Many of the big attractions in Alberta are a testament to the power of nature, from the ancient glaciers that top the Rocky mountains to waterfalls, canyons, and lakes formed by their predecessors.

For those of us who favor a more urban experience, there is also no lack of amazing attractions in the province 2 big cities.

Moraine Lake and Lake Louise

Banff national park is house to two of the most charming lakes on the planet and the best place for SUP boards.

First, Moraine lake is a glacier-fed lake placed in the Valley of the 10 Peaks. Rent a canoe and slide across the bright blue lake, which gets its shade from silt brought in by the glacier water.

If the weather perfect, grab your camera and enjoy a hike around the shoreline, taking in the amazing summits that circle Moraine.

The more popular of the 2 lakes, anyway, it is probably wonderful Lake Louise.

The turquoise blue lake sits in front of a range of mountains and the Victoria Glacier, making it a famous postcard fodder.


Athabasca Falls

It was a glacier that slowly tore via the rocks and formed the canyon that now homes the Athabasca falls.

The same glacier now offers the water which falls seventy-five feet down this Jasper National Park waterfall. 75 feet might not seem that high, but it lacks in height it makes up in sheer power.

Designated paths in the place will bring you to safe lookouts where you can peer into the canyon, feel the spray of water on your body, and view the true force of this natural wonder in action.

Maligne Canyon

The 160-foot deep Maligne Canyon, also in Jasper National Park, is a sight to behold in the hot months.

It plays home to waterfalls, fossils, unexpected animals, and green plant life.

Last updated on July 23, 2021 10:44 am