ISLE Versa | Rigid Stand Up Paddle Board
ISLE Versa Rigid Stand Up Paddle Board

The ISLE Versa is one of the few paddleboards out there that exactly looks like the best surfboard.

Most paddleboards end up looking like a rectangle. I do not know whether that is the firm’s attempt to stand out or plain issue.

Features ISLE Versa Rigid Stand Up Paddle Board

You might think that it is not that a huge deal and for the most part you are perfect; the shape of the board will hardly affect its work but there is a reason why we favor round over square donuts.

ISLE Versa | Rigid Stand Up Paddle Board
ISLE Versa | Rigid Stand Up Paddle Board


The ISEL is made of extremely durable stuff that is reinforced with meticulous craftsmanship which makes the core very powerful.

Meaning, you do not have to treat this surfboard like a baby.

Also, the weight restriction on this board is 275 lbs and that is generally a big signifier for durability.

The ISEL is thus one of the few paddle boards which will permit you to enjoy your cruise carefreely.

Three different color

This board comes in 3 different colors: green, blue and Aqua, and this is quite uncommon when it comes to paddle board which generally does not grant you the luxury of picking from a big range of colors.

It is 15 5 long which should fit you rightly if you are six feet tall or under, 32 inches wide which will support you spread your weight amazingly on top of the board and maintain powerful balance, and somewhere around five inches wide which could have been excellent if you ask me.

The board is packed with a relaxed gripping pad that covers the lower half of the board, providing you lots of areas to move around freely and replace positions.

The pad does not just help you stand storage onboard but it also makes it simpler to get back up on the deck after you dive in the water.

The ISLE comes with an adjustable carbon paddle and a nine-inch center box fin.

This board has neither D-rings nor bungee cords for board storage that is part of the real hardboard look.

The ISEL is made to excel in flat water, so do not guess to fly through a wavy surface unless you are an expert.

Anyway, you can actually surf on this board because it does not truly look like a surfboard, it also works like one.

This board anyway is meant for starters and intermediate riders, so if you are an expert then you should probably look at something more to your flavor or maybe invest in an inflatable paddle board try out something fresh.


  • The ISEL is the successor of many remarkable boards branded by the same firm, providing it far more legitimacy and believe worthiness on the market.
  • The board is extremely powerful and durable, meaning it is an eternal purchase as I love to call it. An eternal purchase is a product you purchase which lasts for a lifetime without having to hesitate about getting something excellent.


  • The board could have been thicker. Anyway, it does not truly affect performance in anyway.


  • Spacious bag with supportive straps to carry
  • A dual-action hand pump to get you inflated
  • Carbon shaft/Nylon blade adjustable paddle that breaks down into 3 pieces
  • A nylon performance fin (fantastic feature!)
  • Coiled ankle leash to keep you safe!
  • 1-year warranty on your iSUP

About ISLE Surf & SUP

Surf. Paddle. Explore. – These three words define ISLE Surf & SUP as a company and keep us excited and inspired to start every new day on the water–in our hometown, backyard, or across the world in a new destination.

Surfing and paddling bring pure joy by channeling nature’s energy beneath our feet. Come ride with us and share our passion for riding waves and exploring the oceans and waterways of the world.

The raw, addictive feeling of the glide changes and inspires us for the better to respect mother nature, protect our planet’s precious resources, all while enhancing our health and overall well being.

Our passion for playing on the water is our lifestyle and we hope to share this passion far and wide by designing quality boards and gear at revolutionary prices!

Protect the Planet & Give Back

ISLE is involved in projects to help conserve the ocean and planet. Conscious as a manufacturer of the byproducts of what we do and sell to make the least harm.

Selecting your SUP

Choosing a stand-up paddle board can be daunting.

With a wide range, type, and size, you’ll want to consider where you plan to ride, the type of riding you’ll do, and unique paddler preferences.

Types of Boards

Inflatable SUP: Inflatable paddle boards are easy to transport, store at home/car, and are super durable. These boards are great for beginners and intermediates.

Epoxy SUP: Epoxy boards provide optimal performance and are the best option for stand-up paddle surfing, SUP racing, and long-distance paddles.

Yoga SUP: Yoga stand up paddle boards provide a stable and comfortable platform for your yoga flow or fitness routine.

Fishing SUP: Fishing stand-up paddle boards comes equipped with all the features you will need to reel in the catch of the day.

Surfing SUP: Surfing stand-up paddle boards are designed for responsiveness in small- to medium-sized waves.

Touring SUP: Touring boards have a unique nose shape and are constructed for long distance expeditions and flat-water paddling.

All Around SUP: These are the most versatile type of stand-up paddle boards and are perfect for a variety of SUP activities.

Board Size

You want to choose a SUP that has enough volume (buoyancy) based on your weight and experience level to properly float you. If the paddler is too heavy for a board, the board will sit lower in the water and thus create more drag, making it difficult to pick up speed.

Length, width, and thickness should be considered when deciding which size of paddle board is right for you. Remember to account for the added weight of the gear you plan on bringing as well.

