ISLE Versa | Rigid Stand Up Paddle Board
ISLE Versa Rigid Stand Up Paddle Board

ISLE 10’5″ or 11’2″ Versa | Rigid Stand Up Paddle Board

The ISLE Versa is one of the few paddleboards out there that exactly looks like the best surfboard. Most paddleboards end up looking like a rectangle. I do not know whether that is the firm’s attempt to stand out or plain issue.

You might think that it is not that a huge deal and for the most part you are perfect; the shape of the board will hardly affect its work but there is a reason why we favor round over square donuts.

ISLE 10'5" or 11'2" Versa | Rigid Stand Up Paddle Board

The ISEL is made of extremely durable stuff that is reinforced with meticulous craftsmanship which makes the core very powerful. Meaning, you do not have to treat this surfboard like a baby. Also, the weight restriction on this board is 275 lbs and that is generally a big signifier for durability.

The ISEL is thus one of the few paddle boards which will permit you to enjoy your cruise carefreely.

This board comes in 3 different colors: green, blue and Aqua, and this is quite uncommon when it comes to paddle board which generally does not grant you the luxury of picking from a big range of colors. It is 15 5 long which should fit you rightly if you are six feet tall or under, 32 inches wide which will support you spread your weight amazingly on top of the board and maintain powerful balance, and somewhere around five inches wide which could have been excellent if you ask me.

The board is packed with a relax gripping pad that covers the lower half of the board, providing you lots of areas to move around freely and replace positions. The pad does not just help you stand storage onboard but it also makes it simpler to get back up on the deck after you dive in the water. The ISLE comes with an adjustable carbon paddle and a nine-inch center box fin. This board has neither D-rings nor bungee cords for board storage that is part of the real hardboard look.

The ISEL is made to excel in flat water, so do not guess to fly through a wavy surface unless you are an expert. Anyway, you can actually surf on this board because it does not truly look like a surfboard, it also works like one. This board anyway is meant for starters and intermediate riders, so if you are an expert then you should probably look at something more to your flavor or maybe invest in an inflatable paddle board try out something fresh.


  • The ISEL is the successor of many remarkable boards branded by the same firm, providing it far more legitimacy and believe worthiness on the market.
  • The board is extremely powerful and durable, meaning it is an eternal purchase as I love to call it. An eternal purchase is a product you purchase which lasts for a lifetime without having to hesitate about getting something excellent.


  • The board could have been thicker. Anyway, it does not truly affect performance in anyway.


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