AKSPORT 10'6"×32"×6" Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

It takes 5-7 minutes to inflate with compatible electric pumps or 10 minutes to inflate with an included high-pressure hand pump

Features AKSPORT Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Ultra-lightweight and very stable

AKSPORT inflatable stands up paddleboard is 10’6, long 32, wide 6 thick, weight seventeen lbs, highest capacity is up to three hundred lbs.

Full and premium accessories

You will get every item you need for your surfing travel, alloy adjustable paddle, inflatable stand up paddleboard, high-end pump, travel backpack, leash and repair kit.

Safety convenience

Top-class non-slip top deck nice to starters and better for improved balance and stability while standing it.

It fast deflates and inflates for simple storage, takes your paddleboard with you no issue travel on the river, lake or ocean.

Strong and non-deformation

AKSPORT inflatable standup paddleboard is produced of 1000D Filament Grade twin-wall material and twin 0.9mm top standard PVC tarpaulin, durability, and better air-tightness since reinforcement is made of all seams.

It is very secure when using it because this paddleboard is leak-free and it is no smell because of top-grade material.

AKSPORT Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Premium Non-Slip Deck
AKSPORT Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Premium Non-Slip Deck


Simple to operate

It takes 5-7 minutes to inflate with compatible automatic pumps or ten minutes to inflate with added high force hand pump.

Matching accessories

All added accessories match the color mixture of the board. Matching paddle, travel bag, and leash.


Inflatable stand up paddleboard relies on you have the capability to stabilize, otherwise, you just keep falling off.

Maintaining a SUP can support you in many different other places of your life as well. As we get older, our sense of equilibrium seems to get lower, and SUP balancing is a remarkable way to neutralize this.

You do not also need to paddle. Merely standing on the board in the water will definitely work your muscular tissues as you adjust to the activity of the water.

Much less tiredness

As you accumulate your muscles, you will usually feel more strong.

If your muscles are working rightly, this advises that easy jobs which may leave you feeling worn down, are presently more straightforward for you to do.

Include to that advantage of being outdoors in the fresh air, as well as you, get an also larger increase to your fatigue levels.

The big benefit of paddleboarding is that you do not even discover the rise, as it occurs so progressively.

What is in the box?

  • Adjustable alloy paddle
  • Inflatable SUP board
  • Premium hand pump
  • Detachable fin
  • Travel backpack
  • Repair kit
  • Safety leash


Last updated on July 27, 2021 8:16 pm