What is the best stand up paddle board for beginners?
A lone woman paddles her stand up paddle board through the waves as the sun rises.

The board may be used by kids and adults and has a non-slip deck for additional security.

No matter which board you go for, the board’s weight should play a part in your buying choice.

Today, SUP waterboarding is one of the fastest-growing water sports in Europe and the US. So, if you are looking to get into it, you have come to the right page.

There’re several factors to consider when purchasing your 1st SUP, including durability, balance, price, and many more.

We investigate which SUPs most stand up to the test. Here is our selection of the best stand-up paddleboards for beginners.

The Best Rated Paddle Boards For Beginners

Likewise, a lengthier board can get a reduced volume if it’s narrow and thin.

If you’re too heavy when using the paddleboard, the board won’t maneuver again, and it will be challenging to acquire through the water.

An ideal beginner paddleboard would go quite a distance to create paddleboarding less complicated for you.

What is the best stand up paddle board for beginners?
What is the best stand-up paddleboard for beginners?

The cost can range mainly based on the material and the board’s plan.

Then, of course, there’s it. Don’t allow the minimal price to intimidate you.

If the paddle will be employed by more than one person, pick an adjustable paddle so that every paddler can adjust it for the optimal length.

Paddleboarding is an excellent workout; tons of fun can be accomplished with family members and friends and is a unique way to delight in the outdoor differently.

To find the correct paddleboard, you should first think about the form of paddleboarding you’ll do.

Deciding upon a paddleboard will be contingent on the kind of paddleboarding activity you plan to do. The best paddleboards are the ones that satisfy your specific requirements.

A good deal of what makes a paddleboard ideal for beginners is admittedly what makes a paddleboard great full stop, but there are particular things you will want to keep an eye out for if you’re beginning.

What size sup do I need for my weight?


Guidelines for a beginner paddler / all-around SUP
Paddler Weight SUP Width SUP Thickness
150-175 lbs (68-79 kg) 31-33.” 5″
175-200 lbs (79 – 90 kg) 32-34″ 5″
200-225 lbs (90-102 kg) 32-34″ 5-6″
225+ lbs (102 kgs +) 32-34.” 6″


However, some individuals are a little reluctant when it has to do with water sports.

Suppose you’ve just discovered the fantastic sport that’s paddleboarding. In that case, it’s high time you arm yourself with the ideal beginner stand-up paddleboard that will be suitable for your particular requirements.

Adventure sports always have an element of danger involved inside them.

Unless you’ve got good reason to go for one more form of SUP board, an all-around board may be the very best paddleboard for beginners.

A SUP board has to be able to carry your weight. Below, you will discover the four most common sorts of SUP boards on the marketplace.

stand up paddle board for beginners
stand up paddleboard for beginners

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The ACOWAY SUP also measures 10.6 feet and 6″ thick, but its width measurement is a little smaller at 32″. It is a bit heavier than the old model at 22lbs, but still simply maneuverability for riders of many several different body types.

It also includes three fins at the tail of improved tracking over long distances, and it is made with a non-slip traction pad on the top of the paddleboard for added stability and enhanced comfort for your feet.

This SUP boasts a max weight capacity of 400lbs, and it comes with several of the essentials that any beginner paddler boarders need. That includes a bidirectional air pump for more efficient inflation/deflation status.

In addition to the air pump and the SUP, this package includes a collapsible three-piece paddle, leash, water-resistant phone bag, travel bag, and repair kit for simple storage and more convenient transportation to your favorite remote paddling areas.

ACOWAY | Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board | 10'6" × 32" × 6" | SUP for All Skill Levels | Inflatable Paddle Boards | Non-Slip Deck, Double Action Pump, Waterproof Bag for Youth & Adult & Kids |

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Roc SUP 

The Roc board takes the price as the lightest inflatable board on our list. It weighs only 17.5lbs while still boasting a max weight ability of up to 30lbs. The total dimensions are of this paddleboard measure 10 feet long, 33 inches wide, and 6 inches thick.

It comes with two smaller fins built into the fin box and then includes a 3rd more giant fin that is adjustable to help with more compact storage. Speaking of the storage space, the travel bag this SUP comes with features wrap-around straps that help to compress the entire bag for more comfortable carrying.

This board also comes with a 10ltr dry bag for storing your keys, phone, and other accessories that cannot get wet while you are on the water. The Roc board also includes a bungee tie-down at the front of the SUP and an additional 4 D-ring attachment points along the rails.

These attachments points let you secure a kayak seat for sit-down paddling if you choose, though that sort of seat is not included in this package. In addition, this board comes with a collapsible three-piece paddle, a high output hand air pump, a board leash for additional security. It also boasts a UV-resistant coating for durability and longevity.

Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards W Free Premium SUP Accessories & Backpack { Non-Slip Deck } Bonus Waterproof Bag, Leash, Paddle and Hand Pump !!! Youth & Adult (Pink)

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ISLE Explorer SUP 

The ISLE Explorer SUP board is one of the more expensive designs on my list, but it holds to the adage that you get what you are paying for. This ISLE Explorer SUP is designed with military-grade material, and it is incredibly adaptable to many uses.

With three bungee straps at the tail and nose of the board, this paddleboard provides you the ability to transparent more gear than most others. That makes it best to grow with you as you gain experience and start contemplating setting out no more extended paddling expeditions.

The dimensions of this exact SUP measure 11 feet long, 32 inches wide, and 6 inches thick, but this paddleboard is also available in a 12′ variety for bigger riders. The 11′ versions boast a max weight capacity of 275lbs, and the 12′ SUP can handle up to 300lbs.

The ISLE Explorer SUP is built to support your paddling preference with its grooved traction pad made of ultra-soft EVA foam. This pad gives enough to assist you to remain stable while practicing board yoga and is also comfy on your knees and bottom when you are taking a brief break from paddling.

ISLE Explorer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board & iSUP Bundle Accessory Pack — Durable, Lightweight with Stable Wide Stance — 300 Pound Capacity, 11'6" Long, 6" Thick (Blue)

$595.00  in stock
as of June 28, 2022 12:18 pm

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Fun Water SUP

The Fun Water SUP inflatable board is an attractive choice for smaller paddlers because it is one of the lightest SUPs to transport. The length of this paddleboard is 10.6 feet, the width measure 33 inches, and the board is a total of 6″ thick. It weighs just 17.6lbs, and it provides a max weight ability of 300 lbs.

It also includes three removable fins that provide it added tracking ability while letting you customize your fin setup. This paddleboard also features a central carry handle. It consists of a section of bungee rigging at the nose that permits you to strap a dry bag or another accessory down securely.

It also comes with several essentials that you will need to start as a newbie. In addition to several of the accessories you will need to start as a newbie and SUP itself, this package comes with a repair kit, high-pressure air pump, leash, three-piece paddle, large carry backpack for transportation, and storage.

FunWater Inflatable 10'6×33"×6" Ultra-Light (17.6lbs) SUP for All Skill Levels Everything Included with Stand Up Paddle Board, Adj Floating Paddle, Pump, ISUP Travel Backpack, Leash,Waterproof Bag

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Feath-R-Lite SUP 

The Feath-R-Lite paddleboard is another good choice for smaller SUP for beginners, it is just 10′ long, 30″ wide, and 6″ thick, but it only weighs 20 lbs when it is wholly inflated. It is simple for smaller forks to transport.

Despite its smaller size, the stand-up paddleboard boasts a max weight capacity of 330 lbs. It is constructed with an additional layer of PVC material along the SUP’s rails, which helps to protect it against scratches and punctures.

At the tail of the SUP, you will be able to customize your fin setup with three removable fins. Install all 3 for max tracking ability or just the big fin for better maneuverability.

In addition to the paddleboard and its fins, this board comes with a water-resistant phone case, SUP leash, repair kit, backpack with straps, three-piece collapsible paddles, and high-pressure hand air pump with a built-in PSI gauge.

FEATH-R-LITE Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 10'x30''x6'' Ultra-Light (16.7lbs) SUP with Paddleboard Accessories,Three Fins,Adjustable Paddle, Pump,Backpack, Leash, Waterproof Phone Bag

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as of June 28, 2022 12:18 pm

What’s the difference between an inflatable paddleboard and a regular one?

When it comes to paddleboard performance, hard paddleboards provide optimal performance compared to inflatables.
Noninflatable paddleboards are more agile, have better glide, and are easier to catch waves when SUP surfing.

The SUP board is likely to be your primary expense.

You ought to understand that there isn’t any such thing as an ideal SUP board for beginners.

If you go for a good board, you will need to lift it on and off the roof of your vehicle.

Most men and women assume they should receive an entire board, but that’s inaccurate.

Also, be sure to check out a few of our other stand-up paddleboard reviews, as you might come across different boards that stand out to you a bit more.

What is the best size paddleboard for beginners?

Longer boards are somewhat more challenging to store. A shorter board may have a higher volume if wide and thick.

When you ding a rigid paddleboard, the fiberglass isn’t as flexible. Therefore a good board is more inclined to crack and chip.

If you can select an appropriate beginner paddleboard, then you’re off to a fantastic start.

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How long do inflatable paddle boards last?

On average inflatable SUP’s have a warranty anywhere from 1 – 3 years.

How long does it take to deflate the board and roll it back into its carry bag?

It only takes a few minutes. Let the air out, dry it off with a towel, roll it up, and store it away.

SUP Balance tips for beginners- Stand Up Paddleboarding

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