SUP Boards Sleeping Giant Provincial Park Ontario
SUP Boards Sleeping Giant Provincial Park Ontario

Sapphire blue lakes, the La Cloche Mountains, and a strong forest make this serene paradise that is rivalled by few others.

There are more than just amazing landscapes in this Ontario hotspot though.

With many adventures and activities, this is the best place for families and explorers alike.

Things to do in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park Ontario


Set up your tent on George lake campground and stay awhile.

With access to trails, beaches and canoeing, it is a go-to place for family fun and adventure.

This campground is special with its natural Heritage Education program that runs in July and August.

This program itinerary has a big range of activities, including children programs, hikes, evening amphitheatre, art-in-the park, and even a little observatory.


Enjoy an immersive walk or hike via nature.

There is an abundance of scenic hiking trails within the park, adding the eighty km, looped, La Cloche-Silhouette trail for more experienced hikers and the three km Chikanishing trail for those looking for a bit more of a leisurely pace.

No issue which one you pick though, you are sure to be welcome with supreme views.


Submerge yourself in nature’s beauty and take a dip in one of the park’s crystal clear, sapphire lakes.

With over fifty lakes within its bounds, pick a spot to float, sunbathe or swim.

For families with little kids, the campground has 2 beaches that are perfect for a day of sandcastles, SUP boards, and splashing on the shore.


The best activity for couples and families.

Flip flop over the landscape and enjoy some new air, exercise, and amazing scenery.

Escape the winds on one of the many forest-lined trails and enjoy winter beauty.

If you do not have snowshoes, no issue.

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