Body Glove Inflatable Paddle Board Review
Body Glove Inflatable Paddle Board Review

The Body Glove Performer inflatable stand-up paddleboard has been widespread for a while now. People all around the world love its features as well as the occasional tempting discounts the company offers.

Lately, the company upgraded this paddleboard to make it harder and even better to resist.

Body Glove company claims that this adventure-ready Performer paddleboard is built for paddleboarders of all skill levels.

They also claim that the board is incredibly stable and durable. But the question is, is it sturdy and durable?

In our in-depth review article of the Body Glove Performer 11′ inflatable SUP, we will find out about this.

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Overview Of Body Glove Inflatable Paddle Board

Body Glove Inflatable Paddle Board Review
Body Glove Inflatable Paddle Board Review

A global front-runner in water sports, this Body Glove company was originated in 1953 by twin brothers Bob and Bill Meistrell in Booneville, Missouri. In the last few years, this company has presented a prevalent line of inflatable paddle boards as well as their line-up includes ten inflatable stand-up paddleboard models ranging from 10feet-15feet in size.

The most popular inflatable stand-up paddleboard from Body Glove is the Performer 11′ board. It is a fun, versatile inflatable stand-up paddleboard priced very inexpensively. Perfect for newbies and families, it offers decent stability as well as the tapered nose of the board lets it chow well and cut through the wind.

Like other iSUPs from the Body Glove company, the Performer 11′ board comes with all you need to get out on the water world, and it is straightforward to set the paddleboard up. The forward-facing bungee storage area of the board gives a secure spot to place your gear while you are paddling as well as the underside rubber bumper on the board’s nose offers additional durability.

Here are a few highlights of the product that you need to know…

EVA Foam Grip Deck Pad

The Performer 11′ board from Body Glove features an EVA foam grip deck pad. It’s soft yet relatively grippy. This deck pad helps to keep you from slipping while paddling, more when the board and your feet are entirely wet.

The deck pad also offers an easy-going platform for yoga practice, and this board is also pet-friendly.

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Fin System Of The Board

The Performer 11′ has three built-in rubber fins. All three fins are fixed and small. Unlike most iSUPs, this board does not have an effective tracking center fin system.

A lengthier central fin supports the board to track straighter, particularly on flat water.

However, the Body Glove company then increased the surface area of the fins by 30%. Even though the tracking has been enhanced, many people still would love to have a big center fin setup.

Body Glove Dynamic Deuce 2-Person Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package

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Handles Of The Board

The Performer 11′ board from Body Glove company comes with just one handle, a carry handle at the center of the board. It does not include a tail and nose handle.

Although the given handle is pretty nice, we would love to have more handles. It works as a paddle and bottle holder too.

Strap Of The Board

The strap of the board is a comfortable grip that carries the 24 pounds weight of the board with ease, and it also features a Velcro holster that you can use to strap in the paddle for solid carrying to the beach.

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D-Rings Of The Board

This inflatable stand-up paddleboard has one D-ring for the leash at the board’s tail. You do not get extra D-rings for personalization. However, a bungee cord for your SUP deck bag or paddleboard cooler makes the board a good deal.

Paddle Board Specs


11′ * 34″ * 5.4″ (L*W*H)

Capacity Of Max Weight :

320 lbs

Weight Of The Board:

24 lbs



Size of The Ideal Paddler :

Average Adult

Seating Configuration:


Skill Level:

Intermediate, Beginner

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Features Of Body Glove Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard

Body Glove Inflatable Paddle Board Review
Body Glove Inflatable Paddle Board Review
  • 11′ steady platform PVC model
  • Three durable fixed fins and side rails
  • Triple-layer stringer
  • Paddle combined carrying system
  • New 2-toned silver strong drop-stitch
  • Action camera mount as well as carry all backpack


  • All-inclusive Stand-Up Paddleboard package
  • Durable and upgraded construction
  • Looks impressive because of the woodgrain color
  • Improved fin design with more surface area
  • Super rigid
  • Triple-layered side rails
  • It comes with a repair kit and included backpack


  • Maintaining a course is slight difficult
  • No electric pump with pressure gauge included
  • No long center fin setup

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Review Of Body Glove Performer 11′ Paddleboard

features velcro holster

The Performer 11′ from Body Glove company is a perfect paddle board for fitness fans, families, beginners, and adventurous paddleboarders.

