ZYK SUP - Stand-Up Paddleboard
ZYK SUP - Stand-Up Paddleboard

Inflatable design

The inflatable standing paddleboard is strong and durable in all cases.

The non-slip cover is perfect for beginners and experienced people.

Our paddle board is designed for early learning.

High quality ZYK SUP

The inflatable standing paddleboard is composed of high-quality stitches and lightweight double-layer PVC.

The whole of the standing paddleboard is double-reinforced, so it will not deform or deform with time.

Built for exploration

when you stand on your paddleboard, there is nothing better than enjoying it.

The slats at the bottom help the board increase overall speed, handling and steering, thus making it easier for children, teenagers, and adults to use.

Transportation and storage

easy to carry, carry, inflate, and deflate.

Removable kayak seat, suitable for hiking, resting, and fishing.

No matter where you take your adventure, you can enjoy the inflatable paddleboard, which is ideal for lakes, rivers, or oceans.

Last updated on May 17, 2021 2:54 am