How long do Inflatable Paddle Boards last
How long do Inflatable Paddle Boards last

Inflatable paddleboards are known for their multiple advantages compared to solid boards, most notably, their durability.

Inflatable paddle boards can stay for some time. Having a rough idea of when you’d expect punctures, tears, drops, or scratching that’ll make them unusable is vital.

Inflatable SUPs can last for quite a couple of years, an average of 2 to 3 years, based on a substantial number of seasoned boarders.

This depends on board quality, how often you use it, or how well your inflatable paddleboard is handled.

Factors that determine inflatable paddle boards’ longevity 


This is one of the major determinants of how long an inflatable paddleboard will last. Generally, a good quality SUP should be made from high-grade PVC material, not the cheaper variety that can tear or crack easily.

Construction Quality

How well your inflatable paddleboard is made dramatically affects how long it lasts. Poorly assembled ones might work well at first but wear down instantly after being used for some time.

For best outcomes, look at the sort of seams your board has and whether they’re glued or heat-sealed together.

Besides that, check if there’s a similarly placed reinforcement patch on both ways of the SUP to ensure its durability. If possible, select boards with a couple of reinforced layers for max inflatable paddleboard longevity.

Construction Quality
Construction Quality


Inflatable paddleboards are made for different purposes, such as racing, surfing, touring, etc., which determines how fine it floats on water and its padding features.

The performance of the inflatable paddle boards also depends on factors like paddler weight capacity and length, among others.

SUPs with higher ratings for these features tend to perform better than those rated lower, working out more durable.

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Types of Board Usage 

How often you ride your board will determine how long it’ll last. For people who only use them once in a while, an average quality inflatable paddle board can last between 3 – 5 years depending on other factors like construction and material quality, among others discussed above.

On the flip side, top-end inflatable paddle boards will only last this long if used regularly.

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Board Maintenance

How the inflatable paddleboard is maintained has a lot to do with how long it’ll last. Ensure you clean the inflatable paddleboard after every use, including drying it out well before putting It away in storage for later use.

Also, ensure your SUP is completely dry and free of any water or dirt before storing it, as this can lead to fungal over time which might affect board performance, among other things.

To keep boards looking new, apply sunscreen at least once every three months when used often while reapplying if needed during paddling sessions on hot days where more protection is required.

Board Maintenance
Board Maintenance

Tips to take care of your inflatable paddleboard

There’re several ways to care for your paddleboard rightly. If you do not know how to do it yet, here’re some simple tips to get started:

Rinse your board 

If you paddle in salt water, ensure that you rinse your board after each session. This removes the dirt, salt, and gravel left on the surface.

Though, if you’re paddling in freshwater, there is no need to watch it after each paddling session.

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Dry it thoroughly before storing 

it. When you clean your board, wipe the whole board with a soft cloth. Wipe it down simply because you want it to dry before storing it.

You can also pick to air dry it, but towel dry is the best and much faster.

Clean board with a natural cleaner 

The product to clean your board is a natural biodegradable cleaner. This does not have any harsh chemicals that can damage your SUP.

Besides, you need a milder cleaner that removes the stubborn dirt on the paddleboard.

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Keep it out of the sunlight.

That’d be stressed more often. Even if your board has a UV coat, it is an excellent practice always to keep it out of the sunlight.

It might be ironic, given that SUPs are used under the sun, but that is just how it is. It is even better if your board is stored indoors.

Could you not put it on the floor?

Whether you own a paddleboard or hardboard, you should not put it directly on the floor. When placed directly on the floor, dust elements can affect the durability of the inflatable paddleboard.

Besides, you want your board to be away from their reach if you’ve pets.

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Deflate it once in a while

Should you deflate your board all the time? Not really. The charm of an inflatable paddleboard is that you can store it inflated.

Though, to decrease the tension of the seams from time to time, deflate it once each month. Doing so will also allow the whole board to relax.

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Roll it properly

When you store your inflatable paddle board inside the backpack, there is a right way to do it. First, remove the air and ensure no air inside it.

This ensures that the air inside will not get more prominent even when the temperature increases in the storage shed.

Second, do not do it tightly when you roll the deflated board. The tension on the seams can damage their durability. You’d move it loosely so there is no tension on the PVC and seams. Just roll it enough to fit in the storage bag pack.

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No dragging

Some people are very confident with their boards. They forget they should not be dragging them on the gravel or sand.

An inflatable paddleboard is durable and built to last but is not immune to damage. Dragging it all over is the quickest way to damage the board, even the solid board out there.

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