At Blue Planet we have taught thousands how to Stand Up Paddle board.

We have probably seen every possible beginner mistake but here is our lineup of the top 10 most common SUP mistakes:

#10: Holding the paddle backward and hands too close together

#9: Using only the tip of the blade and not reaching forward

#8: Holding paddle diagonally and also far away from the board

#7: Falling onto the board instead of into the water

#6: Looking down instead of forwarding

#5: Kicking under the board when trying to get back on

#4: Not centering weight on board

#3: Drifting with the wind and not controlling the direction

#2: Going out in dangerous conditions and with the wrong gear

#1: Not wearing a leash

We go into detail on how to correct each of these mistakes and how it will help you develop good habits and efficient paddle technique.

They are also covered: Choosing the right gear- board volume, width, length, paddle length—beginner-friendly and safe conditions.

Demo boards before buying, why not wearing a leash can be deadly.

Efficient paddle stroke technique. How to fall safely into the water- not falling on board or jumping in feet first.

Top 10 SUP Beginner Mistakes Video