SUP Board Eastern Sierra California
SUP Board Eastern Sierra California

If there is anyone truism about the Sierra Nevada and Eastern Sierra mountains, it is all best.

It matters not where you go as long as you penetrate as far as you care to venture.

And if you stay long enough, you might experience what it is like to be in heaven on the planet.

California’s Best Places to Paddle

Here are some of the best places to visit Eastern Sierra California:

Death Valley

It gets amazingly hot and windy in the valley making all sorts of special habitats for plants, animals, and people.

The native people knew every water source and grew grounds in some of the chill canyons.

When the pioneers going via the valley discovered and removed them to eat, it created hostilities with the Indians who relied on the grounds to stay alive.

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Panamint Valley

Since we are so near to Death Valley, let’s head over to Panamint.

The northern end of Panamint valley lies in Death Valley national park and is sixty-five miles long and ten miles wide.

It is a classic endorheic basin with a salt flat and a big ephemeral lake. These are basics from which no water has followed since the Pleistocene.

Panamint is another best study in desert culture and the best place for SUP board surfing. Archaeologists have determined that there was just 1 person for every thirty square miles in such a hard desert atmosphere as Panamint.

That starts to describe what life was like for people trying to stay off hunting and gathering in a place where animals struggle to live.

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Big Pine is a gateway town.

A road climbs high up into the Sierra past dull campgrounds where Glacier lodge used to be. Trails take off in all ways, including the actor Lon Cheneys cabin.

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