KANGMOON Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board SUP
KANGMOON Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board SUP

Inflatable stand-up paddleboard has an expert design to better stability and balance when you are standing.

Non-slip handle design makes sure stable running. A non-slip deck is perfect for starts and can decrease accidents.

Feature KANGMOON Stand Up Paddle Board SUP

It can be fast deflated or inflated, with a portable backpack for easy transport and storage.

It is so perfect for daily use. An inflatable stand-up paddleboard is ideal for all activities, cruising, fishing, entertainment, fitness, etc.

Hard durability

Sup board with military-grade PVC stuff and a super-reinforced composite halyard stitch construction.

It was made to be robust and stable in both saltwater and freshwater under different situations. The highest capacity is 242lb, but its package weighs 21.6lb.

Powerful construction

This inflatable paddle board stand-up is ten ft long, thirty-inch wide, and six-inch thick, ensuring the best stability and extreme sturdiness and friendly for starters.

A grooved non-slip deck makes it simple for adults or kids to stabilize and balance our stand-up paddleboard, decreasing the danger of injuries or accidents.

Fast inflation and easy portability

Blow up the paddleboard in three minutes using the added full force hand pump with a gauge.

The sup paddleboard fits simply into the backpack when deflated, simple to transport and carry around.

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All-in-one complete kit

Get every item you need for a fun day in the water.

The package comes with the paddleboard inflatable, one-fits, adjustable aluminum paddle, divided into three sections, storage carrying bag, pump with pressure gauge, and repair kit.

Great round people surfboard design

Perfect for all expertise levels and no age limit, paddling little-to-mid range distances or doing yoga fishing is the best choice.

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When it comes to training your pet, patience is essential. Any training takes repetition and the best amount of time.

Paddleboarding is no exception. Take the time to accustom your pet to the movements of the water, and within a bit of time, he will become a SUP pro.

Inflatable paddleboards are best for pooches as they are more buoyant, offer more traction, and are very lightweight.

A nervous pump with sharp claws will not destroy these strong boards.

So the next time you take a paddleboarding trip with your pup, bear in mind to strap a life jacket on him, and he will be fantastic safe.

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KANGMOON Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Comes with High Pressure Pump with Gauge Adjustable Paddle Big Durable Backpack, 10"x30"x6" Wakeboards Surfboard Longboards

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