SURFMASS Inflatable SUP 11 L x 6 T x 32 W Stand Up Paddle Board

SuperMass paddleboard, with six layers tough construction contain a relax anti-slip deck pad, up to a hundred percent quicker twin-chamber triple action hand pump keep energy and time. Travel backpack with wheel and the lightweight fiberglass paddle, it is perfect for teenagers and females. Every person, enjoy your amazing experience.


  1. Only removable fin
  2. 6 layer durability PVC board
  3. Amazing for all expertise levels and situations
  4. Made of top military grade drop stitch stuff, making it virtually indestructible
  5. Six-point mounted bungee system to save all the gear
  6. Non-slip grip make sure a stable steady ride
  7. Adjustable and lightweight fiberglass paddle
  8. Can be rolled up into compact package for simple storage and transport
  9. Six ultra-durable thickness
  10. Perfect for learning, little wave riding and recreational paddling

SURFMASS Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

Special features

Strong layers constructions

Six thick tough military-grade PVC and drop-stitch construction, six layers deck from inside to outside and two sidewalls. Great and stable for all expertise levels and situations. Enjoy limitless summer fun with a SurfMass SUP.

Ultra-quick double Chamber triple action hand pump

SuperMass twin-chamber hand pump comes with triple action and an integrated force gauge, up to hundred percent quicker than the general hand pump, keep your time.

High standard fiberglass paddle

Three pieces adjustable fiberglass paddle, lighter in weight and longer float time than a standard aluminum paddle, for an excellent paddle session. Edges of the blade made by fiberglass and Nylon. Not simple to crack.

Carry bag with wheels

Top standard material travel backpack wheels design helps you simply carry your board, even for teenagers. Paddle adjustable shoulder straps and waist support. Also furnished with an inner stabilizing board strap to keep your board from shifting within the bag.

All-around safe SUP design

11 ft long 32 in wide and six in thick, iSUP weight restrict up to 400 lbs. three fins for extra stability, and anti-slip deck and coiled ankle leash for safer use, no expertise limit. Waterproof phone bag keep your phone secure. Bring your dog or enjoy yoga.


Backpack carry bag with wheels

High-grade travel backpack carry bag (big enough to fit pump, paddleboard, paddle), wheels design supporting you simply carry your board from the vehicle to the water to start your SUP adventure, even for children.

High standard fiberglass paddle

Three-piece adjustment fiberglass paddle with lighter weight and longer float time for your excellent paddle session. Edges of the blade made of high toughness stuff. Not simple to crack.

Paddle for simple transport

The paddleboard fast deflates or inflates for simple transportation and storage. After rolling up to a compact size with a cinch strap, you can pack your iSUP in the offered backpack to transport or save it to anywhere.

Chamber hand pump

SurfMass twin-chamber hand pump comes with triple action, quick and keep time. Inflate between 12 and 15 PSI for excellent outcomes.



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