indsurfing Guide
indsurfing Guide

History of Windsurfing

A young kinesiologic activity, Windsurfing is the application of the “Free-sail system” or free
translation, the “Sailing System”, originated in California in 1966.

We can find it in every “corner” of the world. More than a thousand years ago Indians settled in
the southern Amazon river basin was operated by a moving mast.

How to Windsurf

photo 1- windsurfing

The principles of windsurfing management imply moving the center of wind pressure to
sails. Windsurfing is an activity where a windsurfing board is used triggered by the action of wind force on the sail (photo 1).

The beginnings of sailing are tied to Newman Darby. He was the first to apply the idea of ​​a “propulsion system” and in 1965 published his own invention – 3 meters long and 90 cm wide plank.

The moving sail consisted of a mast and sails of a square shape on mast and handrail, placed at right angles to mast.
The sailor stood on the side of the wind and pushed the sail toward the wind.

Windsurfing gear and equipment

Basic parts of the board for windsurfing are: windsurf board, mast, sail, wrist, bow, keel, rope, plastic
slats and ropes for connection and connection. The role of the keel is to increase stability on the water, the guide maintains the desired driving direction, the purpose of the joint is for sail mobility in all planes and represents the bond between the plank and the sail.

The mast is designed to maintain the shape of the sail and its tightening vertically. The bow together with the mast fully enables tightening the core and forming its functional shape.

The sail is the main driver for the board sailing, while the battens maintain the shape of the sail. We need a few to equip the board
ropes, starting rope is intended for lifting the core from the water, the ropes for tightening the core are tightened the fore and aft sails of the sail tighten the bow against the mast, and the safety rope is used to fasten sail for the board.

Since 1984, windsurfing has been a part of Olympic sports after its own first public appearance at the Los Angeles Olympics.

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Specific dangerous while you Windsurf and how to avoid them

Prevention measures to be taken before Windsurfing are:

  • Good psycho-physical preparation. Windsurfing requires good coordination throughout the body,
    as well as a sense of balance. Swimming knowledge is a must, as with all activities on water leads because there are a lot of crashes at the beginning of training. Equipment to be worn as preventive measure consists of:
  • Swimming vest protects the body from increased temperature loss and hypothermia
  • Gloves and special rubber footwear increase friction, while rubber footwear protects against sharp rocks when falling into shallow water.
  • Familiarize yourself with the weather forecast before going to activity.
  • Selects sails according to their own abilities. Using a larger sail can be negative affect sailing control and cause frequent falls, thus increasing the possibility of injuries informing friends about going sailing and returning.
  • Wear a whistle for ease of signaling.
  • Equipment checks.

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Prevention measures during the Windsurfing are:

  • Monitor weather changes and discontinues activity if weather conditions
    make sailing safe.
  • Observe the rules of navigation, avoid proximity to bathers and other vessels
  • Stop sailing if we feel tired

Prevention measures at the end of the Windsurfing are:

  • After sailing is completed, the sail should be dried and stored in a safe place so that it does not
    damage, and would be of use next time as well.
  • Replacing lost minerals and energy leads to recovery.