Soft Top Surfboard - Best Foam Surf Board for Beginners
Soft Top Surfboard - Best Foam Surf Board for Beginners

During your first surf lessons, your instructor might have advised using a foam board and there are many factors why.

Soft tops, “foamies” or foam boards are best for beginners because of its ding-proof and lightweight qualities.

Foam boards are amazingly buoyant and they permit beginners to catch waves simply while providing stability.

The soft material reduces the chances of surf-related accidents, which is probably this beginner board’s top benefit.

Foamies are quite affordable matched to hardtop surfboards, you can resell these for a perfect valve. Firms that produce foamies are Surf Tech, Catch Surf, and Liquid Shredder.

Soft Top Surfboard - Best Foam Surf Board for Beginners
Soft Top Surfboard – Best Foam Surf Board for Beginners

Soft Top Surfboard features

Performance focused soft-top surfboard

Designed by surfers, influenced by traditional thrill plank shapes, the 7 Ruckus soft surfboard is a remarkable surfboard for starters and being an amazing little wave soft-top surfboard for adults and experienced surfers. Perfect for kids to learn to and surf on and grow with.

Ruccus Surfboard

All seven Ruccus eight Verve 8’8 Heritage surfboards are custom designed to be starter friendly, amazingly durable, and extremely performance targeted.

Check out boards and you will find Nobody provides the incredibly top standard shapes, materials, and full design like SBBC does.


With more of a fun board/shortboard wave riding experience in mind, the Ruccus is designed with a squash tail and a more narrow, pointed nose that permit for way, way more maneuverability than other SBCC boards and very old foam boards.

The Ruccus is quite more hard to learn than traditional foam boards.

The price paid for superior maneuverability and a more hard wave riding experience is a more hard learning curve. It values it, but it should be kept in mind if you are just looking for an easy wave riding experience, this board might not be the top choice for you.

Fins and leash are added, as well as the same choice for a package upgrade that feels a little less unnecessary, and this is due to the traction pad exactly serving an objective on the Ruccus.

While you do not truly need a traction pad thanks to the fingerprint deck, you might want to throw one on there to play around with some more hard maneuvers and quicker turns with this board.

At this point, having a day bag and some paint pens throw in with these purchases of the kick-pad is a perfect perk.


  • Super thrill wave riding experience with superior maneuverability


  • Not as simple to learn on and extremely low weight-bearing capabilities restrict the number of surfers capable to enjoy this board.


Surfboards for kids and adults are designed to show compactness and flexibility so that when surfing, there will be no gravity of the board, decreasing the surfing speed, the shape of the board is generally long and pointed at both ends decreasing the resistance of the board. Water, surfboards are quicker, sweeter than blades tear across the water.

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