YASKA Allround Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards
YASKA Allround Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

If you are looking for the first paddleboard, you should look for a quality paddleboard that will help you learn based on the dimensions.

Dimensions of the paddleboard can help you learn to balance it quickly.

In addition, many different elements come with the paddleboard to keep you safe and secure while paddling.

If you are unsure if the inflatable paddleboard is a good fit for you due to maintenance, storage, and transportation, you should read our review. The paddleboard comes in a compact inflatable design with an average-sized backpack and is easy to carry.

Yaska paddleboard is a great fit for all paddlers, from beginners to experienced ones, no matter your skill and preferences.

Storage: rinse your board with dirt-free water, dry thoroughly, fin off, save deflated and out of sun reject lengthy time continue overexposure to the harsh sun to keep the sup board from warping.

Our inflatable paddleboard measures 10.6 feet long, with a width of twenty-two inches and a thickness of four inches.

An inflatable standup paddleboard is made for comfort, family, and safety. It holds up to 330 pounds, stuff made of four-inch military-grade PVC.

YASKA Allround Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards
YASKA Allround Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Review contents

Features YASKA Allround Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

High standard and sturdy

If you are looking for quality, you should look through the features of the Yaska paddleboard. This paddle board is made of high-quality materials with intelligent technology to create solid and reliable sports gear.

Even with hand-made, different stitch layers construction, the paddleboard accepts the high standard EVA and drop stitch feature, allowing the surfboard to withstand much force without bursting and deforming.

And the EVA has the best friction, which will stop you from sliding. Constructed with the PVC layer of board rails, it significantly strengthens the board’s durability.

Modern technology and materials made a high-quality paddleboard a great piece of equipment for water sports.

This board will provide paddlers with a lot of fun safely and securely with equipment that will last a long time.

SUP board size

The size of the SUP paddleboard is significant. Based on that, you can choose the paddleboard that fits the whole family or adults.

This paddleboard is in a universal size that is great for families.

With this paddleboard, whole family and friends can paddle, and it will fit everybody, regardless of skill. Because of the dimensions of the paddleboard, it also provides extra safety and balance, which is essential when someone is a beginner.

On the other hand, because of the shape of the paddleboard, even more advanced paddlers will find a way with it. Due to its condition, they will conquer rivers and sea and achieve some speed.

10.6′ x 32″ x 4″ thick for beginners, advanced riders, taller riders, or different passengers. The 32-width takes for plus stability, while the board’s sporty shape still permits a quick tracking experience.

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Paddleboard that fits your needs

This paddleboard has dimensions that will fit every family member, from kids to adults. The inflated paddleboard mustn’t be too heavy for kids to carry around. If it is too big, kids will not navigate it. When purchasing a paddleboard for adults, looking into its carrying capacity is essential.

Carrying capacity is information that is very important when choosing a paddleboard. If your weight is over the max carrying capacity of some paddleboard, you should look into a different one. If the carrying capacity is under your weight line, you cannot paddle correctly, and the board will always sink under the water.

The carrying capacity of this paddleboard can fit two people or kids, making it perfect for family and friends’ vacations and fun. Choose a paddleboard that will fit your needs—from size and carrying capacity to safety and additions. It must also have a design that you like.

Find the paddleboard that will have all the preferences that fit your needs. It must be perfect for your family to spend all your free summertime outdoors on it, paddling around.

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All ages

Versatile all-rounder board for all families and beginners for cruising, paddling, fishing, yoga, and sightseeing in flat water. Paddleboard is more than just paddling. It provides you with great outdoor activity for the whole family.

Paddling is proven to lower stress and reduce happy hormones in people. Spending time in nature positively affects the whole body and mind. Paddleboarding is not the only activity that you can do.

A paddleboard can be an excellent platform for yoga by yourself or in pairs. In addition to that, you can go fishing on the paddleboard. Just imagine yourself on the board in the middle of the lake.

Add a seat to it, and your paddleboard will convert into a kayak.


When purchasing YASKA Allround inflatable standup paddleboards, you get all the necessities in the set. This Yaska SUP paddleboard set contains everything you need for a great paddling experience.

From things that will make you safe to the things that will help you transport it more accessible. Also, you will get every tool you need to repair potential damage on your SUP paddleboard.

Inflatable standup paddleboard, three-piece sup paddle, detachable center, coil leash, backpack, fin, and a repair kit.

