Zray W2 Inflatable Paddle Board Review
Zray W2 Inflatable Paddle Board Review

Zray W2 paddleboard is made both for sailing and for paddling.

It can be used as a windsurf board, a paddleboard, a touring board, etc.

It’s a pretty good choice, no matter what you are planning on doing.

Features Zray W2 Inflatable Paddle Board

This board is short and wide, perfect for windsurfers since it offers them stability.

It’s a “funboard” made to be used in various fields.

How can you use this board? We will tell you further in this Zray W2 paddle board review.

The board can be easily transformed, and its size: 10’6″ x 32″ x 6″ is perfect for anyone. You’ll be getting a pretty fast, stable piece.

The dagged fin system is excellent for those who aren’t that good at balance yet.

It helps you stay stable and enables you to maneuver the whole thing much more accessible.

The enhanced stability and balance are an excellent choice for young people.Zray W2 Inflatable Paddle Board


The board can take up to 320 lbs, which means that you can take someone with you: a friend or a pet.
You’re not getting aboard only. But, of course, you are getting the whole set: a durable backpack, a high-pressure pump, a windsurf rig…

Those who like to fish will find the storage values, and those who enjoy touring and need food beside them.

Zray W2 Inflatable Paddle

A removable seat on a heavy-duty board widens the options as well.

If you’re looking for a board that can be used in many different scenarios if you’re an adrenaline lover and want to experience life if you like to try out new and weird stuff if you change hobbies all of the time…

If you want to be on the sea, the ocean, the river, the lake, the water… Check this piece out.

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For a rookie to learn the windsurfing sports

easy to insert for attaching a windsurfing rig that offers outstanding sailing performance in light to moderate wind conditions.

Fordable sail size: mast 118″ bottom 51.”

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Easy to store and carry 

Measure in 10’6″ x 32″x6″ when inflated. Weight at 20.94 lbs. It can be rolled up as a sleep bag size and put into a backpack bag for easy storage and transport.

The rig also can be rolled

32″ extra-width board with two central fin systems provides more stability during your surfing

Zray W2 Inflatable Paddle Board Review

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Both for Surfing and Touring

You can use it as a regular board for your watering sports when removing the sail.

When fully inflated, it feels very similar to a rigid board (can be inflated up to 15 PSI) and supports beginner riders up to 320lbs.


board, paddle, sail, pump, and backpack. PLUS 30 days money back and 1-year warranty

The Zray W2 Inflatable Paddle Board is the perfect balance of stability and speed.

With its lightweight construction, it’s easy to carry around on land or in water.

We offer a variety of colors so you can customize your board according to your style preference.

Give yourself more options with the Zray W2!

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Zray W1 & W2 Windsurf Inflatable Paddle Boards Review

If you’re looking for an inflatable paddleboard that will last from lakeside excursions to ocean-side adventures, then look no further than The Zray W2 Inflatable Paddle Board.

Whether you want a bright yellow one for day trips out onto the lake or a metallic red one for nighttime paddling, we have something for everyone at this price point!

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