SUP Boards Kalamalka Lake BC
SUP Boards Kalamalka Lake BC

Stand-up paddleboarding status has exploded in recent years, and the Okanagan is definitely feeling that fun.

With a lake around every corner, this the best location to get the most out of the paddleboard season.

When you have an inflatable SUP board, padding around the lakes of Okanagan is simpler than ever.

You can fit these deflated boards in your vehicle, drive to the nearest lake and inflate the board in less than ten minutes.

Kelowana Paddle Trail

Spanning twenty-seven kilometers along the shores of Okanagan Lake, the Kelowna paddle trail was created to be an area where visitors and locals can paddle without being bothered by motorized watercraft.

The trails run from McKinley Beach to Bertram Beach and are marked by twenty-two buoys.

Kalamalka Lake Canada

Kal Lake, or Kalamalka as the locals call it, is a SUP boarder paradise.

Once hailed by National Geographic as one of the ten most charming lakes on the planet, this sweet lake provides calm, smooth waters that are best for a serene paddle.

Kalamalka Lake is so famous for paddleboarding that it even hosts a paddleboard festival in the hot month.

Skaha Lake

In the south Okanagan, Shaka lake is a perfect place for paddleboarding, mainly if you are looking for quite a bit of a more core workout.

On a windy day, the waves can pick up a bit, making your paddle pretty more challenging. Navigating the waves can be a remarkable workout and tons of fun.

Rattlesnake Island

Another best place on Okanagan lake is the trek from the shores of Peachland to Rattlesnake Island.

Sometimes it is perfect to go for a paddle with a place in mind, and venturing across Okanagan lake to Rattlesnake island is best for those types of trips.

This route is remarkable for experienced swimmers and paddleboarders.

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