The Body Glove Performer paddleboard is 11′ long and 34″ wide. It provides a steady platform for practicing your fitness sequences. This paddle board is a broad enough stage to ensure that you do not keep falling and taking a swim in the water.

The deck pad of the board is moderately covered with a soft EVA grip deck pad. This board material makes the board as comfortable as your yoga mat so that you can practice yoga on the water without having a fear of falling.

Like yoga lovers, beginners need a steady paddleboard. Learning to stand on a stand-up paddleboard is pretty challenging. A common platform makes the process a whole lot easier for beginners.

Plus, The Body Glove Performer 11′ stand-up paddleboard comes with all the accessories you may need to begin your paddling journey on the water. You only need to purchase a PFD, and that is it. You are all set to go out on the water to have some fun. It is excellent if you do not know exactly what accessories to purchase to start your journey.

Because of the general shape and pointed nose of the Performer board, it is remarkably speedy to paddle as well as this board is a good option for casual touring. Its new structure is solid as well as you will not have to worry about bumping it. Overall this board is worth your money if you are a beginner or yoga lover!

One fault is found in this board. That is, the board does not have a longer center fin. Customers seem to complain about the same. So, we would like to see a longer center fin on the board to help people with tracking.

An extra D-rings would similarly be quite accommodating for persons who wish to attach something like a kayak seat. Otherwise, there are not many things to complain about the board.

DAMA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 11'*33'' *6'', Inflatable Yoga Board, Dry Bags, Camera Seat, Floating Paddle, Hand Pump, Board Carrier, Durable & Stable for 3 People

$289.99  in stock
1 used from $190.57
Free shipping
as of June 18, 2024 1:41 am

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This board from Body Glove is adventure-ready and made to meet the requirements of all levels of paddlers.

The versatile design is perfect for on-water yoga lovers, beginners, adventure seekers, families, and fishing enthusiasts. You can roll up this complete package into the given backpack for easy storage.

The upgraded version of the board continues to provide superior performance and some new features to offer.

These features consist of an even further stable platform and an improved tracking journey for an effortless paddling experience on the water.

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Q. Are Body Glove boards good?

A. YES, Body Glove boards are suitable for beginners and on-water yogis.

Q. Do Body Glove paddleboard paddles float?

A. Yes, Body Glove paddles are well-designed to paddle float.

Q. How much does the Body Glove paddleboard weigh?

A. The Body Glove paddleboard weight is around 24 lbs or 10.89 kg.

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Cooyes Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 10.6 ft with Premium SUP Accessories and Backpack, Non Slip Deck, Waterproof Bag, Leash, Paddle and Hand Pump for Paddling and Surf Control

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SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (6 Inches Thick) with Premium SUP Accessories & Carry Bag, Wide Stance, Bottom Fin for Paddling, Surf Control, Non-Slip Deck, Youth & Adult Standing Boat

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DAMA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 11'*33'' *6'', Inflatable Yoga Board, Dry Bags, Camera Seat, Floating Paddle, Hand Pump, Board Carrier, Durable & Stable for 3 People

$289.99  in stock
1 used from $190.57
Free shipping
as of June 18, 2024 1:41 am

FunWater Inflatable 10'6×33"×6" Ultra-Light (17.6lbs) SUP for All Skill Levels Everything Included with Stand Up Paddle Board, Adj Floating Paddles, Pump, ISUP Travel Backpack, Leash,Waterproof Bag

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Body Glove Dynamic Deuce 2-Person Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package

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Body Glove Cruiser+ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package…

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Body Glove Cruiser Duet 2-Person Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package

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