SUP Board Moose Pond – Bridgton Maine
SUP Board Moose Pond – Bridgton Maine

Moose head lake is the biggest lake in Maine, centrally placed in the Maine highlands area of West Central Maine and the best place for SUP board surfing.

Accessing the lake from Northeast whitewater needs a little eight minutes drive to downtown Greenville.

Bridgton Maine & Sebago Lakes Region

It is the biggest mountain lake in the Eastern United States, with over eighty islands scattered all through its almost 75,000 acres of natural freshwater.

The Moosehead Lake area is home to 2 state parks; Mount Kineo State Park and Lily Bay State Park.

Lily Bay state park is placed on the east shore of Moosehead lake between Greenville’s towns, on Moosehead lake’s southern end, and Kokadjo, with Maines North Woods’ entry. Mount Kineo juts out of Moosehead lake.

Its cliff face increases seven-hundred feet high above the surface of the lake. Mount Kineo is just a site to be seen. It is an amazing visit for a day hike.

A commercial boat shuttle to Mount Kineo leaves routinely from Rockwood, placed on Moosehead Lake western shore, during the hot months.

When considering locations to visit in the Northeast, Maine’s Moosehead Lake area should be a place that tops your list if you enjoy wide open places, all things outdoors, and a holiday that can provide both times for recreation and relaxation.

Northeast Whitewater Moosehead Lake things to do provide your family an assortment of open-air choices to consider for both half-day family activities or complete day adventures on Maine Whitewater rivers or in the wilds of our Maine woods.

At roughly 1.3 miles, you will get a quite faint side trail that leads towards a little rise above the northwestern side of the second pond.

The pond’s open views are just a little walk away via a thick of willows from the junction.

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