SUP boards Lord Howe
SUP boards Lord Howe

Seabirds breed in their 100s or 1000s on this charming group of islands.

Enjoy a barbecue on the beach. Stay in luxury accommodation.

Walk via the rainforest in the Valley of the shadows and hand-feed fish at Neds Beach.

Go diving or snorkeling on the reef and see up to ninety coral species, reef fish, and turtles.

Rent a cycle from Wilsons Bike hire and explore the famous island, which is just eleven km long. You can also kayak, surf, windsurf, and stand-up paddleboard.

You will feel unique on Lord Howe Island.

Only four-hundred visitors are permitted at any one time, although you will have to share this island paradise, six-hundred km east of the Australian mainland, with big flocks of seabirds that nest there each year.

You can scuba dive, surf, and snorkel among more than five-hundred species of crystal-clear waters on the world’s most southerly coral reefs or spot them from the relaxation of a glass-bottomed boat.

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If you’re looking for an exciting way to explore Lord Howe Island, Australia, look no further than stand-up paddleboarding (SUP)!

With its crystal clear waters and abundant wildlife, this destination is perfect for stand-up paddling. From the experienced rider to the novice enthusiast, SUP boards at Lord Howe Australia offer something for everyone.

This blog post will explore what makes this location unique for stand-up paddlers and provide tips on where to rent the best boards.

So grab your paddle, and let’s hit the water!

Walking trails crisscross the island, from the green rainforest and calm beaches to the island’s summits.

Mount Gower rises 876 meters and has fantastic panoramic views from the top.

Pamper yourself with a deluxe spa treatment, and late dining on fish caught on the reefs.

The island has a wide range of locations to stay, from apartments and restores.

Among the many things to do is deep-sea game fishing. Many charter boats run from the island.

Lord Howe Island is a unique location for paddleboarders as it provides everything stand-up paddleboarders would be after.

It has ten kilometers for starters and flatwater enthusiasts, with crystal clear water and charming coral reefs to paddle over.

For the more adventurous or if you are into the surf side of stand-up paddleboarding, Lord Howe Island has fourteen surf breaks to provide.

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Lord Howe Island

If you’re looking for a fantastic SUP destination, look no further than Lord Howe Island off the coast of Australia.

This World Heritage Site is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and offers excellent conditions for SUPing.

A clear lagoon surrounds the island with plenty of flat water for beginners, and there are also some sound waves for those who want to surf.

The best time to visit is from May to November when the weather is warm and sunny.

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The island’s SUP Boards

Several SUP boards are available for rent on Lord Howe Island. You can choose from a traditional paddle board, an inflatable board, or a motorized SUP board.

SUP boards are also designed for specific fishing, surfing, or yoga activities.

The island’s SUP rental shops will help you choose the right board for your needs and provide you with all the necessary equipment.

They will also give you tips on where to find the best waves and paddling conditions.

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The best SUP Board for beginners

If you are new to stand-up paddle boarding, or SUP, you need to know what kind of board is best for you.

Here at Lord Howe, we have various boards catering to different skill levels, so finding the perfect one is easy. The best SUP board for beginners is the Flatwater All-Rounder.

This board is excellent for those just starting because it is highly stable and easy to maneuver.

It is versatile enough to use in various conditions, from calm lakes to light surf.

This is a perfect choice if you are looking for a board to help you progress your SUP skills.

The best SUP Board for expert surfers

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best SUP board for expert surfers.

The first is the size of the board. Expert surfers will need a giant board to catch bigger waves.

The second is the shape of the board. Expert surfers need a board with a more aggressive outline to perform better in waves.

Finally, the construction of the board is essential. Expert surfers need a sturdier board that can handle high speeds and big waves.

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Where to SUP in Australia?

Lord Howe Island is a World Heritage-listed island located in the Tasman Sea off the coast of New South Wales, Australia.

It’s a popular destination for visitors worldwide who can experience its unspoiled natural beauty, clear turquoise waters, and friendly locals.

There are plenty of places to SUP on Lord Howe Island, but here are a few of our favorites:

  • Blinky Beach: This secluded beach is located at the island’s north end and can only be accessed by foot or by boat. It’s perfect for those who want to escape the crowds and enjoy peace.
  • Neds Beach: Neds Beach is one of the most popular beaches on Lord Howe Island and is known for its crystal-clear water and abundant marine life. Visitors can snorkel or scuba dive right off the beach to explore the vibrant coral reefs.
  • Old Settlement Beach: This beach is located on the island’s west side and is an excellent spot for beginners to try SUP for the first time. The calm water and gentle waves make it ideal for paddling around and taking in the stunning scenery.

Whether you’re an experienced SUP’er or a complete beginner, there’s a place to paddle on Lord Howe Island. So come on over and give it a try!

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After exploring the unique beauty of Lord Howe Island, we can confidently say that this is a fantastic spot for SUP boarding.

With its crystal clear waters, beautiful coral reefs, and breathtakingly stunning landscapes, it’s no wonder why people from around the world come to enjoy this paradise in Australia.

We highly recommend bringing your SUP board to Lord Howe Island, as there are plenty of opportunities to have fun and soak up some sun on the water!

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