Murtisol Upgrade 11' SUP

Quick review of Murtisol paddle board

Murtisol Upgrade 11′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is an all-around paddle board. Cruising on this board feels so easy as it supports your weight. Its weight is 27 lbs/12 kg and the maximum capacity is 286.6 lbs/130 kg.


Murtisol Upgrade has the perfect size for a SUP. This board is 11 feet long, 32 inches wide and 6 inches thick.
The length of the board is excellent for touring and it offers space for all riders to be really comfortable with their size. Its width will give you stability and control. Thickness is also important. 6 inches of thickness means you don’t need to worry about your feet submerging in water.


The board is made from the anti-slip material which protects you. Also, a soft PVC base is for enhancing grip.
It comes in for different colors: blue, green, yellow and red. It is a plain design and it could be better with some other color choices, but even with that board looks quality.
The board features three bottom panels fins which are made for speed, steering, and maneuverability.

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Murtisol did a great job with boards packages. It includes all the items you need and this is one of the better packages in terms of the included items. Board comes with:
Safety Ankle Strap is an important accessory. It is comfortable to fit any ankle size.
Double Action Pump which provides air on both the up and down pumping action. That is why it will reduce your pumping time by half.
Repair Kit is there if something happens to your board.
Adjustable Paddle
Removable Fin
Storage Bag to store and transport this board to wherever you go.


Murtisol Upgrade is suitable for all kinds of activities. It is perfect for beginners and it fits people in all levels. The possibilities are endless with a board like this – you can surf, pull some maneuvers or go racing…

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