SUP Boards Victoria
SUP Boards Victoria

Victoria has some of Australia’s most amazing places to stand up paddleboard.

The top part is if you do not mind some chill mornings all through winter, you will be capable of having them all to yourself.

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SUP Boards Victoria

Gippsland Lakes, VIC

If you are looking for a fantastic inland place to paddle in Gippsland, the Gippsland lakes’ charming waterways are a dream stand-up paddleboarding place.

Over four hundred square meters of waterways bursting with remarkable scenery and wildlife.

The rivers flow into three key lakes, lake Wellington, Lake Victoria, and Lake King.

SUP Boards Victoria Australia
SUP Boards Victoria Australia

If you are looking for a unique inland location to paddle in GIPPS land, the elegant waterways of GIPPS land lakes are a dream paddling in Victoria.

There are over 400sq meters of waterways bursting with wildlife and beautiful scenery. The rivers form into three leading lakes: Willington, Lake Victoria, and Lake King!

Mount Martha, Mornington Peninsula

Home to some classic batching beach boxes, Mount Martha, is a beautiful coastal town with a north-west facing the beach – best for SUPPING when the hot months sea-breezes blow.

With its crystal and shallow clean water, this area is remarkable for families and starters. For experienced paddlers, you can even paddle around the cliffs.

Lake Wendouree, Ballarat

Lake Wendouree is not the first location people think of when looking for SUP places, but this inland lake at Ballart is nutritional values your time.

The tree-line lake was used during the 1956 Olympics for rowing and canoeing events and is well-maintained throughout the year, making it the best place for a paddle.

The lake is packed with wildlife, including ducks and black swans, and the top part is there are heaps of the best coffee spots nearby for after a paddle.

It is not 1st place people think of when looking SUP board Victoria, but the inland lake is well worth your time.

The three-lined lake was used during 56s Olympics for canoeing and rowing events and is well-maintained throughout the year, making it an excellent spot for a paddle.

The lake is filled with tons of wildlife, including ducks and black swans, and the best part is there are many great coffee spots nearby for after a SUP paddle.

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Barown River, Barwon heads

Barwon Heads is famous as the seaside town for the wealthy and the place of a favorite TV show.

The town is also best for paddling with the sandy beaches along the Barwon River’s final few kilometers tailor-made for a lazy paddle on a Sunday after a coffee at one of the famous cafes on the key street.

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Paddling is a newer water sport that’s gaining in popularity each year. Some people predict it’ll take over kayaking as far as the most well-known water adventure activity.

Victoria has some of the unique locations for paddling in Australia. Stand-up paddling is abbreviated to board and uses a surf style SUP and a long paddle. It has also been described as a cross between canoeing and surfing.

The best part is if you do not mind some cold mornings throughout the winter season, you’ll be able to have them all to yourself.

Mount Martha 

Home to a few classic bathing beach boxes, Mount Martha is a beautiful coastal with a northwest fencing beach – ideal for supping when the summer sea breeze blow. This place is lovely for new paddlers and families with its shallow and clear water.

Anderson Inlet 

Inver loch is a sleepy coastal village about 2 hours South East of Melbourne and is often overlooked as a venue to visit. However, this region is home to Anderson inlet, a beautiful location for paddling!

A top place to start is along the Esplanade in front of the big four-holiday park. For the experience, head towards MAHERS Landing and back for a challenging 12 kilometers paddle.

Easter Beach 

Geelong is not merely the gateway to the Great Ocean Road, but it also has a good location for paddling. Easter beach is a right in the heart of Geelong city and has been revitalized over the times to become one of the top waterfronts in Victoria.

Start your paddling off the sand beach among the Yacht club and the swimming enclosure and discover the waterfront from a different angle. Or, for those who’ve never paddled before, get in touch with WSUP, which provides lessons off Eastern beach over the summer season.

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If you’re looking to head north from Melbourne, these lakes need to be on the list of your locations to visit. Constructed on the Campaspe River in the 60s, the vast lake has always been famous for boating and water recreation, including paddling.

Due to its remote nature, it’s recommended that a new paddler book the lesson before paddling the lake.

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BARWON River is famous as the seaside town for the wealthy and also the location of the favorite TV show –Sea Change. The city is also ideal for paddleboarding with sandy beaches and the final few KMs of the BARWON River tailor-made for a lazy paddle.

Moyne River

The historic Moyne River is located in the far southwest of Victoria and is one of the most stunning paddles in the state. Start the boat ramp on the eastern side of the river and take your time paddle boarding past Griffiths Island and the lighthouse before heading out the mouth and SUP fishing on the white sand of the East beach.

Paddling Technique 

The following concepts will assist you in developing fine form as you take to the water.

Sit up straight. Your mother was right. Posture is extremely vital – for balance, efficiency, and safety. Imagine that the heaviest parts of your chest, body, head, hips, abdomen, and rear-end – are blocs in a tower. Keep them evenly stacked for starting techniques; when they come out of alignment, the building is more likely to topple.

They are more likely to topple when they come out of alignment with the tower. Staying loose in the hips permits the boat to rock under you.

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Use big muscles 

Keep your arms relatively straight instead of biking your hands out and back with any stroke. Paddling with arms alone s inefficient and fatiguing.

Paddling slightly stiff-armed is a way to learn efficient strokes. It forces the use of bigger muscles. Your back and chest, and stomach muscles are sturdier, so they are better suited for the task.

Be shoulder safe 

Shoulder injuries are not uncommon in paddling sports. To secure your shoulders, keep your hands in the front part of your body. When placing a blade behind you, turn to look at it, rotating your shoulders into a safe and secure position.

Use blades rightly 

Several kayak paddles blades are asymmetrical. The spooned power face is made for grabbing water with any forward stroke. The other side is also used for specific strokes. A few blades look lopsided, a feature affording hydrodynamic advantage. Just keep a long edge on top.

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Get a solid grip 

A white-knuckled death grip can give discomfort also. Relax. Hold the SUP paddle shaft with forefingers and thumbs, like you make the okay sign, and keep others’ fingers loose. Now you can orient your blades and get reach without stressing your wrists.

To find the right-hand position, but the middle of the shaft on the peak of your head, then grip it so that your arms form right angles at the elbow.

In the future 

Plant the SUP blade as far forward as you can easily reach, rotating your torso without leaning forward. Just keep the path of your stroke parallels to the boat. Use a relaxed shaft angle for touring, and it brings more vertical – which areas the blade near the boat – for a power increase.

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