Driftsun Durashell Rigid Stand Up Paddleboard Review
Driftsun Durashell Rigid Stand Up Paddleboard Review

Driftsun introduces its strong stand-up paddleboard yet.

Made with a super powerful outer shell and EPS core, the Driftsun 10.5 Durashell SUP paddleboard earned its title for a reason.

This construction provides the paddleboard amazing impact of abrasion and resistance endurance.

This tough exterior also lets you paddle on with self-esteem in any situation with the same perfect performance.

Features of the product Driftsun Durashell Rigid SUP

Take it out on rivers, lakes, streams, or oceans – the Durashell SUP board will be up to par.

Relaxation and stability in one versatile package

The construct and design of the Driftsun Durashell SUP board let you enjoy various activities on the water.

From relaxing with yoga and fishing to training with paddling and surfing, this paddleboard offers all-around dependability.

And it does it all with stability and relaxation.

Packed with water conquering specs

Besides its tough yet relaxed design, Driftsun equipped the Durashell SUP board with perfect inclusions.

The package contains a nine removable fin, adjustable Delta ASUP paddle, and ankle leash to amp up your skill.

No need to get these paddling necessities elsewhere when you can have them as relating accessories.

The board is also made with front bungee storage so you can take your camera or other supplies handily and safely.

Complete packages contain

  • Nylon Center Fin, Hard SUP, and Adjustable Paddle
  • Width: 32 inches
  • Length: 10.5 FT
  • Weight: 29 LBS
  • Thickness: 4.75 inches
  • Capacity: 250 Lbs
  • Pad: EVA Foam
  • Adjustable two-piece Aluminium Delta ASUP adjustable paddle with nylon blade
  • This board has different mounting choices for your leash. A leash can be linked at the handle or at the rear of the board.
Driftsun Durashell Rigid Stand Up Paddleboard Review
Driftsun Durashell Rigid Stand Up Paddleboard Review


Any expertise level or condition

Outfitted with forwarding adjustable bungee storage deck for fast and simple access to extra gear.

Amazing for all expertise levels and conditions, saltwater and freshwater. Built for any adventure, bring your pet, cooler, or a friend with you.

Easy carry handle

Handle curves in and fit your fingers making the board simple to carry.

There is also a further anchor point in the handle, can be used as a secondary choice to mount your leash.

Special specs

All your paddling needs to be covered in one plan: 10.5’ x 32” x 4.75” high impact board, ten ft. Nylon Center tracking fin, coil leash, and heavy-duty three-piece adjustable delta ASUP paddle.

Best for recreational fishing, paddling, water yoga, or surfing.

Comfortable and lightweight

Uncompromising durability in a single lightweight package.

The hard SUP weighs in at just 20 lbs. equipped with EVA foam traction pad, it is slip-resistant and relaxes on the feet for long paddles.

Rigid Duracell paddleboard

Super tough polycarbonate outer shell with an ultra-perfect seamless finish and EPS core.

The Driftsun hard paddleboard provides the same advantages as a traditional hard fiberglass SUP but with the self-esteem of a very powerful outer shell. Hesitate less about dings, cracks or dents.

Last updated on April 2, 2021 12:49 pm