Aqua Plus 10ft Inflatable SUP
Aqua Plus 10ft Inflatable SUP

Aqua Plus 10′ is a new market leader on a budget level that has gained great popularity. You are wondering why?
The price and quality ratio makes this board one of the best buy sup boards in its category.

If you are a beginner or recreator who likes to enjoy nature and spend time on the water this is the ideal board for you.

With its weight capacity, it will satisfy the demands of most users and even two adults, so there will always be places for children, your dog, or additional stuff.

Features Aqua Plus Paddle Board

The outer cover of the Aqua Plus board is a double-layered PVC that will give a feeling of the firm ground under your feet and will be lightly controlled by the paddle.

With the board, in a package, you get all the extra stuff to maximally enjoy paddleboarding and there is no need to invest in addition accessories.


Aqua Plus 10' Inflatable SUP Review
Aqua Plus 10′ Inflatable SUP Review


Below we have listed the most important features of the Aqua Plus inflatable board, a list of things that comes with a board, and some of the advantages and disadvantages you may encounter if you decide to buy this sup board.

Technical specification

Size: 10’x 32″x 6″
Weight limit: 310 lbs
Layers: Double PVC layer
Recommended for: Beginners, recreational, short trips and holidays
Transfer ability: Board weight only 18 lbs

Aqua Plus package includes:

Board, adjustable aluminum paddle, backpack for transfer, shoulder strap, coil leash, waterproof bag, removable fin, pump.

Aqua Plus package
Aqua Plus package


  • Low price
  • Good quality
  • Pack includes everything you need
  • Great weight capacity for a beginner board


  • Air pump quality should be better

Other Aqua Plus SUP boards and comparison

The Aqua Plus manufacturer also offers two more sup boards.

It’s Aqua Plus 11’x 33 “x 6” and Aqua Plus 10’x 33 “x 6”.

There are several differences between the boards mentioned below.

Aqua Plus 10’x 32″ x 6″ vs Aqua Plus 10’x 33″ x 6″

Size: 32 “is slightly narrow, but the boards are equally stable on the water
Weight: 32 “is lighter for 2 lbs
Weight capacity: 33” has a higher weight limit of 20 lbs
Design: Different look of the board

Aqua Plus 11’x 33 “x 6” differences compared to 10′

Because of its length it has a higher weight capacity and is more stable on the water, it has almost the same weight as 10’x 33 “x 6”.

aqua plus sup backpack
aqua plus sup backpack


As you can conclude, all three boards have similar characteristics and the same quality.

I would be guided solely by the price when choosing the board.

Aqua Plus 10′ Inflatable SUP Video Review

The last note we did not mention in this Aqua Plus review is that you have a guarantee for every Aqua Plus board 12 months after purchase.

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