SUP Board Tasmania
SUP Board Tasmania

The most amazing time to surf in Tasmania is early autumn/late summer when the water is at its hot spot.

Anyway, the largest swells and most favourable wind situations happen in winter and autumn.

If you go about three hours west of here, there are point breaks at Trail Harbour and Marrawah. Generally, the west coast beaches have much more size and some pretty wild weather situations.

To the east, about four hours is the East Coast Scamander river mouth is a perfect place, and you can camp just south of there. Otherwise, on the east, take your pick.

Down south everybody discusses Clifton Beach but largely Cloudy Bay Bruny Island.

If you new to stand up paddleboarding and this is your primary time out then pick a protected by like Frederick Henry Bay in southern Tasmania or Trevallyn dam for iSUP paddle in Launceston.

The DON river on the Northwest coast if you stand up paddle in Penguin, Devonport and Burnie, providing safe water for your first go on the stand-up paddle.

Safety is a priority when your SUP. If you are a standup paddle Tasmania boarding, you must wear a verified life jacket.

Stand Up Paddle Boards Tasmania Australia

The inflatable bum bag style PFDS is an extremely famous choice. Jay Sails sells PDFs and leashes for boarding stand up paddle.

Standing as Australia little state, with forty per cent reserved as national parks and world heritage wilderness, you could not feel more worlds apart from the crowds at Melbourne.

A land famous for its dramatic coastlines, rugged mountains, wonderful highland lakes and tall forests, you will definitely be getting in your dosage of fresh air.

With over 2000km of walking trails and eighteen national parks, pick and pick your paddling place and prepare to enter this wild arcadia.