As such, if you plan to use your SUP for fishing or long adventures, you’ll likely want to choose a SUP that’s more buoyant.

It’s important to mention that being too light for a board is not something a rider has to worry about, as it doesn’t make a difference.

ISLE Surf and SUP Versa Paddle Board Specs

The ISLE Versa Stand Up Paddle Board is the best epoxy board for all skill levels. This SUP fits riders up to 245 pounds who are looking for a stable board that is superb for both flat water and ocean paddling.

The Versa works well in small to medium surf, can be used for fishing or yoga and also has the space to fit your dog up front. This board comes equipped with a front-mounted bungee system to secure any gear you want to bring on board with you.

The Versa’s new brushed deck pad makes for a comfortable ride, even during those longer paddles. For simple transportation, the Versa has a lift SUP handle that also doubles as a locking point to protect your board from theft when at the beach or lake.

The Versa is constructed from an EPS blank creating a super durable and lightweight board.

This set includes: A three-piece aluminum adjustable SUP travel paddle (carbon shaft paddle will float and weighs in at 34.9 oz); leash; and removable travel fin.

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ISLE Pioneer Airtech Inflatable SUP ISLE Scout Airtech Inflatable Yoga SUP ISLE Explorer Airtech Inflatable SUP ISLE Sportsman Inflatable Fishing SUP ISLE Megalodon Inflatable Multi Person SUP ISLE Versa Rigid Epoxy SUP
Accessory Pack iSUP Accessory Pack iSUP Accessory Pack iSUP Accessory Pack iSUP Accessory Pack Megaloom Accessory Pack Versa Accessory Pack
What’s included in the Accessory Pack Hybrid Travel Paddle / iSUP backpack / HP Hand Pump / Center Fin / Coil Leash / Sticker Pack / User Manual Hybrid Travel Paddle / iSUP backpack / HP Hand Pump / Center Fin / Coil Leash / Sticker Pack / User Manual Hybrid Travel Paddle / iSUP backpack / HP Hand Pump / Center Fin / Coil Leash / Sticker Pack / User Manual Hybrid Travel Paddle / iSUP backpack / HP Hand Pump / Center Fin / Coil Leash / Sticker Pack / User Manual Comfort Grooved Carry Handle, Removable Center Travel Fin, Two HP Hand Pumps. Two Paddles Hybrid Adjustable Paddle / Center Fin / Coil Leash / Two Superbolts / Fin Key / Sticker Pack / User Manual
Suitable for All Around, Surf, Fishing, Travel Yoga, All Around, Travel Touring, Fishing, Travel Fishing, All Around, Travel Multi Person, Yoga, Touring, Travel Surf, Yoga, All Around, Fishing
Board Shape All Around All Around Pointed Touring Nose All Around All Around All Around
Max weight up to 240 lbs up to 275 lbs up to 275 lbsup to 240 lbs up to 320 lbs up to 1050 lbs up to 275 lbs
Length 10’6″ 10’ 11′ or 12′ 11’6 12’ or 15′ 10’5
Width 31″ 32″ 32″ 36″ 45″ or 56″ 32″
Full Dimensions 10’6″ x 31″ x 6″ 10’ x 32” x 6” 11′ x 32″ x 6″ or 12’x32”x6” 11’6 x 36” x 6” 12’x45”x8”” or 15’x56”x8” 10’5 x 32” x 4.5”
Pet Friendly
Rider Skill Level Beginner / Intermediate Beginner / Intermediate Beginner / Intermediate Beginner / Intermediate Beginner / Intermediate Beginner / Intermediate

ISLE 2019 Stand Up Paddle Board Packaged

Caring For Your SUP Paddle Board

Care Instructions The best way to roll up your inflatable SUP is to first lock the air valve in the OPEN position, then start rolling from the opposite side of the air valve to squeeze the most air out.

It’s totally cool to store your board inflated though if you wish. Do not leave or store in direct sunlight. Rinse your SUP with fresh water after each trip out on the water to keep it in good shape.

Stains can be removed with gentle soap, water and a rag as needed. Your inflatable board is constructed from military-grade PVC and can withstand most abuse.

However, contact with a very sharp objects such as rocks, glass, or edges could puncture the outer skin, and you may need to seek professional repair from a boating facility.

When it comes to caring for your fin, keep it free and clear of sand and debris, and never over-tighten your screws.

In some cases, you may notice your fins fit tightly in your box and can be difficult to install.

Don’t worry; your fin box will gradually widen over time and you can use some sandpaper if it’s still too snug to remove any excess resin from your fin or the interior of the box.

This should allow you to slide it in.

In order to avoid damage during transportation, please follow these tips.

  • Only use straps recommended for paddle board transportation.
  • Pads are recommended to avoid damage to the board and vehicle.
  • Always place the board face-up on the racks, with the fin facing toward the front of the vehicle.
  • Do not over-tighten the straps, as this can cause damage to your beloved board.
  • Make sure you give adequate spacing between the front and back racks.
  • Watch your speed, as having a large board on top of your vehicle can make you experience wind shear.