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Simple to carry and store

It comes with a carry backpack; you can save and transport it to wherever you want to go. You can take a cruise via lakes, oceans, or rivers.

An inflatable paddleboard is an excellent addition if you are looking for activities that don’t need much gear but are fun and active. An inflatable SUP paddleboard has a pump; you only need 10 minutes to set it up.

Deflate it, fold it up, and pack it into a regular-sized backpack when finished. Everything from the set fits into the backpack and is easy to carry.

You can easily transport or store it when you don’t need it. You will not need a room or a car for it.

Ease and safety

33 board width and three removable fins construction achieved remarkable balance stability.

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YASKA 10.6ft Allround Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards, Non-Slip Deck(4 Inches Thick) with Adjustable Paddle,Fin, Leash, Hand Pump, Backpack and Repair Kit

$199.00  in stock
as of June 18, 2024 7:16 am

Advantages YASKA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Nose bungee system

Best for keeping our rucksack or waterproof clothes and bag while you are on an adventure.

If you would like to take some stuff with you and go for a day trip with your paddleboard, it would be easy with this add-on. Pack your essentials, and you are ready for a fun day at the water. Your stuff will be secured and waterproof in place.

High force valve

An adjustable valve with a spanner was added. No air leak, deflate or inflate at any time and any place. Many first-time owners of inflatable SUP paddleboards are worried about the inflating and deflating of the paddleboard.

Will the high inflation make it lose and leak air very soon? This security system and high-quality materials in the manufacturing board are safe for daily inflating and deflating.

Bottom panel fins

The big detachable central fin offers unrivaled stability, keeping the board in line at the beginning when you begin.

Additional fins from the set that you can attach to the paddleboard are an excellent addition for beginners. With them, beginners will learn how to keep balanced and navigate the paddleboard easier.

Fins are great for advanced paddlers, too. With fins, you can quickly achieve speed on the water.

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Yaska Stand Up Paddle Board ($199): The Cheapest SUP on Amazon

Durable materials YASKA Allround Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Military-grade twin-layer DWF drops stitch stuff. Our standup paddleboards with EVA non-slip deck pad, pet, and fit family.

The pre-laminated twin-layer drop stitch fabric stuff is guideless twin-layer PVC with fusion technology that achieves excellent durability, the same as the glued twin-layer board, but about 2kg lighter.

Storage: Rinse your board with freshwater, dry it entirely, fin it off, and store it deflated and out of the sun. Avoid constant overexposure to the relentless sun to protect the sup board from warping.

Our Inflatable Paddleboard Measures length:10.6 Feet, width:32 inches, Thickness:4 Inches. The inflatable standup paddleboard is designed with family, comfort, and safety in mind.

It holds up to 330 pounds and is made of 4 inch military-grade PVC.

Pre-laminated Double Layer Drop Stitch Fabric

YASKA Allround Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards Material

The pre-laminated double-layer drop stitch fabric is a glueless double-layer PVC with fusion technology, achieving better durability, the same as the double-layer board, but about 2kg lighter.

Cushioned, Waterproof, NON-SLIP EVA Deck Pad Provides Ultimate Comfort for Your Feet.

Product Size:320*81*10cm

Packing Size:68*38*26cm

Single gross weight:12.0 kg

If you are looking for a high-quality paddleboard that will fit the whole family’s needs, you should look into this paddleboard.

It comes in a set with everything you need, from paddles to safety items and repair kits. Try it, and we are sure you will love it.

Paddleboarding is an activity for the whole family.

Package includes:

1 x Inflatable Paddle Board

1 x Adjustable Paddle

1 x Hand Pump

1 x Carrying Backpack

1 x Removable Travel Fin

1 x Ankle Leash

1 x Other Complete Accessories such as Wrenches, etc.

YASKA Allround Inflatable SUP

The YASKA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is a great way to get paddleboarding.

It only takes about five minutes to inflate, and you can store it in your closet or garage without taking up much space.

We hope this blog post has been helpful. Thanks for reading!

YASKA 10.6ft Allround Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards, Non-Slip Deck(4 Inches Thick) with Adjustable Paddle,Fin, Leash, Hand Pump, Backpack and Repair Kit

$199.00  in stock
as of June 18, 2024 7:16 am

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YASKA Children Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with SUP, Hand Pump, Adjustable Aluminum Floating Paddle, Repair Kit, Rucksack and Bottom Fin for Paddling

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