IROCKER Floating Swim Mat
IROCKER Floating Swim Mat

This looks like the year IROCKER breaks into the on-water leisure time market.

New for this year, the Florida-based brand released the IROCKER Floating Swim Mat, a 6ft by 12ft mat that provides buoyancy and makes for a fine near-shore home base for people or families looking for an easy way to keep their buds all together in the water.

Features IROCKER Floating Swim Mat 

While we have not spent as much time on a mat as we would like yet, we did get a great chance to try this mat out with a handful of children during a recent outing, so this is our first take a review of the IROCKER Floating Swim Mat with some specification details sprinkled in.

As we continue to take out the mat more, we will update this review with any other details we think are essential. And yes, we’ll be making this out to the lake more, as it has become one of the kid’s favorite water toys.


No air pumps required relatively lightweight, ultra-portable, and claimed 1100 pounds carrying capacity. Where do we begin?

While this IROCKER Floating Swim Mat is made to support and keep afloat, there’s little or no chance of staying entirely dry. Is this a bad thing?

No, not at all, but ensure you are wearing your bathing suit and intend to get wet when using this swim mat because you are certainly going to. Moving past that, it is simply a matter of how you wish to use the Floating Swim Mat.

We had kids ages four to thirteen during our test, and they all had a ton of fun together. Kids love this, and we were amazed at how much fun the children had on it. They played sort of a mat, tried to sink themselves, lounged around, and mostly only kept themselves occupied and provided my partner and me some time to relax at the lake.

I recommend relaxing in the supine position for adults, preferably with beverages, buddies, or both. Other choices include using the IROCKER Floating Swim Mat as a ramp both into and out of the water.

Using this way in the past, we could set up the rudimentary slide from our stacked SUPs. Use your imagination; there’s plenty of fun to be wrung from the floating mat, and I have got a feeling that I will have examined how to add this to the arsenal of water toys we take out each time we go to the lake now. It has rapidly become my kid’s favorite water toy.

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Build quality

The IROCKER Floating Swim Mat is a bounded three-layer foam mat with a loop for anchoring and handling in every corner. It measures nearly 1.25” thick, which some Super Board Guide testers felt wider than other foam mats they’ve tried. The anchors were firmly connected and allowed for basic dragging of the mat once unrolled and served as tie points for actual ropes or anchors to hold it in one place in the water.

When we took this out, I purposely dragged it across the rocks when launching and taking the swim mat out of the lake. We pulled it across some truly sharp rocks in a way that we do not think an average user would ever do to put this to the test.

We did get some scraps here and there but were highly impressed with how the foam holds up. It is a more complex and denser foam than a few other mats, and we think this one will last a very long time.

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Main Features IROCKER Floating Swim Mat

Swim mates are familiar, but it’s forever great to note any special abilities within the different brands.

The shortlist of IROCKER Floating Swim Mat features:

  • Four tether points with straps
  • Three straps to hold it in the rolled position
  • 6’ By 12’ size

The only real improvement we’d like to see on the feature side would be to enhance the strap system to include a few types of carrying handles.

At 6 feet wide, it is slightly hard to maintain by yourself. Fortunately, it is light enough that two kids can take it, even after you pull it out of the water, as the mat does not soak up the water and get any heavier.

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What I like

  • For 6 feet by 12 feet floating mat rolls up compactly and does not weigh much.
  • Both color options are incredibly bright, which is significant for on-water visibility.
  • The mat is top quality and thick enough to handle pets smoothly and drag over rougher areas.

What I don’t like

  • We’d like to see some handles connected somewhere to help while boarding and exiting the float.

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End words…

We think you will find the IROCKER Floating Swim Mat to be a great product. It is the best addition to an existing arsenal of on-water toys, or it would work wonderfully as a standalone floating mat for a family who wants to hand it out near shore. Relax, and then let the children take over.

I would suggest parental supervision to ensure no small kids swim under the swim mat and get stuck, though finding the edge is relatively simple.

The mat makes a better addition to any water boat, fleet, dock, or beachfront. It is portable and light, so this should transport well in its rolled position.

I applaud IROCKER for stepping out of their wheelhouse with this mat and rounding out their offering. And the inflatable docks and some paddleboards, you can simultaneously have a complete crew in the water.

Happy paddling, everyone!!! We hope you enjoyed this IROCKER Floating Swim Mat review. It’s undoubtedly new ground for us, so we expect a lot of questions below. Help to learn more with you.

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