SUP Boards Montreal Quebec
SUP Boards Montreal Quebec

The cultural and economic capital of Quebec, Montreal, is a cosmopolitan city with an eclectic combination of old Western modernism and charm.

It is generally pegged as the “Paris of Canada,” and it is not difficult to view why.

It is one of the liveliest cities in all of North America, has some remarkable architecture, and is a heaven for foodies, SUP board surfers, and sports fans.

Here are some of the best things to do:

Wander around Old Montreal

The oldest place of the city, Old Montreal, is an amazing neighborhood that dates back to the seventeenth century.

It is house to Montreal’s biggest focus of the historic buildings.

Wander around the place and view some of the most amazing buildings, including the Gothic Revival Notre-Dame Basilica.

The church places next to Saint-Sulpice Seminary and faces places, D Armes.

SUP Boards Montreal Quebec
SUP Boards Montreal Quebec

Old port

Vieux-port in French, the Old Port, is a big green area that sits along the waterfront in Old Montreal.

The port dates back to 1839, but it has been redeveloped into a recreational place that attracts more than six million people each year.

Further to being a wonderful area, the old port is also house to attractions like Montreal Clock Tower, Montreal Science Center, and Plage de Horloge.

It also hosts many events and shows.

Actually, every two years, Cirque du Soleil unveils a fresh show at the Jacques Cartier Quay.

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There are different amazing museums in Montreal, some of which are dedicated to Canadian art and history.

Visit any of these museums to learn more about the city, Canada, and the province.

Many of the most famous museums are in the city center, like the McCord Museum, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and Musée starts Contemporain de Montréal.

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