AQUAPLANET Stand up paddle board
AQUAPLANET Stand up paddle board

It’s an excellent entry-level board, but if you plan on doing this often, you should invest some more money and opt for a high-end board.

If you are looking for a paddleboard for long summer days, you should look for this one from Aquaplanet.

This will be a good choice if you are a beginner or don’t paddle often. It is a good quality paddleboard in a decent price range, and it will serve you suitably for a time to come.

This paddleboard will provide you with safety while using it. The board’s materials make it quality and reliable which is the main thing to consider while choosing the paddleboard you will purchase.

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Features AQUAPLANET MAX Stand-up Paddleboard

The Aquaplanet MAX set is one of the most popular sets out there, and if you’re asking why, look at the quality vs. price ratio!

Aquaplanet paddleboard is the favorite of the company. If you are looking for more than you can afford, you get it with this board. Top-quality with more than the affordable price in this combination.

This board has everything from high-quality materials in manufacturing to a great design, and everyone will love it. This paddleboard comes in a set with additional products that add to your safety, comfort, and repairing and storing paddleboard. In the set, you will find everything you could need for safe paddling and in the moments when you need fixing.

Inflatable SUP paddleboards always come with a backpack that you can store in. When deflated, it has a small weight; you can put it in a bag and carry it without a problem.

The paddleboard is inflated with the pump that comes in the set, and the process is easy and short. Your paddleboard will need less than 10 minutes to prepare for the water.

With additional equipment like D rings, waterproof bags, coil leash, and more, you will have everything you think of while paddling on this board on the lake, river, or sea.

The whole set is barely 300$ and is made for all users. You don’t have to be a professional to use it.
The design is very colorful yet minimalistic.

The Aquaplanet 10ft 6″ X 15cm PACE Stand up Paddleboard is the perfect choice for going on a riverside vacation with your entire family.

AQUAPLANET 10ft 6" Stand up paddle board
AQUAPLANET 10ft 6″ Stand up paddleboard

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The easy-to-carry, lightweight paddleboard is perfect for people of every age and can be used in rivers and canals on top of the usual flat waters.

Women, kids, teens, and adults love to use it, but anyone can get it themselves.

It’s only a stand-up paddleboard, after all.

It is stable enough to be used in lakes, rivers, oceans, and seas.

Yoga or fitness

You can use it for yoga, fitness, racing, and touring.

The size is perfect for beginners and experienced enough to do everything they imagine with it.

Have you ever tried doing yoga on the paddleboard? That would be a real test for your balance and confidence.

Try doing some yoga poses on the paddleboard, and we are sure you will see a different side of doing yoga while in the middle of the lake.

Touring or racing is excellent to do in pairs around the lake, sea, or river, especially in the beautiful scenery.

Race with your family and friends on the paddleboards. Don’t forget to take your dogs with you. They will enjoy spending outdoor time with you.

You will get the board, a paddle, a leash, a fin, a small paddle, a pump, a backpack, and four kayak seat rings in the set.

This is an excellent offer for the price.
The weight is 11 kilos only, which makes it easier for women and children to use it.

The bungee storage area allows anyone to bring along some accessories and, if you are cruising for a long time, some food as well!

The EVA deck pad is very soft and ensures excellent comfort.

EVA’s innovative technology adds a non-slip layer to the paddleboard that is crucial for the safety and secure usage of the paddleboards in the water.

Paddleboards get wet quickly, and with the EVA layer, you don’t have to worry that you or your kids will slip on it. It is also valuable to take your pets with you on the paddleboard.

This paddleboard is made of high-quality materials that provide a safe and comfortable surface for standing, sitting, and doing exercises. Try this paddleboard; we are sure you will love spending time on it.

You can also add a kayak seat to use the board for other hobbies, a fantastic 2in1 deal.

AQUAPLANET 10ft 6" Stand up paddle board
AQUAPLANET 10ft 6″ Stand up paddleboard

Paddleboard and kayak in one compact design allow you to use two different sports activities while carrying only one normal-sized backpack weighing only 11 kilograms.

