Firefly SUP 300 Review
Firefly SUP 300 Review

One of the most stable entry-level paddleboards on the market, the Firefly SUP 300 is excellent for those looking to get started in paddleboarding. An all-around paddleboard that includes all the essential accessories and equipment, a fine quality standup paddleboard at an affordable price.

This Firefly SUP 300 builds upon the other FireFly models offering more maneuverability and stability. This is thanks to the nylon fin being well-placed among two small integrated side fins that let better track the water.

The Firefly SUP 300 is compact when folded and relatively light. Transporting to and from any water situation is simple and conveniently brought on holiday. The included backpack with a paddleboard makes it a good option for those planning to travel with their SUP.

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Features Firefly SUP 300 

Unpack, inflate, and paddle! Very high-quality craft for lots of fun on the water.

The non-slip traction pad provides a stable and secure base.

A removable seat with a backrest gives it a kayak function.

Highlights of the Firefly stand-up paddle set I SUP 300:

  • Inflatable SUP board.
  • Kayak function.
  • Double paddle made from aluminum/fiberglass.
  • Non-slip traction pad.
  • Very versatile.
  • Maximum load: 110 kg.


The Firefly SUP 300 is an innovative and ergonomic paddleboard that’ll last longer if well-maintained. Its advanced design will help newbies feel comfortable on the water while challenging their balance.

The Firefly SUP 300 tracks and has an innovative feel, letting you paddle more efficiently without making several corrections as you glide on the water. The Firefly SUP 300 also significantly travels friendly and can be transported whether to the beach or on holiday to the beach.

The accessories included in the Firefly SUP 300 are also top quality and very useful as the brand has learned the needs of riders and upgraded from their old models.

Moreover, the Firefly SUP 300 is an ideal all-around standup paddle board that comes at a highly affordable price for any rider, though if you are just getting started, this is your 1st or 2nd paddle board.


This is my favorite thing about the Firefly; they never compromise the quality of their paddleboards. Every standup paddleboard of their lineup is built using the advanced tech that coats the drop stitch with a unique seal and bonding layer. Then, a machine-laminated, top-density military-grade PVC layer is fused.

This procedure removes any human factors or mistakes in the bonding. It makes a consistent, unique bond not achieved through traditional hand gluing, resulting in a lightweight and durable SUP.

A standup paddleboard like this will certainly take a beating for years if you ask me, though my advice is always to be friendly while packing and unpacking the paddleboard and while paddling. This way, you are guaranteed to expand your SUP’s life.

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Purchasing a SUP, I will assume that you know that those paddleboards are not meant to be fast.

I would say the seed aspect on this one is exemplary, though it’d be better with a longer board. Though, it’d be better with a long paddleboard. However, it is steady, responsive, and rigid.

I didn’t have difficulty changing directions or keeping a straight line while paddling in flat water.

I didn’t have difficulty changing directions or keeping a straight line while paddling in flat water, but a newbie might need some time to grasp the matter, which is only regular.

Inflatable standup boards are meant to make water fun, accessible, and fun for everyone with the best utility and practicality levels possible; therefore, I certainly would not go big on speed matters. Instead, I will appreciate the balance and sturdiness provided by this paddler board.

Also, I have to mention that it is almost impossible to make the SUP bend or flex even when it reaches the weight limit.

This quality helps keep the paddleboard floating effortlessly with no restraints.

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The Firefly SUP 300 is generally a very stable board that has experienced SUPs use. However, the SUP provides the proper challenge for newbies to enhance their paddleboarding ability.

Moreover, the SUP distributes the paddler’s weight well, enhancing stability and allowing better control of the paddleboard.


The Firefly SUP 300 has supreme maneuverability. The paddleboard turns simply with paddle strokes, while pressure on the back fin will let you pivot quickly on the paddleboard. The nylon center fin is well-placed among two small integrated side fins for better water tracking.

The latter technique can sometimes be a big challenge on this paddleboard, particularly if you have not mastered pivoting.


Though not the most portable SUP on the market, the Firefly SUP 300 folds efficiently into the travel backpack provided and includes accessories.

This allows you to move the Firefly SUP 300 quickly to and from the water, and due to the board’s ultra-lightweight, it is not very difficult. Regarding portability, this paddleboard is relatively standard for an ISUP in its category.

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Price/Quality Ratio

The main selling point for this Firefly SUP 300 is that it affords you a top-quality paddling experience for an affordable price. This paddleboard is ultra-durable and made to last, and it can be banged, knocked, or scratched without taking damage.

Nevertheless, if that is not great enough for you, Firefly guarantees their military-grade PVC two years after purchase.

What I like

  • It is made with heavy-duty materials.
  • The Firefly SUP 300 is an excellent-looking paddleboard
  • It is perfectly glued to prevent any damaged
  • It is highly responsive and ultra-stable in the flat water
  • It comes in a good package
  • Firefly SUP 300 packs and unpack in no time

What I don’t like

  • The shortage space is a little small as compared to other SUPs

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Testing and Performance of Firefly SUP 300

The Firefly SUP 300 is a versatile paddleboard used in different water conditions.

We took it to the lake to test its performance and tried it on calm waters first. The board was stable and easy to maneuver, making it perfect for beginners or those who want a relaxing ride.

Next, we tested its capabilities in choppy waters with moderate winds. Surprisingly, the board remained stable despite the added challenge of waves bouncing off each other. Its lightweight construction allowed us to navigate difficult spots without feeling weighed down or exhausted.

We also tried using it for yoga and found that its width provided enough space for different poses without compromising balance. The adjustable paddle made switching between paddling and practicing yoga easy as well.

The Firefly SUP 300 exceeded our expectations in terms of performance and versatility. It’s ideal for anyone looking for a reliable paddleboard that can handle different water conditions while still providing comfort and stability throughout your entire ride.

End words…

We recommend the Firefly SUP 300 for intermediate paddlers who want a reliable paddleboard.

I recommend the Firefly SUP 300 for beginners looking to fast-track their skill development, particularly their coordination on the paddleboard.

Overall, this is the best board for anyone looking to enjoy a stable paddler board experience on the water.

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