SUP Board Colorado
SUP Board Colorado

Stand-up paddle boarding is becoming an amazingly famous water-based activity, mainly in coastal areas.

But you need not move to California, bleach your teeth and boast a bikini tan-like to enjoy paddle boarding.

Paddle Boarding Colorado

Colorado gets countless rivers and lakes perfect for all levels of stand-up paddle boarding.

Here are some of the best places for SUP boards in Colorado:

Grand Lake

Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains national park, the grand lake lives up to every bit of its name.

It is the biggest natural lake in Colorado and famous for all sorts of water-based activities at five-hundred surface acres.

The town is nestled at night on the side of the lake, so there are many shopping and dining choices accessible before and after your paddle.

There is also a beach where you can relax and sunbathe, and a marina where you can find many shops for rental equipment.

Big Soda Lake

A little twenty-minute drive from the state capital Denver, Big Soda lake is a favorite choice for city-dwellers in the summertime.

It has many locations to rent SUPs and equipment for other water-related activities.

Be mindful that the season here runs from Memorial Day to Labor, so the shops would not open outside these dates.

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Vallecito Lake

Placed eighteen miles from Durango, this great lake is positioned in a charming valley that boasts some best mountain views.

At 7,800 feet above sea level, it is the largest body of water at this elevation across the whole of Colorado.

With just three hundred residents year-round, it is a quiet town that can provide a relaxing time on the water and many other activities.

It is also the best place for fishing.

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Colorado is plenty of locations, offering a few of the most scenic places to bike, hike, and ski in the US. With all the best opportunities to paddleboard in Colorado, it is time to add stand-up paddleboarding to that list.

I tried SUP boarding for the 1st time a few years ago, and I had such a blast that it has since become one of my favorite summer activities, particularly in Colorado.

Paddle Boarding – Colorado Parks & Wildlife

It is a relaxing way to get out on the calm water and take in your surroundings while getting a good workout.

If you find yourself in the Rockies this summer season and want to see a different part of the central state, here is a list of a few of the best places to paddleboard in Colorado.

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Glenwood Whitewater Park

Are you looking for a challenge? Check out this park in Glenwood, Co, the 1st of its kind in on the land of the Colorado River. This is a beautiful place for advanced paddlers to practice in a relatively controlled environment. The water part is a 3hr drive from Denver, but it gives the best place to test your skills and is free for users.

After beating you up, check out the Iron Mountain Hot Springs just down the street. The warm spring resort boasts freshwater family pools, 16 natural warm springs pools, and an elevated whirlpool spa with a calm waterfall where you can restore, relax and rejuvenate in the iron-rich thermal waters.

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High Lake State Park 

If you are already familiar with a paddleboard or have enough experience that a guided tour is not for you, you might want to only drive to the location and get on the water. This is more true if you have the equipment and do not need to rent it.

If that is the case, the Highline Lake State Park 2 lakes are the best spots to visit. It is about 30 minutes outside Grand Junction, so the drive is not far. You can head out in the morning and be back plenty of time to eat a delicious dinner at your favorite local restaurant.


Located 18 miles from Durango, this wonderful lake is positioned in a grand valley with spectacular mountain views. At 7800ft above sea level, it’s the most significant body of water at this elevation across the full of Colorado.

With just 300 residents year-round, it is a quiet town that can provide a relaxing time on the water and plenty of other fun activities.

It is also an excellent place for fishing. They welcome all kinds of boating activities, including paddleboarding. They let paddleboarders bring their SUPs or have many rental options nearby in the Vallecito Marina.

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Palisade River Trips

Palisade River Trips can set you up for the grandest adventures with SUP rentals and beautiful waterways. This part of the Colorado River provides a 4-mile run in Palisade and an 8-mile run in Grand Junction.

This place will gladly offer some incredible suggestions regarding the 216 lakes across the Grand Mesa for those looking to spread out. Whatever kind of trip you want, answering some quick questions will get you headed the right way.

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Dillon Reservoir

Situated in Summit County, Dillon Reservoir covers nearly 3,300 acres and 27 miles of shoreline. To rent your SUPs, you can head to Frisco Bay Marina, a beach with many cafes, restaurants, and bars.

There are many campgrounds and an adventure park for some dry land activities. This place is also home to many top-class regattas, so plan and visit for the whole Frisco Bay experience during one of these events.

Horse tooth Reservoir

The man sore spot is 7 miles long and one mile wide outside Fort Collins. Due to its proximity, this place gets bustling with all kinds of swimming and boating activities during the summer.

It is also an elegant place to SUP during autumn. Due to the top activity on Horse tooth Reservoir throughout the summer, the water might be rougher than in a few areas we have listed in this article.

If you are a new paddler, you might find it hard to remain balanced and upright amidst all the wakes and waves created by boats. But is not falling in the water part of the adventure of learning?

A kayaking trip down the Horse tooth Reservoir might be enjoyable if you are around for some days. Or, if you are feeling chill, you can try paddleboard yoga! Just be sure to head down early in the morning to avoid the crowds.

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Barr Lake

Barr Lake is gorgeous Barr Lake State Park just outside Colorado, a short drive northeast of Denver. It is the best place to paddleboard in Colorado, particularly if you do not want to travel far outside the big city.

It also provides beautiful views of Long Park and Colorado’s well-known Rocky mountain range.

In addition to SUP boarding, this place is also home to 12 miles of trails, including an 8.8 miles path that circles fishing, boating, watching, camping, and more.

SUP riders must wear a rightly fitted PFD every time on the water and have some noise device like a whistle.

Blue Mesa Reservoir

Are you ready for a real workout? Check out Blue Mesa Reservoir. Situated east of Montrose near the Gunnison, this is the enormous reservoir in Colorado at 20 miles long with 96 miles of shoreline.

There’s trophy fish here, and it is worth bringing your best fishing gear. A fine place to launch your paddleboard is the ELK Creek Marina and Visitor Center, accessible to the public.

Well, there you’ve it! These best locations represent some of the best places to SUP boarding in Colorado – they are inexpensive, accessible, and offer fun for the whole family.

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