Inflate your new paddleboard and when it is done, add a kayak seat to it and secure it with a D ring. After that, you can add a piece of leg equipment to a kayak and enjoy your kayaking experience.

All your equipment for paddling and kayaking is in one practical backpack, and you can easily store it in any closet, in the car, or in storage.

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Additional fins

Adjustable fins are also great since you can switch them up and change the “difficulty “option, as people say.

For better stability, beginners should use three fins, while others can use two, one, or none.

It all depends on what you like.

Fins will help you find balance easier, turn without problems, and reach speed. You can find one big fin and two smaller ones in this set. With three fins, you can maneuver easier on the water.

Fins are a great addition that you can find in the set without extra charge.

They are an excellent addition for beginners to feel more confident and safe while trying to find the perfect position and balance. This fin secret can help you get an advantage while racing on paddleboards with your family and friends when you get skilled.

The info says that the product can take up 220 lbs, but people have been writing reviews in which the board did a great job carrying 285 lbs.

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Aquaplanet Brand

The brand is known to provide high-quality SUP boards at an affordable price.

Suppose you are interested in the name behind the product you are buying. In that case, you will be pleased because Aquaplanet is a famous manufacturer known for high-quality paddleboards that they produce and sell worldwide.

Explore this brand and its famous paddleboards, and we are sure that you will see why its products are that popular.

With all benefits, quality specifications, and intelligent technology built into these Aquaplanet paddleboards, we are sure you will find the perfect one that will fit all your needs.

Read through the specifications to find out some more details about the paddleboard.

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Aquaplanet 10ft-6in MAX ISUP

The inflatable stand-up paddleboard is an all-around, suitable even in choppier waters and for paddlers weighing less than 265 pounds.

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Included Accessories

The Aquaplanet 10′ six iSUP package includes, along with the obvious, the board itself, a paddle, a travel bag, a hand pump with a pressure gauge, a coiled leash, and a repair kit.

AQUAPLANET MAX Stand up paddle board
AQUAPLANET MAX Stand up paddle board tOP

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aquaplanet 10ft 6" x 15cm PACE Stand Up Paddleboard - Incl: SUP, Hand Air Pump w/Pressure Gauge, Adjustable Aluminum Floating Paddle, Repair Kit, Rucksack, Coiled Leash & 4 Kayak Seat Ring Fittings

 out of stock

aquaplanet 10ft 6" x 15cm MAX Stand Up Paddle Board kit. Air Pump with Pressure Gauge,Adjustable Aluminium Floating Paddle, Repair Kit,Heavy Duty Rucksack,Premium Leash & 4 Kayak Seat Rings

 out of stock

aquaplanet 10ft Allround Paddle Board - Beginner's Kit. Air Pump with Pressure Gauge,Adjustable Aluminium Floating Paddle,Repair Kit,Heavy Duty Carry Rucksack & Premium Leash & 4 Kayak Seat Rings

$487.17  in stock
as of July 16, 2024 3:33 am

AQUAPLANET Other SS010 Inflatable Paddle Board, Orange/White, 10ft

 out of stock

Aqua Plus 10ftx32inx6in Inflatable SUP for All Skill Levels with Stand Up Paddle Board Boat, Adjustable Paddle,Double Action Pump,ISUP Travel Backpack, Leash, TPU Waterproof Bag, Shoulder Strap

$199.99  in stock
as of July 16, 2024 3:33 am

Aquaplanet Rockit BLU Travel SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Kit | 4” Thick | 10’2” Long | Kayak Seat | Convertible Paddle | Carry Backpack | Dual-Action Pump | Ankle Safety Leash | Dry Bag

$636.07  in stock
as of July 16, 2024 3:33 am

Aquaplanet JUPITER SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Kit | 6” Thick | 11’6” Long | Adjustable Paddle | Carry Backpack | Dual-Action Pump | Ankle Safety Leash | Waterproof Dry Bag

$768.43  in stock
as of July 16, 2024 3:33 am

Aquaplanet Stinger Fusion SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Kit 6” Thick | 12’6” Long | Adjustable Paddle | Carry Backpack | US Fin Box | Dual-Action Pump | Ankle Safety Leash | Waterproof Dry Bag

 out of stock
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