Tower Adventure Paddle board
Tower Adventure Paddle board

This Tower paddleboard is the most famous modem in Tower SUP lineup.

This is an incredible all-around paddleboard that’s stable and very fun to paddle.

The overall build is very solid and the board has a fine thickness of 6 inches and fine rigidity.

Construction Tower Adventure Paddle board

This Tower 9’10” paddleboard is made from high-quality military-grade PVC material, with heavy-duty drop stitch build throughout.

This SUP paddleboard should withstand most knocks associated with paddle boarding, whereas fiberglass SUPs are prone to dings and board cracks.

Clearly, care is required around sharp things.

If you plan to take the dog for a paddle around the water, take care to tape the board deck up to pooches nails do not go through the surface.


Tower Adventure Paddle board
Tower Adventure Paddle board


One of the most obvious features of this Tower 9’10” paddleboard is that it’s inflatable.

As mentioned earlier, those that don’t have much space to store a complete sized SUP will be glad to know it can roll up into a duffle bag not much more than a feet long, and 33” wide.

The portability of this SUP is great – you’d simply take this with you on vacations, without it taking much space in the car.

It comes with two years warranty, for peace of mind, this covers pretty much all other than usual wear and tear.


The Tower adventure Paddle Board is designed for newcomers to intermediate level, though anybody can have fun with inflatable paddle board, if they need a board that doesn’t take up too much room as compared to a fiberglass model.

Due to the width/height of this SUP, I would not be expecting to do beach surfing where the waves are more than a couple of feet.


  • Extremely rigid
  • Super durable
  • Fine paddling performance
  • Affordable
  • Fine stability


  • No bungee room

Final words Tower Adventure Paddleboard

The Tower adventure Paddle Board is a great choice for those wanting to obtain fitter – or to try a new move – using an inflatable stand up SUP.

By being SUP, it also means less room is needed to store or transport the SUP.

Though not actually aimed at the advanced paddleboarder, those desiring to learn to paddleboard or those wanting to keep a paddleboard at their holiday house – should take a deeper look at the Tower paddleboard.

Last updated on September 27, 2020 4:49 pm