Aquaplanet 10ft All-Round SUP review
aquaplanet 10 in action

If you’re looking for something practical and cheap, this is the model you are looking for. It is a great deal that many people like to use when beginning or to gift to their kids.

This set includes a great board that we’ll talk a bit more about, an air pump, a paddle (aluminum, which means it floats), a repair kit, a rucksack, a premium leash, 4 kayak seat rings).

Features Aquaplanet 10ft All-Round SUP

The board itself is great for people of any age and experience. You can be a beginner/pro, child/adult, woman/man. You’ll have a great experience anyway.

Aquaplanet 10ft All-Round SUP review
aquaplant ten allround

The board is a typical 10ft one, which means that it works great on all water types: lakes, seas, oceans, and rivers. You can use it for boarding, yoga, fitness, racing, or even kayaking!

You can easily attach the kayak seat to the rings.

The board’s weight is 10 kilos, which is one of the main reasons it is popular among young people and women who enjoy a nice, portable board.

The deck pad is a diamond cut, and it’s very comfortable, which makes it a great choice for those who like to sunbathe between the paddling.
The bungee storage area is a great way to keep your stuff safe and sound while on the sea.

It’s always important to have some food around, especially if you like to cruise.

Aquaplanet 10ft All-Round SUP review
aqua planet 10 pack

The fins are adjustable, which is great for personalizing the experience of boarding. Beginners like to use three fins that help them to achieve stability.

Those who have experience can use just one fin, two fins, or no fins, depending on how confident they are. Without the central one, you won’t be as stable, but you’ll have more control.

If you’re looking for an affordable set yet will still do a great job, Aquaplanet 10ft iSUP is a perfect example.

For those who are adventurous, the fact that you can transform this paddleboard into a kayak is some great news.
This set is perfect for people of any age: kids and teens, along with women, enjoy the design of this board.

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It’s a colorful design but also minimalistic.
The size is perfect. It’s the one most people go for, and you can use it for yoga, kayaking, and similar things.

It’s a great thing that this board has a diamond cut deck pad because it means that it is comfortable to use.

Some people like to use the bungee storage area to store backpacks with food, and they go on a comfortable cruise on the sea.
The fins are adjustable, which means that you can personalize them to your liking. Beginners may want to use all three fins to improve their balance, but professionals choose the number.

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The fewer fins you have, the less stability you have, but you’ll experience more control.
According to the reviews, the manufacturer says that the sup board carries up to 100 kilos, but people with over 120 use it. It’s up to you to decide you would risk it or not.

You may want to keep in mind that the pump you will get, according to those that wrote reviews after using the set, is not a high-quality pump, and you’ll get exhausted while using it.

It may be better to use a car pump or an automatic pump.

Stand Up Paddleboard Unboxing – Aquaplanet 10′ Allround Inflatable SUP

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Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board - 11’ Ft. Standup Sup Paddle Board W/ Manual Air Pump, Safety Leash, Paddleboard Repair Kit, Storage / Carry Bag - Sup Paddle Board Inflatable - SereneLife SLSUPB08
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