SUP Board Glacier Bay/Bear Glacier Lagoon Alaska
SUP Board Glacier Bay/Bear Glacier Lagoon Alaska

Here are some of the best things to do in Glacier Bay, Alaska:

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Kayaking in the water, same as forty-foot-long humpback whales and two-thousand-pound sea lions, is equal parts exhilarating and never-racking, and you do not have to go far to do it.

The front country waters close to Bartlett Cove are full of wildlife, adding whales.

Most adventurous kayakers spend many days up bay or in the Beardslee islands camping and SUP boards experience.

Glacier Bay Boat Tour

If you can do one thing in Glacier Bay, it has to be a boat trip.

The daily boat cruise travels 120 miles round-trip up Glacier Bay, visiting tide-water glaciers and providing glimpses of orcas, sea lions, whales, bears, otters, wolves, mountain goats, and a big range of sea birds.

It is not as exhilarating as fight-seeing or kayaking because it is also a chill way to view the bay.

You can drink warm chocolate while watching the world pass by and go outside when you view animals or glaciers.

Hiking in the rain forest

Two amazing trails, the Forest Loop trail and the Barletta River trail go via the temperature rainforest.

This is a magical planet where moss clings to everything, and an assortment of mushrooms grow on the dead and ground trees.

To make a forest hike more adventurous, eat some mushrooms, ranging from tasty to deadly to hallucinogenic.

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Sleeping, disconnecting, slowing down

There is no cell phone service in the park. WiFi is very slow. There is no Television at most of the lodges.

It is the best place to disconnect from the planet and get back to nature.

After all, this is a rainforest, and if you have the time to spare, do a day of nothing.

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