Gold Coast Surfboards Foam Surfboard
Soft Top Surfboard Gold Coast Heritage Surfboard - Best for Beginners, Kids, and Adults

From its name, you can deduce that it’s a surfboard with an easy deck.

Compared to the conventional fiberglass surfboards, it’s a new tech that weighs less, floats and does not get waterlogged.

Best Features Soft Top Surfboard Gold Coast Heritage

They’re suitable and fin for surfers of every age and capabilities, form inexperienced learners to seasoned professional surfers.

It allows comfortable paddling and is also helpful for learners as it’s not prone to cracks, dings and erosion, like conventional fiberglass surfboard.

Even, it can massively survive airports to travel.

It provides a unique safer surfing experience for the surfer as it softens blows to the physical and prevents damage.

Surfboards with really soft top formation are relatively cheap.

Gold Coast Surfboards Foam Surfboard
Soft Top Surfboard Gold Coast Heritage


  • Construction – Surfboard was made with vacuum and mold sealed production procedures. This was completed with the aim of growing the board’s overall life. This technique of build has proved to be more efficient regarding strength than other ways utilized by competing.
  • Tail Rocker and Nose – with the help of a slight tail rocker, a rider can handle sharper turns simply. Also, the nose rocker aids in preventing nose-diving. These rockers also help beginners in learning how to ride and cruise waves.
  • Fin Systems – for you to be capable to pick among the finest longboard surfing board you have to check what systems are adjusted into the surfboard and how well it is done. This board has an FCSII Triple Fin thruster system and unique Gold Coast screw in the fins that improve additional stability, ease of pivot and toughness. It also has the exclusive feature of PVC lined Fin holes which serve to prevent water entry. For additional pace and better Fine performance, this surfboard was made with complete length dual concave on the below deck.
  • Resin – it has to below layers of Resin for additional durability and rigidity. It was made with the most reliable resin Epoxy is also costly.

Review contents


  • Due to its size, it truly gets carried along with waves and offering an amazing surfing experience
  • Its rider capacity is up to 235 pounds


  • The surfboard can be slightly weighty for some people.

Bottom line

Gold coat heritage surfboard is the all-around great at teaching people how to ride.

The single hiccup in this otherwise ideal soft surfboard is that it weighs twenty-three pounds.

That can be weighty for some people to carry – nothing a little workout and hard work can fix.

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