Solstice by Swimline Bali Stand Up Paddle Board

Solstice by Swimline Bali sup review

If you’re looking for a board a bit cheaper than the last one, but one that still has the premium feeling and premium looks, the Bali Stand Up Paddleboard should be amongst your favorites.
This is a high-pressure inflatable paddle board that looks very chic. The simple grey-blue + yellow design is great for young and old people, as well as beginners and those who are advanced.
You will notice that the board is very rigid and strong. It includes 4 tie-downs for securing your gear and the PVC this board is made of (1000 Denier) is of very high-quality.
With the board, you are obviously getting some accessories: a carry bag, a pump, and a gauge. The drop-stitch material will make sure no bumps, lumps, and scratches bother you, but we don’t suggest putting this board under the sun for too long because the color and the thickness of the surface can change a bit.
There is no maximum weight capacity written by the manufacturer, but people say that over 225 lbs don’t really work that great with the board. It takes only 3 and a half minutes to inflate this product, but you’ll have a bit of trouble doing the last few pumps. Many people decide to go for a car pump instead.
The board is perfect for kids as well because it is well balanced and you can let them cruise, fish, sunbathe or play on it. The bungee storage area is perfect for food or phones or any gear that you like to use and bring around, but don’t count on it too much because you will take up much space on the board and, in the end, you’ll have less space for yourself.

Author: Tom Leithner

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