SBBC 10'6 Orca SUP Paddle Board review - Hard board
SBBC 10'6 Orca SUP Paddle Board review - Hard board

You can surely believe South Bay Board Co., a company that’s been making high-quality Stand Up Paddle Boards for a very long time now.

They always aim to create clean, durable, practical boards and Orca is one of the most popular 10’6 models they have made.

SBBC Orca SUP Paddle Board
Orca in action

This is an ABS Indestruco Hardshell Paddle Board which means that the structure and the shape will remain the same throughout the years.

Features SBBC Orca SUP Paddle Board

No cuts, bruises, dents, gashes and so on. It’s made to be used on a daily basis and those who enjoy tough waves may be into it.

The pack includes the board, the leash, the fin set, the handles and pre-installed texture and bungee tie-downs.

This means that you are getting a whole bunch of equipment and you’re saving money.

Classical model

This is a very classical model, it’s made for people of any age, first-time paddlers, yoga lovers, those who use it for fishing…

It’s 4.5″ thick which means that it’s pretty easy to carry around.

SBBC Orca SUP Paddle Board
Orca package includes

The deck is textured and it is dual-layer, which means that is has a layer of glue and a layer of PVC.

These types of boards last much longer than those with one layer on the texture.

The air stays where it is, you won’t have to inflate the SUP more than once.

However, the problem is that the two layers can separate so you need to take very good care of this product.

The design will help you a bit with the dual-layer problems, and the shape this board is made in helps you stay stable easily.

The bottom is flat and smooth so the paddle can glide over the waves easily.

It’s one of the fastest models South Bay Board Co. has ever made.

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