Gili Sports 10'6 ISUP review
Gili Sports 10'6 ISUP review

If you’re looking for a colorful design that’s also very stable and durable, Gili made sure to create this excellent product that may be the one.

It’s the whole package you are getting.

GILI Sports is an aspiring inflatable paddle board manufacturer passionate about fun. In fact, throughout my humble experience, I met a few great brands and a crowd of look-alikes.

However, once in a while, I come by an authentic paddleboard made for paddlers by paddlers.

GILI Sports is consequently a highly engaged company since it’s trying to cut, which is sweet for vultures seeking a good deal.

Indeed, GILI Sports is diving headfirst into the market to provide itself, offering you high-quality SUPs for an incredibly competitive price tag.

Now that you know more about the company, let’s determine where you stand on their best-selling ISUP.

Without further ado, here is a detailed GILI Sports 10’6 ISUP review:

Features Gili Sports ISUP review

Gili SUP package includes the board, which we will talk a bit more about, a travel paddle, an inflatable backpack, a 2-stage hand pump, a coiled leash, and a snap-in center fin.

This board is a great one. It’s made from Cross Stitched, Reinforced PVC, which still can’t take high temperatures, but is doing much better than regular PVC boards.

No worries about dings and dents. The material is very sturdy.
The SUP board is extra-large, and you can bring along your pet or a friend or even do yoga on water! Isn’t that super relaxing?

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The center fin you get will help you feel outstanding balance, but remember that it’s better to have three fins.

If you wish, you can personalize this at a sup board shop, but you don’t have to if you already have experience.

Gili Sports 10'6 ISUP review
Gili 10’6 package includes

You can try out the product and return it if you don’t feel like it’s for you.

You’ve 60 days to return the product and a 1-year warranty if you decide to use it.

It’s straightforward to deflate it and pack it in, and many people are happy because of it, but if you’re a newbie to the inflating process, you want to bear in mind that it takes longer than you will expect. It can be very exhausting.

GILI All Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package | 10'6 Long x 31" Wide x 6" Thick | Lightweight & Durable SUP | Stable & Wide Stance (Green)

 out of stock

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The most acceptable approach to landing the right paddle board for you is to ensure it fits. That being said, there’re a few things you need to know about the measurements of the paddleboard at hand before you click that purchase button.

First, the GILI Sports ISUP measures 10’.6″ feet in length which is a formidable size for multiple reasons.

Primary, the length of this paddleboard dictates high versatility because it’s capable of simply handling young, teen, and adult riders for average size. The board’s universal length makes it much more beginner-friendly than a giant board.

Moreover, width is a critical measurement for paddle boards because it defines their stability to a great extent. Accordingly, the GILI Beginner paddle board stands at an impeccable 31″. Indeed, at this ratio, this paddleboard.

Therefore, if you are a first-time paddler looking for your 1st cheap paddleboard, you will appreciate this one.

Thickness is often fatal to affordable SUPs because an inflatable board needs a 5″ thick hull to maintain a solid posture.

Fortunately, the paddleboard comes at an impressive 6″ in thickness, leaving all those issues behind. Indeed, this GILI paddle board will not bend in the middle of getting submerged because it can handle up to 280 lbs easily.

Main Features 

The 1st thing you won’t look at right now is the gripping pad because it’s your best buddy. Every new paddler, intermediate or pro paddler, knows the worth of an excellent gripping residence, which pushed GILI Sports 10’6 ISUP to put some effort into making it as practical as possible.

Hence, GILI’s snakeskin gripping pad is decent, covering most of the paddler’s base and decreasing your chances of losing control.

The paddleboard also features a set of six stainless steel d-rings on the chest, which are linked via a bungee cord to make a helpful cargo net. Furthermore, the SUP comes with an additional ring on the tail for the leash attachment.

Because most paddlers often ride individually, GILI sports feature this paddleboard with a middle carry handle in addition to the nose handle to help you transport the board one-handedly on land.

Last but surely not least, the tri-fin navigation system is mainly designed to help new paddlers and armatures ride simply in the stronger current.

The trio of fins is meant to serve two purposes – the middle fin is intended to help you maneuver rapidly, while the smaller two are there to keep you on track when you want to cruise glide in a straight line.

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The GILI Sports 10’6 ISUP is a match for new paddlers because it was mainly designed to facilitate paddling. Indeed, this is one of your best choices if you are looking for a water-fun, simple-going paddleboard that’ll not drop you now and again.

Hence, the GILI Sports 10’6 ISUP has many new paddler qualities, starting with body measurements. Also, the navigation system and rich features make an excellent combo that assists you in enjoying this paddleboard without having to worry very much.

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GILI Sports 106 ISUP
GILI Sports 106 ISUP

Included accessories 

The GILI Sports 10’6 ISUP does a fine job of including all you need on a budget. While these mightn’t be the best kit accessories, they indeed get the job done at an affordable price. When you buy a GILI Sports 10’6 ISUP, you get the following:

  • 2 stage single chamber hand pump
  • Sup backpack
  • Three-piece aluminum adjustable travel paddle
  • 8 feet coiled ankle leash
  • Three parts snap-in fin set

We love this kit overall. It does not feel cheap and is a good value for the money. We’d love to point out that many incredible features and ideas that got into the more costly models eventually made their way down here. And that’s just fine by me.

What I like 

  • GILI Sports 10’6 ISUP is an ideal all-round paddleboard
  • It is well-suited for a new paddler
  • It is pretty stable, and relatively it tracks well
  • It comes in a complete package
  • it supports up to 275 pounds
  • GILI Sports 10’6 ISUP becomes a rigid and solid paddleboard to the recommended PSI 12 to 15

What I don’t like 

  • Nothing I found during my testing

Gili Sports 10’6 ISUP Video Rewiev

If you have used a hardboard before, you may want to inflate this entirely to seem more stable.

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End words…

I was impressed with the GILI Sports 10’6 paddle board. It did an excellent job of toeing the line among affordability and super quality, well-thought-out design – making this paddle board the top-rated best cheap inflatable SUPs for 2022.

Thank you for reading, and if you’ve any thoughts or questions about my review, please let me know. You can leave a comment below, and I’ll do my best to reply to your questions and address your issues.

Happing paddle boarding, and I look forward to seeing you in the water.

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