DAMA Inflatable Stand up Paddle sup Board
DAMA Inflatable Stand up Paddle sup Board

The teenager’s board four thickness is best and cost-friendly for friends who are beginners on stand up paddling, take a try and near to water.

It is also best for sharing with kids friends, pets, precious to enjoy more fun.

Easy store and carry

DAMA stand up paddleboard deflate and pack down into the added backpack.

You sup all over the planet with simple transportation on trains, buses, and planes.

DAMA Inflatable Stand up Paddle sup Board
DAMA Inflatable Stand up Paddle sup Board

Handmade spirit

We have been targeting the development and design of inflatable surfboards and yachts, with the special design idea, with the expert spirit of excellence, offer the top standard products.

Durable and light

Their arms do not tire out which makes stability but also ease of paddling for a pretty tyke, adjustable child sized carbon fiber paddle.

This is very important to permit the little arm to paddle without the fatigue that outcomes from swinging a heavier or uneven paddle made of aluminum, use the paddle by just adjusting it is the length as they grow.

Safety and after-sale insurance

Twenty-two lb board weight simple to carry, drop stitch material reject friction to leaking, exact tightness checking for each board.


Paddle provides you a lower trying cost on children’s variable interests and ten lengths different from other children’s paddleboard, feeling they are equal to adults and experience the same thing to show they grow up enough.

Sharing with the board, they can provide their pets or friends a rid, enjoy the fun combine.

The leash is relaxed and stops chafing while the deck itself is extremely hard-wearing despite being very soft on your knees, feet or buttocks.

While the added paddle is nothing unique, it works and will float if you drop it into the water.

The powerful SUP is built with longevity in mind while the fact it can be pumped up with ease even if you reject the appeal of purchasing an extra electric pump stops potential frustration.

DAMA Inflatable Stand up Paddle sup Board
DAMA Inflatable Stand up Paddle sup Board

It also provides you the choice to inflate to the boat before you leave or once you reach the beach.

The DAMA inflatable SUPs are accessible in a choice of 4 colors. Frankly, all of the designs look amazing, although the paddle and bag are top suited to the black style.

For children and adults alike, the secure and lightweight paddle is an amazing solution for those future explorations of the water.

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SereneLife Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (6 Inches Thick) with SUP Accessories & Carrying Storage Bag | Wide Stance, Bottom Fin for Paddling, Surf Control, Non-Slip Deck | Youth & Adult
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