Boardworks 12’6 Raven Inflatable stand up paddle board review

Raven in action

Boardworks Raven review

When looking for a stand up paddleboard, it’s important to get one that is stable and comfortable. Boardworks Raven SUP exceeds our expectations in both categories and we will tell you why.
The manufacturer of this product paid a lot of attention to the honey fob deck pad that coats the board. It makes the boarding experience much better for those who like to lay on the board or even do yoga! It’s big enough to fit your pet too, so you can chill on the board if you wish to.
The neoprene carrying handles are made to be ergonomic and they will help you carry this lightweight board with durable construction.

Boardworks Raven pack includes

You will be able to store the equipment easily. Besides the board, you will also get a pump so you can inflate it easily. However, keep in mind that you may get exhausted while inflating a board this big yourself. Many people like to use car pumps and automatic pumps.

Raven pack includes

The design is pretty simple, but pretty elegant. Those who like a colorful, minimalistic design may enjoy this one. It’s a „summery“ look, great for teens and young adults, as well as those who still feel (and board) as if they were ones!
Besides being used for hobbies like yoga, the size of this board is great for long distance paddling since you can rest without any issues and limitations.
There is one fin at the bottom and it helps you stay stable, but bear in mind that beginners like to use three fins to get a better experience. It’s easy to get a board personalized if you wish to do so.
You can hold the gear on the board too since there are multiple securing points to make sure that they won’t just disappear. If you like to keep stuff with you, you can even bring food here.

I hope you find all informations in this Boardworks SHUBU 12’6 Raven Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board review.

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