Peak Expedition Inflatable paddle board Review
Peak Expedition Inflatable paddle board Review

Those looking for a cute, minimalistic board that comes with a great set of accessories that look fashionable and might find this product by Peak a great choice.
This is a 6″ thick board that can carry up to 350 lbs!

Features Peak Expedition Inflatable Paddle Board

The thickness is ideal for the balance vs. Maneuverability ratio.

It is a great choice for everyone: those who are starting and those who are already experienced.

The thickness makes it stable enough for two people, a person and a pet or a heavier person.

Peak Expedition Inflatable paddle board Review
Peak Expedition Inflatable Paddle Board

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You can do any activity with this board: fishing, touring, snorkeling, spearfishing, fitness, yoga.

It’s a one-size-fits-all because of the practical design and all of the qualities it has.

We’re not saying that it’s perfect, but we’re saying that it’s pretty close.

Not only is it suitable for younger people because of its stability, but it’s also great because it’s light.

The whole board, inflated, weighs about 10 kilos only, and this is a great number for a board this big.

With the board, you are getting a whole set full of accessories.

You’re getting a paddle, a coil leash, a pump (which isn’t fantastic, according to the reviews, so that you might need a stronger one), as well as a fin (great for extra balance), and a waterproof phone case to capture those fantastic moments.

The board itself is made from military-grade PVC material, which will work against any bumps, lumps, and dents, as well as breaks.

You won’t have any issues with that.

The board has a carry handle, and there are front and rear bungee cords that make it much easier to bring stuff along.

11′ in length, 32″ in width, this board is ideal for all types of activities, and it is possibly the best-rated board out there.

Keep in mind that the design, for some people, is too colorful. It’s all up to personal preference.

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