paddleboard measures 10 feet 6 inches x33 inches x6 inches (L*W*H) and weighs around 25 pounds or 12 kg.

The iROCKER Cruiser board’s maximum weight capacity is around 400 pounds or 200kg. It has two large bungee cords at the nose & tail as storage areas. This board also has 20 D-rings to secure your belongings safely.

We recommend the iROCKER Cruiser for newbies to the paddling world, paddlers who carry extra gear with them or additional passengers, or anybody who wants to have that extra reliability and confidence on the water.

Although this board is slightly less speeded, most paddlers will not notice this in maximum cases.

iROCKER Cruiser Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, Extremely Stable 10'6" Long 33" Wide 6" Thick Premium SUP with Roller Bag, Carbon Paddle, Pump, Leash, Fins & Repair Kit, White

 out of stock

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iROCKER SPORT 11′ irocker inflatable paddle boards
iROCKER SPORT 11′ irocker inflatable paddleboards

The iROCKER SPORT, 11′ paddleboard, was the first iRcoker ever released. This model measures 11 feet x31 inches x6 inches (L*W*H), and it is a decent option for athletic, more experienced paddlers who wish to have a paddleboard that is intensive on agility and speed.

The SPORT 11′ paddleboard is way faster than its other models. Its narrow, long dimensions make the board responsive and agile to your every move. However, the board is not very stable due to its width of 31″. The iRocker SPORT, 11′ paddleboard, can be a lot of fun for a skilled paddler. It can support a maximum weight of 385 pounds.

iROCKER Sport Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, Extremely Stable 11' Long x 31" Wide x 6" Thick Premium SUP with Roller Bag, Carbon Paddle, Pump, Leash, Fins & Repair Kit, White/Blue

 out of stock

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The company iRocker comprises boards designed at the average to high variety market of inflatable stand-up paddleboards.

There’s a lot of variety of paddleboards in the iRcoker board line-up. Unfortunately, we couldn’t cover every model from their line-up. However, we have managed to cover up the top models.

Unfortunately, this iRocker brand’s immense disadvantage constantly overstates the maximum weight-carrying capacity.

See, for cheap paddleboard brands, this’s quite common, but for a medium to a high-range market manufacturer like iRocker, this is not so common, and it shouldn’t be!


Q. Is iRocker a good brand?

A. YES, the iRcoker brand is among the industry-leading brands for paddleboards. Most of the paddleboards from the iRcoker brand come with a complete package with a high-quality product, making them a good brand. iRocker boards are among the most trustworthy brands for Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboards.

Q. Which iRocker sup should I get?

A. There are plenty of options with a comfortable deck pad for having the best SUP from iRcoker, which will suit you the best, depending on your requirement. So, research a little to determine which model has the most features you want. And that will be the best iRcoker SUP for you to get.

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